Monday, October 19, 2009

My Weird Weekend

It was a long, weird, wonderful weekend. This is a post about nothing.....just warning you of the pointless drivel you are about to partake of.

I started my Saturday morning alone. I cannot begin to tell you how I cherish my 'alone' moments. They are quite far and few between. Glenco went out of town with a friend, and here I was...alone. I savored my coffee and planned my day. A day of chores, of course. I did squeeze in a trip to the farmstand where I picked up the most beautiful honeycrisp apples and Concord grapes. The grapes are now jelly, snuggled in little jeweled glasses. Talk about the best smell in the world, it has to be Concord grapes.

On the way home from one of my errands, I noticed a 'Free Kitten' sign. See, this is why I should really never be alone. I thought.."oh, I just want to see". Well....I saw, I got, and now I have this here. I call it a kitten rescue, because I do feel like I rescued this little guy. Does anyone want it? It's at Aaron's house now on a trial. I do hope they keep it.

You know what I do to cute things don't you? Does this really surprise you?

The afternoon was filled with yardwork. I've committed myself to doing the 2010 Lowell Garden Walk. I'm already freaking a bit. It's a lot of work.

Danielle, my super cool neighbor up the hill that has chickens and a pig (deep breath), called me to tell me that she found some baby chickens in her barn. I dropped the rake and drove up the hill to see.

Look at these little babies....oh dear. I miss that little 'peep' noise.

Look at this beautiful rooster. Yowzer. He's a biggen'

Then Sunday happened. Glenco and I had toyed around with going for a drive to see this Antique Car Museum. We hemmed and hawed about it, and decided to go. I'd already made a nice little list of things to do around the house. It was a little hard to change gears. Ah, who am I kidding, it was REALLY hard to change gears...but I did. It was a lovely day for a drive. We like to drive around and look at houses. It's one of our favorite things to do. We like to 'critique' the houses, seek out old ones, drool over the $1M lakefront homes in Beverly Shores. We like to explore roads that look like this:

So we pulled out the old '64 Chevy and headed out.

One of the first things we saw was this vulture sunning itself. It was an omen.

Did you know that I have a phobia of mannequins and animatronics? Well, I do. Universal Studios in California was a nightmare. Between the ET exhibit, and the talking tree at the RainForest Cafe, I was a basketcase. I've never been able to look at the moving, singing rats at Chuckee Cheese. I wouldn't be able to handle Disneyland. Ever.

I also have a phobia of midgets, cotton balls and mustard, but that's a whole 'notha post.

This museum was filled with old cars and memorabilia. It might have been cool, was filled with mannequins. Now, the mall mannequins don't freak me out too much, they are normally headless, and not really doing driving cars.

I had to go to my happy place the entire time I was there....

Then I saw this.....pure evil I tell you.

I just wanted to leave.

I mustered up all the strength I had, and I touched one. It felt so corpse like. Bored to tears while Glen was drooling over tail lights and engine blocks, I began touching them all. Moving them. Putting their hands on the steering wheels. I mean, if they were gonna be in a car..make it look real people. We were the only ones in the museum. It felt like a Steven King movie. I know there was devilment there. I know it. You can't tell me that Elvis didn't hit on this chick after the lights went out.

Please excuse me while I go take my Xanax.


  1. Those Mannequins are a bit creepy..I agree! You forgot to mention you saw Donna and I running down main street. LOL-did you have kitten in tow when you beeped at us??

  2. that was too funny, the whole car show bit was amusing me to no end. Your a scream. a good give away would b some of that there jelly. thanks so much for sharing the smell of the grapes. I must get more. The kitty pic was to cute, almost like he posed for it, with a garfield comment running thru his mind. Thanks again for the update and when ya starting the segment on make it yourself? You need one more thing to do, right. xoxo

  3. Your are a funny lady. You make me laugh and I love to laugh. Thanks. I strongly suggest that you do not go to the Wax Museum in San Francisco. It is kind of creepy.

