Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Why do I feel it necessary to apologize for not being here!? Oy. Life has been a bit busier than normal lately, and Friday and Saturday I was down with a bit of the stomach flu.

LOTS has gone on this week, and there is a lot to tell, but it's bedtime dear readers and I have to get in it.

I promise to tell you how to make the wonderful strawberry chicken salad that is pictured above.

I promise to tell you and show you all the wonderful yard sale things I've found this weekend, and about the deal that got away, all because of a dead Chihuahua.

I promise to tell you all about Project D365NR. This picture is just a tease of it:

I promise to tell you how I completely embarrassed myself twice this week to the point of wanting a paper bag over my head.

I promise to tell you how I've cancelled my trash service and why.

I promise to tell you about my old steam locomotive ride today and show you pictures.

My head is so full of stuff right now I fear it will explode, or worse, implode. Why is imploding worse? I don't know. It just sounds worse.

Even though this looks like a baked cow pile with almonds on it, it was actually quite tasty. Aaron took one bite and closed his eyes and said 'Marmie, this is your best work ever'.

Strawberry Scones. Just the word scone evoked happiness. Say it. Scone. Scone. Doesn't it make you feel refined and lady like and cozy and happy? Good things come with scones. Happy things. Time with friends. Time spent alone in reflection with a cup of tea and a scone. I can't think of one unhappy thing associated with a scone.

Oh, I promise to tell you why I'm called Marmie, and give you the recipe for the cow pile, er, I mean Strawberry Scone if you want it. Strawberries are coming out of my ears now. Still more to pick.....

I've finished the Sarah Brightman version of "Wicked Coon" if anyone wants to hear it.

Goodnight to all....

PS Mama Hen, Jennifer and Anne, I replied to you on my last post. :-)


  1. Oh thank you so much Jayme for bringing my life up to speed. big lol....Take a deep breath and relax. I just wish I had half the energy you have and 1/4 of the talent you show. Love the pictures, it all looks so yummy. Have a real blessed week.

  2. Oh, I WANT that strawberry chicken salad!!!! I want it baaaad! But the scone, well, it does indeed look like a cow pile, though knowing you, I'm sure it tasted WAY better than it looks. Our strawberry crop here in MA has been decimated by relentless, unending rain. We've had rain for 18 of the 22 days in June. I went picking on a rare non-raining day last week, but the field was a soggy mess, full of moldy berries. I managed to get a few quarts, that's all......:( Debbie

  3. I want to eat one of each, can I place a order ?
    They all look delicious,Yum ! I guess I will wait for you to post the recipes, Can't wait for the future posts to come along, you keep me in suspense. A dead dog? a paper bag over your head? Your train ride? Your yard sale booty? I plan to camp out at the computer to wait for all the details. Your keeping me in the dark,but are you ready yet? I know you are so busy, but are you ready yet? Your blog is so much better than going to the movies and cheaper too.
    Keep blogging Jayme !! Your simply great
    PS and yes I am ready for the Sarah Brightman version of Wicked Coon, can't wait


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