Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happenings at 2600 West

Today is my day off for the week. Aaron is in Missouri with his mom, leaving me alone. I'm never alone really, ever. Well, a couple of hours in the am, and then that's it. There is no school today, no work today, no one here today. You'd think I'd be relishing in that fact. A day to myself! ME! It's all about me today. Fact is, I'm a little disoriented. I know alot of women that would go shopping, or read a book, or go to the spa. I spoiled myself by letting myself sleep in an hour late. Didn't get up til 5:30, and now I feel like I'm already behind! I've got a day planned that well, it's nothing short of a 12 hour workfest. It's what makes me happy though, so I can't complain. I'm planning on redoing a big hunk of the garden today. I have friends coming over for an outside supper tonight. I have to make a peach pie, some homemade ice cream, and a arugula pistachio pesto pizza with spinach and asparagus, topped with feta cheese. I'd planned on going to JoAnn fabrics and drooling over fabric. I was hoping to get all the things I needed to do some new crafting projects. I wanted to go to the lumber yard and get my clothesline fixins and get that put up today. I need to order my garden walk tickets for the near north side garden walk in Chicago that I'm going to soon. I'd hoped to spend some time catching up on phone calls. I have some things to return to Target. I need pool chemicals. I wanted to get things to make a big worm growin' container. I wanted to take a lot of pictures today. I have to clean the bedroom and livingroom today. The roost box in the chicken coop needs cleaning. I can't even let myself think that this is Yard Sale Thursday and I'm missing all sorts of treasures. There's just no time for that today, and Scarlett O'Hara says 'I just can't think about that today, I'll think about it tomorrow'.

Do you think I'll get all of this done today? I always said that Rome wasn't built in a day, cause I wasn't there.....but I'm starting to slow down at nearly 50 years of age. It takes me a couple of days to build Rome now. Frustrating.

Whatever you are doing today, I hope that you have a wonderful time doing it. Enjoy your work. Pour your heart into it. Go to bed tired tonight. It feels good.


  1. I'm exhausted now, after reading your list. I better go back to bed.

  2. How could you possibly even think about doing all that in one day? The stress of just thinking about all that in one day would be too much for me.

    My oldest, Tyler, is 11 and is going into the 6th grade. We have been homeschooling for about 6 years so I know lots of what NOT to do. Be glad to field any questions for you.

  3. Jayme, I am tired just reading about your days happenings. You keep forgetting to make the short list, as you say LESS IS MORE. You have worn me out and I think yourself too, just typing all that.
    I thought I had it bad going for my infusion today and getting stuck 5 times before it got started, then I came home to read about your day,oh boy, I am ready for a nap, nite- nite
    Take care of yourself !! Hugs

  4. Jayme Jo,
    Just a note to wish you and Glenny a happy 4th. Don't know your plans but whatever they are, enjoy them. You sound busy as usual, how dare you sleep til 5:30 in the mornin, you are no longer amish! Well Sweetie, we love you and I'll talk to ya later, did you get my phone mess? xoxo Oh, I almost forgot, check out I think you'll enjoy it. :)


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