Thursday, October 1, 2009

Three Sticks of Butter Good

I've been on such a baking frenzy lately that my body is making more rolls than I am. The chickens are getting homemade bread as snacks. The oven has been running non-stop, there always seems to be something rising in a bowl.

Somebody stop me.

Over at Not Quite June Cleaver there is a fun contest going every week. Every Friday she posts two recipes. For each recipe that you make and blog about, she'll put your name in a drawing. At the end of the month, she draws a name and awards great prizes. The more you cook, the more chances you have!

I made the Pumpkin Maple Glazed Pecan Cake. She also featured Pumpkin Rolls...but like I, my body is making it's own rolls.

I didn't get a picture to do justice to this cake. It was incredibly moist. A nice fine crumb. The maple frosting was delicious, and like she did, I doubled the batch. I'm glad I did. It really was three sticks of butter good!

Head on over to her website for the recipe. It would be a wonderful addition to your fall baking, or Thanksgiving table.

Speaking of maple syrup. tomorrow's post will be about how to make your own maple syrup. I'm going to start a regular feature called 'Why'd ya buy that?'. You'll learn how to make all sorts of things for pennies.

And just to throw something else in here.....we got our bank statement in the mail. We've more money now than we did when I was working. What does that tell ya?


  1. OH MY GOODNESS-that cake looks so good. I will be making that. Headed over there right now to put the ingredients on my grocery list.

  2. save me a piece, can't wait to see u!

  3. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM that looks good!. DIET DIET...I'm trying to remind myself I'm on a diet...

    Love the idea for "Why'd ya buy that?" Sounds like it's going to be good.

  4. Oh that looks YUMMY!!! Glad you enjoyed the recipe. Thanks for participating and your name is in the jar!

  5. I made your pumpkin scones and OMGosh! were they ever good. I made a double batch and we ate them all but 3 at one sitting! I want to devour everything pumpkin.

  6. Feel free to ship your homemade bread to ME! I'll cluck & cackle, etc...whatever you want!

  7. Thanks ladies.....seriously, this cake is so good! Leslie, I need to send that bread off somewhere! I won't make you cackle for it, maybe a little scratching though. :-)

  8. WOW, you really have been in a baking frenzy. All of your goodies look delicious! I love the idea of "why'd ya buy that", can't wait to learn new things.

  9. Jayme & Aaron, thank you both for such a great afternoon. The food was awesome as I knew it would be.
    I so enjoyed you both sharing your pictures.
    I was so excited to hold your new girl and one of the existing ones. I hope they all bond as you know, it's tough being included in the circle. I say they become "house chicks" and learn to use a litter pan. :)
    Again, thanks for the wonderful time...I needed an afternoon away and what a great place to get to go to. If I knew I would fit in the squirrel, I'd rent it for the week-end.

  10. Jayme, I have been having a hard time finding canned pumpkin also. I heard there is a shortage this year. Have you heard anything about that?

  11. You are killing me. That cake is really over the top. My mouth is watering.

  12. Cynthia...yes, there is really a canned pumpkin shortage! The cool wet summer weather has delayed the pumpkin harvest. I found some at WalMart and stocked up! Can you imagine no pumpkin on Thanksgiving!?

    Linda, I absolutely loved having you and Rhonda over....please come back!


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