Friday, June 12, 2009

Showin' My Face Again....

Is it safe to come back here? WOW! Thanks for ALL the wonderful comments....I have to say, that was big fun for me to come here and read everything, makes me feel like a genuine blogger. Thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate each and you like to hear my opera rendition of 'Wicked Coon"? :-)

It's 11:01 pm and I'm just in with the groceries. It's been a heck of a few days. Got up at 5:30 this morning and just haven't stopped. Housework, laundry, homeschooling, yardwork, work work at the BMV, cookin', visiting friends, and grocery shopping. I'm a tired farmgirl.

Just a random pic of chicks. This one cracked me up, like they are all gossiping around a water cooler.

I've got so many things to share with you! I've had TWO cooking clubs, and haven't posted them, I'm making jam, and haven't shared my beautiful strawberry pics with you. I have a few new babies in the house.....imagine that. Helen is doing fantastic. She is eating on her own, thankyoujesus, cause that was time consuming. She's getting a little meat on her bones, and walking around pretty good.

There will be my first giveaway here at The Coop Keeper over the weekend, or perhaps on Monday. Make sure you know how to leave a comment. I will be drawing from the random comments. I will let you know when it is all goin' down. Stay tuned.

I'm hoping to share this wonderful recipe with you before strawberry season is over. Perfect for a summer party. 4th of July perhaps? Throw a few blueberries in and you have your red, white and blue theme!

I'm trying all sorts of new recipes this week. Whilst (a favorite word of mine) I was shopping tonight, I remembered a few years back that I'd decided to cook a different meal every day for 365 days. NO REPEATS. I had the recipes, Lord knows, I have the recipes. I got to about month four, and just MISSED having certain foods. I'm toying around with the idea again...wonder if I could pull it off. Do you think you could do something like that?

Well friends, a big thank you again for being here, and commenting. It shore 'nuff makes it fun.

Night night.


  1. Oh, please post the recipe for the strawberry thingies. Looks so good. (Not that you are busy or anything :) )

  2. oh yes, please post the recipe for the strawberries, they look scrumdelicious! Is that a word? this has been the best therapy Jayme! You're a natural!

  3. Pretty to the daisy picture, cute to the girls around the water cooler, (wonder what the gossip might be? ) and delich to the strawberry delights, looks like something from a magazine, no wait sometime from Jaymes kitchen ! Can't wait till the recipe comes around or I just want to bite into the picture, looks so good !


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