Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Blogging Bottleneck....

That is what I'm having. A bottleneck of blogging. It's not that I can't think of anything to write, it's that I'm thinking of TOO many things!!! Cooking, crafting, gardening, chickens, goofy things...I don't know where to stop or start.

I interrupt this blog to thank you readers that are here, and sticking with me while I learn how to do this. I'm not really a blogger, I just play one on the Internet.

I've never even introduced you to the new girls on the block. While Helen was recuperating, Anne (who has since been renamed to Fifi LaFew, because she seemed like a nervous French woman while she was alone....seriously, I imagined her in a beret, chain smoking and drinking strong coffee)...so Fifi, formerly known as Anne, needed company. I figured she was lonely. Chickens don't like to be alone. Soooooo....I got six more babies! Oh yes I did. Two Buff Orpingtons, two Black Australorps and two Rhode Island Reds. I'm in heaven. I've named one Mrs. Puffington, the others are still waiting on names. Wait...a moment of silence for our fallen fowl. Thankyouverymuch.

I never got to fully tell you about all my yard sale treasures. Those bowls? Oh yes. They are pink. And they are Pyrex. I got the set for $1.50. Don't hate, don't hate. I managed to get pictures of everything I bought that day, but did I post them? Of course not! The deal of the day that got away.....bless her heart, this lady kept me talking at her garage sale about her dead Chihuahua . I tried to be polite and look around even though there was nothing there to see. I have no idea why it MORTIFIES me to be perceived as rude. Where did that behavior come from? So I listened to her for a while talk about her little dog that was born half dead, and only managed to live for a couple of years all the while on shots and iv's or something. I'm sorry that I kept thinking "Lady, I'm sorry, but....there are deals to be had!'. Just keepin' it real here. Don't you know that the VERY next yard sale I get to, I witness a young man buying a TABLE FULL of antique cameras for $20. These are the cool cameras that Pottery Barn uses for decor. I can't even think about it now.....arrrgghhh.

I delivered the Strawberry Jam to the winner last night! Shorty was the winner and he was one happy camper. Of course I made him eat some right then and there for me. This is magical jam. It changed Shorty's life. He wins the jam, next day he gets a job. He was IN a jam, then WON some jam.....get it?

I guess I'll just spill the beans about Project D365NR. It stands for Dinner 365 days, No Repeats. We've been going for a week now. I'll be happy just to pass my four month record. There is no reason we can't make it this time! I'm determined! This was an Italian Potpie that I made. It was 'good'. Not type out the recipe blog worthy good. I'll let you know about those.
The family will be happy when I can get a better camera, and get good pictures right away so they can eat their food warm.

I had company stop by the Squirrel last week for a visit. This is the lovely Lisa. Love that girl. Haven't seen her in almost a year, and she up and tells me she's moving to Texas. She came by for some wine and long overdue conversation. She's talking to Donna on the other side of the Cramper, oh, about four feet away.....Don, I didn't post your pic, cause it wasn't too good of you. Oh ya, I got yer back baby.

This is a new little super cute girl I met this week. Her name is Dana and she works at Gardens on the Prairie in Lowell. I put her name on my Direct Deposit at work. All of my money will now go directly to her. She is helping me design my dream garden. I'll be blogging all the before and afters. I can't wait to see what we make together.

Sunday, we drove to the town of North Judson, Indiana. I publicly apologize to this town, because I've been badmouthing it since. But look, it does have a large ice cream cone sculpture, so it can't be all bad.

We took a ride on the historic Engine #765 for two hours through the countryside of Indiana. It pretty much looked like our backyard. It was fun though. I never realized what a lonesome sad sound those train whistles had when you are ON the train. I just imagined what it would have been like, years ago, on that train, leaving a loved one, sad, burning up, dressed in long black taffeta clothing. Good Lord it was stifling on that train. How DID the women do it back then??

Here's the keeper of the Coop Keeper. Glenco. :-)

I liked this old door for some reason.

