Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Embracing My Inner White Trash

Why yes. That is a 'see ment' goose. Yes.....that is an inflatable ring and a beach towel. You might be a redneck if you have one of these! Now, please, people, I wouldn't do anything as tacky as dress it as Uncle Sam or anything. Relax already.

The mothership has landed. Please help me make peace with this huge blue plastic thing in my yard. My yard is all loveliness and tranquility, and then your eye hits this, and well.....I'm REALLY having a hard time coming to terms with it. Can I do anything to make it a little more subdued? Maybe not have a goose with a fluorescent beach towel next to it??

Every day I'm getting a little more and more used to it. When we first put it up, I went in and typed an ad on Craig's List to sell it. Then we thought it would sell better if it were filled, and then we filled it, and then we swam in it, and we were all like, 'oh man' this feels good, and now I can't seem to stop this run-on sentence, much in the way that I can't decide about this dadgum pool. Maybe it can just stay this year. Next year I'll build a fabulous brick oven in it's place. Ya, that's what I'll do.

It doesn't look TOO bad nestled in the garden does it? Oh Lord. It does. It's just...so....blue.

It gets better. After going to the local garden walk this weekend, and seeing this adorable clothesline, I realized I must have one. NOW. The problem was that laundry day is Monday, and well, I didn't have the time to cement a clothesline in the ground, paint it and plant a Clematis around it, so I tied me up a line between two trees ya'll! I shore nuff did. Worked wonders. I'm determined not to ever use my dryer again, so help me God. Unless, like I spill something on my work pants and I'm on the way out the door, and there are no clean pants, and then I like HAVE to. Take that Obama and your Cap and Trade Bill! Who needs that new fangled E lek tricity? Not this farmgirl! The pool, the goose, the tree clothesline, the fact that I put up my chickens at night in my gingham cotton nightgown. Does this make me a bonafide redneck?

Loveliness abounded at the Lowell Garden Walk. A few times I didn't even think I was in Indiana anymore. The yards were so lovely. I whined alot. Imagine me whining....'ohhh mann....I want a little herb garden like that.....I want that little wood trellis around my window....I want a little nook with a swing....ohhhh mannnn....not fair.

I always tease that I'm going to walk around with a bottle of 'water' laced with Round-up. When I see things that are just too perfect, I will 'accidentally' spill a little. It's not fair! If I can't have it, neither can they!

This blue chair was one of my favorite vignettes. I've wanted one of these old chairs for a long time now. I would paint mine blue too. I would so totally match the pool.


  1. Those gardens are wonderful! How do people have time to do that???? I love the window thing and the clothesline. But, you know, two trees does the job. My kids would take your pool in a heartbeat. I guess I would too. After working in the stinkin hot garden I could just go jump in!

  2. Oh, that's what the country life if about. Getting to go out in your cotton nightgown whenever you want!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I LOVE your pool and as hot as it is... GIRL! I would be up in it ALL the time... Just hang some forest green sheets around the outside and it'll blend right in!

  4. My husband has a camo truck...maybe that would work for your pool. You can buy the spray paint at the Wal-Marks.

  5. Jayme, you know Rome wasn't built in a day so you have time to keep planning your already lovely outside. Hey, your girl has 2 clothes line poles looking for a home. Of course the two tree's work well.
    There is definite difference between "red neck" and "farm girl". You aren't there yet. :) I mean the red neck part.
    As far as your "blue" pool...you can always paint it. My colors in my back yard are cream and green and there sits my "blue" pool. I got over it the first time I swam in it. I think it looks nice with all of your greenery around it.
    The duck adds a touch of hmmm.mmm...I'm at a loss for words. But it all looks beautiful.

  6. I say embrace your inner redneck (even though I think you aren't really rednecked enough to really warrent the title). I have a refrigerator on my porch and a broken down pickup (which will soon be fixed up, I hope) in the yard, so I'm headed down the redneck path myself. :o)

  7. jayme aka The Coop KeeperJuly 1, 2009 at 6:56 PM

    Thanks so much for your fun comments about the pool....I've actually thought about painting it, but I'm afraid that would be such a mess! We have to take it down every year cause of the harsh winters here. I have such a love/hate relationship with that thing!

    Linda....you have clothspoles that you don't want? I'll take them! I was going to go up to Menards tomorrow to get my clothesline fixins.

    Marne...I think we are on equal terms. Your fridge trumps my pool though. :-)


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