Monday, June 15, 2009

Strawberry Daze Giveaway

It's finally here! Hopefully you aren't disappointed with all the lead up to this! We are knee high in strawberries here at the Coop. I've been giving them to the chickens, the neighbors, and anyone else that wanders in to the yard. I really can't believe how many I'm getting from such a small patch. I've picked about 5 gallons so far, and there are that many more to be picked I bet. I'm starting to smell them as I walk by, which is wonderful, but also a reminder that it's time to pick.

Wouldn't you like to eat a jar of strawberry jam, knowing that your strawberries were raised humanely, and organically? Wouldn't you like to know that they were treated and picked with loving care and processed with joy? I thought you would.

Just look at these jewels. You can eat these.

Cause look what I made. Aren't these jars adorable? They seemed so indulgent. So European.

The ripening strawberries bring a lot of wildlife to the yard. Lookie here.....

Walt Heger drove all the way from Ohio to experience the luscious berries. (Ok, that is a fabrication, he was in town already). You have all met Donna before....Walt is her dad.

My friend Chris came in from Canada.....ok, another fabrication, she just happened to be visiting when the berries were ripe a couple of years ago. Mike, Melissa, Renee and Shorty drove all the way from town to come out and eat a bowl. Seriously...they, I'm not lying!

I worked my fingers to the bone with these berries lately. No blood, sweat or tears got in the bowl though. Am I the only goofball that would wear a WHITE shirt while processing strawberries?

This is where most of the berries went. I managed to save enough to make jam.

If you'd like to win a jar of this jam, please leave a comment! It's that simple. You can just say hi. You can tell me your life story. You can tell me you hate strawberries, or that you are allergic to them. Just say something! I will be doing a random drawing tomorrow night at 10pm CST. If you have trouble leaving a comment, please email me at

I suppose I should have a disclaimer here that states if you choke on this jam, it ain't my fault. If the jar falls on your toe and causes injury, you're on your own. If you break out in hives, go into anaphylactic shock, um, so sorry. If you spill the jam on the floor, which results in a fatal blow to your skull because you'm so sorry, but seriously, not my fault. Do us both a favor. Get the jam, and just use it as decoration.


  1. I just love that jar of strawberry jam, that I don't have yet. It looks so pretty in those jars. I might just have to not open it and put it on display, for all to see ! Seriously I have my english muffins ready for it. Yum - Yum

  2. Hello Miss Chicken Whisperer
    Sure love the fresh strawberries, fresh from the garen, directly to the bowl that went to the table and then to my belly !! Yum

  3. I want to to win I want to win, I want one of those cute little jars!!! I want the euro jar...(she said in a whiny voice). :D

  4. ok, here's my post, just to say hi and yes lets get together, I love the material you picked out. You always do such a great job at everything you do. You are the Proverbs 31 woman, hands down. You should write a book or us together. Love you much, me.

  5. yummy, yummy, yummy, I want that jam in my tummy.
    I luvs me some strawberries. The jar is cute too!

  6. Pick me, Pick me says me!!!
    Have shortcake will travel!!
    I'm in need of some strawberry sweetness!

  7. Per from Marsha....

    Your name is in the drawing dear!

  8. that jam looks delicious! Count me in!

  9. I love strawberry jam.. yummy
    Alabama Grandmother

  10. Pick me, Pick me!!! I am raising my hand frantically. This looks delicious! Bribe: if you pick me I'll send you a jar of scuppernon jelly when I make mine! :)

  11. Jayme, not looking for a jar of jam but just getting my "Jayme's Blog Fix" on for the day. If I believed in coming back after death I would want to come back as Jayme. :) I absolutely love the pic's and I love the Helen stories. I think you should be able to carry her around just like they carry the small dogs. They have some cute carrier's at PetsMart. What am I thinking??? you would make something far greater than what they are selling. Just love this blog. Linda

  12. Now that I think about it, we sure did come from town. Those jars are so cute. You are always such a busy bee. Keep it up!

  13. As much as I'd LOVE to have the jam, you don't have to include me in the drawing, as you'd have to SHIP it to me here in MA, which would cost too much $$. But I had to leave a comment about your fabulous strawberry pictures!! You have my mouth watering for strawberries! In fact, you've made me just decide to get up early tomorrow and go pick me some! Debbie

  14. I just missed the drawing;( Such is life! Those strawberries do look extra healthy!!! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog.


  15. Your Canadian FriendJuly 9, 2009 at 7:19 PM

    Darn, darn, darn... and NOW I'm catching up on your blog! Now that you've given away your jam, sigh... and what a surprise to see a picture of little old MOI picking the lurvly berries in yo garden! Oh my, but that was tasty! May I come back next June to pick more? I'll bring you more Timmy's coffee :)



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