Ye Olde Coop Keeper looking out the window. What is up with my hairdo?? This is right before I embarrassed the samhill out of myself on the train. All I can say is 'thankyoujesus' for open windows. I'd had a protein drink for breakfast. If you've not had one, you don't know about the gastric distress they can cause. Suffice it to say I probably could have powered the train. JUST before we got to the final destination, I just couldn't....I tried...I so couldn't...I was turning blue, and green....and well.....I waited until the whistle blew.............it was HORRID. I never put my head up again. No eye contact....let me off this train...................

What's that Helen? I shouldn't be telling such things on the Internet? I should go to bed now? Ohhhh...ok.

Night night.


  1. Another wonderful day(s) of Jayme and her life. I love the pics of the "girls" and is Helen doing better? She looks really good. I'm so glad you got more. Have you ever heard my story about working in a Hatchery and I was a de-beaker? I took home several 3 legged chicks and a couple of chicks who were beak tyed. They said tweep instead of cheep.
    I just love your whole blog. Keep it going.

  2. Okay, you are hilarious! It sounds like you have had a wonderful couple of days. Let us know how your new cooking project goes. Sounds interesting, but would never be doable here. Hubby likes the same things over and over.

  3. Linda...thanks for following the blog. You were a de-beaker?? Ohmy. What a job huh? Seems so cruel, but I guess it has to be done. Three legged chickens? Why don't they sell those in the store....I like the drumsticks...LOL

    Mama Hen...I only made the 365 day thing for four months a few years back. We really missed our favorite dishes. Glen is good about not caring what I put down in front of him to eat...lol. A lot of my friends tell me that their husbands are awfully picky. I guess I'm lucky in that way.

  4. For not having much to say, you kinda had a lot to say! And I happily read all of it. :) Thoughts:
    1. Those Pyrex bowls are divine.
    2. The vintage camera story was tragic.
    3. No repeats? Really? What if you really start to miss one of the regulars that was previously in the rotation? I do admire the ambition, though. Keep us posted!

  5. FP Farmgirl! Thanks for stopping by. I so love your blog. No repeats. It sounds insane doesn't it? I know there are cookbooks already about doing things like that, as usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short. I did it once years ago, but only made it four months, because we did indeed miss our favorites. Heck, I'm already wanting something I just made last week! I'll keep you posted.

    By the way, what kind of camera do you have? I simply must have another one.

  6. Oh I love going to North Judson, actually have family that lives there. Garden's on the Prairie is a wonderful place. Have not been there this year yet might make a trip this weekend. I hear they are having a Wedding I believe it is there on Saturday during the Garden Walk Tour in Lowell here.

    Love those pyrex bowls, I remember my mom and gram having those exact ones when I was younger. The little ones loved seeing the pics of your chickies here and the train. I may have to take them for a ride next time we go up that way.

    Stay cool and have a great day.

  7. Hi Anne....Oh I'm sorry I dissed N. Judson. I did have some good deep fried cauliflower at that little drive in place. :-)

    I'll be wandering around Gardens on the Prairie on Saturday. I'm going to go to the Lowell Garden Walk. I used to be in the club. If you see two ladies in navy blue shirts, and khaki pants (work uniform) that'll be me and my friend Sue! I bet we even seen each other and don't know it. :-)

  8. Well do tell me will you be there all day or only half. Yep I bet we have passed each other up somewere in this little ole town.

    Hey it is fine on your diss of N. Judson. Mmmm fried cauliflower will have to try it the next time I am up that way.

  9. hmmmm a ya day in the squirel....i could just spit for an oppotunity to enjoy such lovliness!

  10. You know I'm loving those Pyrex Bowls..they are PINK!!
    I want that ice cream cone for my backyard.
    Do not make eye contact at sales, I repeat do not make eye contact at sales..unless you see ME.

  11. Anne...I'll be at GOP about 1:30 on Saturday. It's a bit late to start the garden walk, but it's all I've got.....poke me if you see me!

    Aishhhhaaa.....come home and stay in the squirrel. I'll make a little baby bed. :-)

    Julie, girl, that is GOOD advice! No more eye contact at yard sales. I didn't get out to them today, too much to do, and I've not even put away the stuff from last week.....I wonder what I missed today. :-(


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