    Have a great week.

  4. Jayme that was so fun. I'd love to have Helen even now if I could make her a "house" pet and Hannah wouldn't eat her. I couldn't have that. You certainly have the kitty stylin' for sure. Have you started working on coats for this winter for all the girls? The manniquin's are hysterical knowing they scare you. I can remember hubby and I driving home looking like that on a late night out. Thank God those days are long gone. Heck, I can remember Rho looking like Elvis a bit when her hair was short.
    Great blog and will be looking for a new one soon.

  5. You shoulda put a warning on this post not to have a mouthful of pop whilst reading. My screen is now showered in sprite.

    You are hilarious...and I'm afraid of mannequins too. Creepiness in the extreme. At least you found your happy place.

  6. I'm dying here! Totally agree.. the mannequins are freaky! But that vulture shot is really great. I didn't know they could be beautiful, but somehow you pulled it off! And that kitty ~ just too cute. -Tammy

  7. I just love you! You crack me up! Thanks for the cheer.


  8. Cotton balls, and mustard??? Oh please, please, you MUST elaborate.....

  9. Jayme, you just have to imagine that those mannequins are just grown up barbie dolls, maybe that would help you.
    Those baby chicks are adorable, and so was that kitty. I wonder if he was thinkin at that point of hat and scarf if he should stay or go.
    Sounds like you had a good week-end with Glen
    Take care and have a good week !!

  10. Jaymers, we should have hooked up on sunday, tim and I spent the afternoon, drooling at the million $ homes in beverly shores, long beach that whole drive into new buffalo Mi. didnt see a mannequin the whole trip!!

  11. Jayme, How about ventriloquist dolls? Do they scare you too cause they really freak me out. I'm not gettin the whole cotton ball thing though. I've seen those vultures before and they sure are huge. I love cats and dogs, but I have allergies so I can't have any. The one you brought home is very cute and you have a good heart for taking it. Looking forward to your next blog. Take care.

  12. Really, where do I start? That cat. That cat looks like it's about to perform a seance. The little people thing I totally get. I know it's not politically correct to say it but I can't look directly at them. My sister-in-law loves that little people show. You couldn't pay me. Your mannequin thing is a very interesting. My hubby is afraid of animals that act like humans so that should make you feel a bit better.

  13. That post was so funny, you really got my day of to a great start. The kitten picture is hilarious, the look on the kittens face is just priceless.

  14. Love reading your writing, you are so funny. The cat in the hat was too cute!

  15. I'm thinkin' maybe "weird" is an understatement but can't think of a weirder word that would work.
    Have a kid who's got the cotton ball thing goin on. And a cousin w/the pretend people thing..but MUSTARD??
    You're afraid of a condiment????
    Relish I could see...

  16. I'm rolling on the floor reading your comments!! Oh, oh my so funny! Yes Julie, I did have a kitten in tow when I saw you! Yes, I am also afraid of ventriloquist dolls, and yes I am afraid of a condiment!

    My next post I'll share my fears of cotton balls and mustard. It used to be ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, but I've gotten some therapy.....

  17. Crap! After the picture of the clown thingy I need a Xanax too! :) LOl Great post!

  18. Those mannequins are creepy. I agree with you totally there. Love the hat on the kitten. I have three wild kittens under my porch you can have. You will have to catch them first. We can call you the Kitten Whisperer.

  19. I now have a supreme issue with manniquins that didn't exsist 30 min ago.

    Not only that..

    My son wants to kick me out of the house. My laffing is apparently freaking him out. (hmmm.. I'll have to ponder that one abit more) All due to this post.

    Hilarous! Sent over from Cindy's, at 'Orangeville.'


  20. My day could not have been complete without reading this. I even read some choice excerpts to Corco. I'm off to follow the trail to the mustard/cotton ball phobia post...

  21. hehe, hehe. the cat in the scarf reminded me of amanda on ugly betty.


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