Friday, June 5, 2009

Got Coon?

Good morning! I'm going to type a bit of text before I post any pictures, so that you can be forewarned. Sigh. Well. Day 2. Let me back up. After I posted my Killin' Time post, I was packing my lunch and getting ready to leave for work. I went out behind the chicken coop to show Aaron where to hook the hose up so he could water the veggie garden while I was gone. Out of the corner of my eye, I just saw this little black spot. I'm squinting, looking....why it's my little black hen! I ran over to her, and she never moved, she was just sitting there. I was right at her now, she was still. I bent over and picked her up, and she sqwauked a little. Her eyes were closed, and well, still are. Yesterday one opened up half way, but this morning, it's closed. Her head showed signs of slight trauma, nothing major. April, at Coal Creek Farm gave me some great advice for trying to nurture her back. I hope she makes it, I hope she will be ok, and not blind. It was really hard to leave her after just finding her. I don't know how women with babies go to work.

Came home after work and Aaron pointed out to me a dead hen on the top of the chicken coop that I did not see before. It was one of the Aracauna babies, and it kinda blended in. When my sister got home, she set out to looking around and noticed one up in the tree! It was horrible!!!! Who would do such a thing?! I'll show you.....this is who....

He was a big 'un. I'm not even sure how it all happened. But we were out in the camper til about 10pm (I like having a glass of wine in there after it gets dark) and when we were coming out, we heard a rustling. Sure enough this fat thing was in there scouting around. HOW IN THE HECK DID IT GET IN? It must be able to squeeze through very small areas. I've a lot to learn. Glen ran in and got the shot gun, and then BAM, THUD. It was over. Just like that, justice had been served. I feel pretty confident that this is the raccoon that did this:

And this....

This morning I woke up to this little guy in the trap. I really can't look at him, because I feel guilty. It's kinda little. It wouldn't hurt anything would it? *Slapping myself* YES! It's a raccoon! Guilt by association little fella. You are on death row and this is your holding cell.

It's just heartbreaking to lose your chickens. I do love those little girls. Recently I read in the local paper where a pack of wild dogs killed about 13 of this man's sheep. There was a picture of him standing in a field of dead sheep. Life in the country is cruel.

So now there are two. I've named the blind injured one Helen Keller, and the little baby chick that won't leave her side now, I've named Anne Sullivan, after Helen's teacher. (I know I'm ridiculous, you really don't need to tell me). I'll probably be going to the Poultry Auction on Monday. That is an event. It overwhelms me. I think I'll get some big birds, maybe even a rooster. I'd like some banty's too. But first, this weekend must be spent securing the coop. I'll be setting the trap everynight this week. Will be interesting to see what I get.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some things that need tending.


  1. All you need now is a little yellow crime scene tape and your set! :) Awww...poor Helen and Annie! I hope they'll be ok. With the Chicken Doctor April's help, I'm sure they will. :) I do think our dogs help keep the coons away too. And let me say it again...electric fence. :) LOL My FIL even runs one around the sweet corn (and our garden now too) to keep them out because he has had years that the from the front the corn looks fabulous and then you get inside to harvest and they have snuck in the back edge and ate it all! I keep waiting for them to mess with the ducks, but so far so good. I was thinking today that we need to trim the trees overhanging the duck yard...all one would have to do is climb a tree and go down a branch to be on the duck house roof to avoid the fence and electric fence and get in the duck yard. What kind of gun is that? I like it! :)

  2. Hi! I came to visit your blog from a comment you left on April's. I'm so sorry about your chickens. We have 19 Buff Orphingtons and so far we have only lost one to a critter. It was very strange. It only ate it's head off and then left the rest of the body. We love our chickens though and next summer we will be ordering more baby chicks. Our girls are getting old.

    I also homeschool my children as you do your nephew. I have enjoyed looking around at some of your older posts.

  3. Hi!

    I just found your post from Mama Hen's blog. I am so sorry about your chickens! How awful! We just started our first flock 4 weeks ago. We are so proud of them. We moved them out to the coop this past week, and it was so nerve-wrecking! After tending to them in our house and on our porch for so long, I felt as if I were dropping my kids off at camp or something! :0) I will be stopping back by to see how the chicken auction went.

  4. Jayme...I just read your comment on my blog about coon hats for Christmas gifts and I about peed my pants laughing!! :) Go Dave Ramsey! I do love the way April chicken doctor calls him Damn Ramsey. I call him that from time to time too when I want to spend and his voice and sayings are ringing in my head. ;) Glad to hear you are debt free! We are so darn close it isn't even funny. But oh no, something always comes up. I think this is supposed to be a life lesson in patience. :)


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