Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

This past Sunday I embarked on a solo roadtrip to Southwest Missouri. Leaving was bittersweet. Glen and Aaron were in the driveway waving good-bye, breaking my heart. I swear I don't feel free from the clutches of home until I see the Arch, and then I'm in 'away mode'. I always feel guilty leaving, always.

I drove. And drove. And drove.

I ate an apple....and drove.

Five hours later......

Hello Missouri.

Hello Rain.

10 hours later.....

Hello Jim.

Since I've been here in Missouri, it's done nothing but rain. I've done nothing but bake bread, make soup, eat bacon, nap and knit.

Jim's my cousin and best bud.

His cat Mildred is the spawn of my cat Boo.

Missouri is as close as I can get to 'going home'. I'll share more in my upcoming posts. I'm all hooked up and ready to roll on my cousins' computer. I'll be here until this Sunday. Tomorrow we head out to Arkansas in search of properly prepared pigs.

In the meantime, I'm just gonna hang out here and wait for the rain to stop.

And eat bacon.


  1. just remember to put the gas nozzle back in the proper place before leaving the premises:D
    Safe travels and enjoy all that bacon~YUM

  2. Too bad about the rain...it's been rainin' here in West Michigan off and on for days.
    Question: How'd you get that cool font on your blog title? I LOVE it and have never seen that before!

  3. Jayme, welcome back to our fair state! Not so fair right now, huh? Sorry for all this stinkin' rain, but glad you're enjoying the family visits and...
    bacon! Great pics. Have fun and enjoy. -Tammy

  4. I am glad that you are "jumping" on the computer to keep in touch with us blogger followers of your wonderful blog. Rain, rain go away so Jayme and get outside!

  5. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, hopefully you'll have some nice and dry days to better enjoy your visit.

  6. Hi Jayme,
    I hope you have a great visit despite the rain. We in south Texas are thrilled to have some rainy weather this fall after our severe drought!

  7. First off, how did you take the picture of you driving? Safety first you bacon eater. Have you had your cholestral checked lately? Thanks for fixin' my "Jayme Blog fix" and have a wonderful time.

  8. I am hoping for the rain here in Mo to quit too. But so far it doesnt look like it will...

  9. How nice that you get to see your cousin. I can see that you are very close, and I wish you the best time.

    Have fun and enjoy every second of it.

    Drive carefully you brave girl. I have yet to venture alone that far somewhere.


  10. Hey, you are only 3 hours north of me. Wave as you drive by. Are you taking I44?

    Love the cat, cousin's nice too.

  11. Welcome back to MO!! :) So glad to hear you are alive and kickin'! :) Bread, soup, bacon, napping AND knitting? Sounds glorious!!!! :)

  12. Glad you made it. I hope the sun shines soon. The sun hasn't shined but about 3 days this month. I think it's because they bombed the moon. We dont' have any business doing such things...:)

    Let us know how to find the right Pig...Since it's Arkansas it might be a Razorback..

  13. Give Jim a hug for me! Wish I was there with da boataya.....

  14. Yay for you for getting away. I leave in 2 weeks for my away trip and I will feel guilty the ENTIRE drive to the airport.

  15. Girl I was worried about you! Glad to know you are just off having fun!

  16. sounds like a fun trip! love the commentary & pics!


  17. Jayme Jo,
    Hi Babe, I'm missing you, somehow just knowing your not here in Ind. makes me worry bout you. Sorry I didn't get to return your call while you were on the road, it's been busy this week. That looks like the exact same kind of tractor I learned to drive on in Pa. I love the pic of Jim. Have a great time and tell him to visit you, we'd like to meet him. Linda and I. Please b careful coming home. Don't ya miss your girls at the hen house? Take pics of the pig excursion. Love u, have a great time and come home and teach me what you are knitting.

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