Monday, October 5, 2009

'Fried' Chicken

Ok. I've been sitting here for 2+ hours and this lame blog post is all I've got to show for it! I've been trying to catch up on friends blogs and emails. Dogwood, I tried in vain to leave you comments! I wanted to post about my cooking club last week, and my flea market excursion yesterday.

Is that too much to ask?

My computer is acting crazy, my bowels are all cattywompus, and I can sit no more! Add to that, in the time I spent watching the hourglass on the computer, waiting for things to download I searched in vain for Portugal on the map. IN SOUTH AMERICA. Yep. A regular scholar here.

Aaron's education is in my hands.

The poor dude is screwed.


  1. It's the cattywompus that got you all messed up. Portugal is the face part of Spain.:)
    You'll be all better tomorrow.
    You scared me with the "Fried Chicken" title.

  2. So sorry about the cattywompus bowels. That's pretty rough. And thank you for the reference to Portugal. Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets "confused" That's what I tell the kids, "I was just confused."

  3. I'm with Susan, that Fried Chicken gave me the heebie jeebies! :)

  4. Honestly... 'fried' chicken just made me HUNGRY!!

  5. Good Morning to you from California.

    It is weird that sometimes hitting "publish comment" does not always work on the first hit.

    Sorry you system is acting bad. I hate it when that happens. Sometimes a hot cup of tea and a fast walk helps.

    Have a sweet day. Hugs, Dogwood

  6. Sorry your feelin poorly dear, I love the pic, the black ones are so soft, and my fav chickens. Everything will work out, be kind to yourself. Rest up when school is over today. Love ya, Ra

    by the way, I make the best fried chicken in the world, I'll have to have you over. I'll furnish the chicken though. :)

  7. Thanks ladies! I'm all up to snuff again today. I found Portugal.

    No worries, none of the girls were fried in the making of this post. :-)

  8. Hey Jayme! Why is the title of this post "fried chicken?" Did you cook that poor black chicken?! =)

  9. was fried from my computer acting up.....I looked like that black chicken! Madder than a wet hen!


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