Thursday, June 4, 2009

Killin' Time

Well folks, it's killing time here. This morning, I woke up to only ONE HEN. Yes. They are all gone. I've cried. I've wailed. I'm sad as sad can be. I didn't even want to post about it. They spent their first night in the coop last night, and they are gone. No sign of a struggle, only one feather left. One little baby is left, traumatized, walking around lost.

I know I said I've learned how to move on, but right now, the only moving I can think of doing is to a condominium that I can't have a garden or a chicken in! Aaron comforted me, patting me on the back as I was crying on his little shoulder. Glenco said we'd start over and work more on the coop trying to figure out what happened.

I'm out for blood folks. I'm thinking it was this raccoon that I've seen around here. My neighbor across the street has been complaining about a big fat male raccoon destroying her bird feeders. I have a Have A Heart trap on it's way over from another neighbor. Here's the clincher though. I'm not gonna have a freakin' heart. I'm going to trap it and riddle it with bullets. One for each hen. I'm going to dismember it and nail it's body parts all over the trees for the other raccoons to see and fear.

Oh I say that now, and when I see that raccoon, I'll want to make a pet of it.

Signing out for today, feeling beat.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry about your chickens! But I did laugh til I cried at what you'd do to that racoon! :) My MIL raised a baby racoon a long time ago and kept it until it killed her favorite cat! The dirty little beggars. Sending you hugs....:)

  2. Oh sorry to hear about your losses! That raccoon better not show its face around these parts.

  3. Oh No!! I am sp very sorry about you loss, may all your chicken littles rest in peace, and may the varment that got them fear for his life !
    Yes sir ANNIE has got her gun boys, so watch out !! She is out to git you !

  4. Are you the one that shot it?! I'm impressed if you did! They are the worst chicken killers. Live and learn, tighten up the coop and go get more chicks. We had to put plywood nailed around the base of our coop about three feet high to keep the coons from go under the chicken wire.

    It also helps to have a dog.

  5. I laughed so hard when you said what their names were, Helen Keller etc. I cried for you so hard when I learned they were gone. You are so special in the things you do!
    Love Bobbie


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