Monday, May 9, 2011

Take This Broken Wing....

This photo is symbolic of two things.

My arm and the state of the Pink Chicken.

If you are a new reader, and have no idea what I mean by 'The Pink Chicken' - have a gander at

My arm has gone from good to bad to worse.
Physical therapy hasn't helped thus far -
I really don't know what I did to it - how it happened...but I was diagnosed with chronic tendonitis in my right forearm muscle.
It's swollen, and it's painful just hanging there.
Since starting therapy, the pain has progressed into my shoulder, down to my fingertips.
Blogging is painful.
I can't lift, push, or pull anything without shooting pains.

My arm never got the memo that it's gardening season.
Or outside house repair season.
Or - that I'm in a body transformation Bootcamp that requires weight lifting.

So I sit here now, wincing as I type - realizing that I might not make my goal of being debt free in July.
Physical therapy isn't free - neither are MRI's.
My doctor seems to enjoy being paid.
Imagine that.

I'm still as frugal as I can be - and honestly the only thing that has been purchased that wasn't essential were a couple of flats of annuals...and I will argue with you til the cows come home that they are indeed essential!

Without a miracle, or a lot of chicken sponsors
(so glad you liked that post!  I had a ball writing it) -
I see no way to reach that goal, and it bugs me big time.

Glenco even has the big boat up for sale.
It's time to pull out all the stops.

My other big goal for this summer was to lose an additional 20lbs by the 4th of July.
(I wanted to wait until I lost a good 50lbs to talk about my weight loss journey again - I wanted you to see how truly serious I am!)

Today whilst on the treadmill I got a fire in my belly that it was all still possible. 
There's something about being in a state of sweat, pushing myself physically - that makes me feel that anything is possible.

I believe that despite having a broken wing at the moment - I should finish strong - and do my best - and not throw in the towel.

So my friends - that's what I've decided to do.
Tighten things further that can be tightened, without being a tightwad.
Giving more where it needs to be given - believing I'll reap what I sow.

It's time to dig deeper inside myself and see what I'm capable of.
I need to get good at doing things with my left arm.
I need to see this present injury as an opportunity - not an obstacle.
I shall do my best to make my goals.

If I fall short - it won't be for lack of trying.

I feel a wave of gratitude washing over me now, for all of you out there reading this drivel.
Thank you.
I feel your support and friendship - I surely do.
You dear readers, mean the world to me - and despite my sporadic blogging of late -
I think of you all so very often.

Peter McWilliams - one of my all time favorite authors wrote this, and it's going to be my warcry for the next two months.

You are powerful. Sorry. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. You are. You can continue arm wrestling with yourself, or you can use both arms, your whole heart, and all your strength to wrestle with greatness. The choice is yours."

--Peter McWilliams


  1. ok, you have us worried now. That arm is nothing to mess around with, could it be a pinched nerve? Knuckling down would work if the economy would cooperate. It's not that you don't pinch pennies, it's the dang cost of EVERYTHING under the sun these days. With your gift of gab, you need to be writing your pearls in a paper, not a blog. You need to sell what's in your head instead of giving it away. Remember what your Mom used to tell you about the milk cow? We need an Erma Bombeck again to make us laugh,please...

  2. Oh goodness, that is all you need now is med bills. I so feel for you and your painful arm, could it be you over did it in the garden? Yes, housework and gardening sure will need to take a backseat till you get better.

    Yes, I know a bit about having to put stuff on the ole backburner but the simmering part I hate as it's always there staring at me. This will be a good time to put your mind in test mode and try to change your way of thinking. So far its worked in some aspects of my life, we control what we think about. Keep strong in the lord and give him your burdens, cares and woes. Keep him first in your thoughts. Give and it shall be given unto you, press down... the bible tells us that. It took God about 2 years (long story) to show us, but with us not faltering in our tithe and offerings, he finally knew we were not going to give up and he then started blessing us in so many ways. He does supply all our needs, he knows them before you/we even think of them but he wants you to ask him. He delights in us coming and relying on him. Keep strong in the lord and in the meantime I will keep you lifted up before the lord praying your needs will be met and very soon.

    I so wish I lived closer as probably many of your bloggin' friends, we could all come over and help in what needs to be done so your mind can be at peace.

    God be with you gal, do not fret or worry about tomorrow, God is in control... You hear me? I know you do...Keep the faith, God delights in us living on his faith.

    Holler if you need an extra ear, I am here.
    God love and keep you all safe.

  3. AWESOME, you are, the quote is...sending Power thoughts your way!

  4. Bad timimg is all. Ennaway yer right handed so shoveling food in mouth will be painful...but less filling! I threw out things for a garage sale at the spur of the moment and made big bucks last Friday. We women sacrifice all the time an our time will come to reap. Now where was I go'in with this? Lessee....ah sling to not move arm will help it heal. I am pray'in for ya girl and keep that fire burning! Hugs!

  5. What can I do to help you?. I only live about 3 hours from you-I can be in the car and on my way when you say the word.
    (I'll do anything to get out of the colonoscopy I have scheduled for Friday-Ha) Seriously, I would love to help out. Your blog is always such an inspiration to me. I wish you would consider writing professionally. You are that good.When your blog pops up-it brings joy to my day. TOY and hoping all is well soon.

  6. Hey-I'd even help you with a yard sale..

  7. Jayme, you are so inspiring! I hope your arm gets better soon. I wish I had the courage to do what you are doing as a "pink chicken". Life would be so much simpler.

  8. Well, crappola Girl. Stay on target with your exercise. The weight lifting will just have to weight, er.... I mean wait.


  9. Thank you so much for posting this! There are so many of us with a broken wing of some sort or the other, and it can be discouraging if we have that all or nothing mentality. It might take longer, it might be harder, but you are such an encouragement- Perseverance in action!

  10. Sorry about the bum wing. I've had tendinitis and know how it hurts. I have an elbow wrap I'm supposed to wear when I do anything that involves using the arm. HA! It doesn't help. Nancy

  11. I have tennis elbow, is that the same thing? I purchased a strap for my arm at the drug store for it and you wouldn't believe how much it helps.
    Be strong, Jayme!

  12. Just a quick comment. I lost a bunch of weight about 5 years ago--70 lbs to be exact and I have kept it off. But not too long after I had lost it I started having problems with my arm/hand/shoulder. I had the tests, saw the doctors. One of the doctors gave me a shot in the shoulder which didn't work right away. But after a few months of physical therapy it was ok. I still have to be careful. The point here is that I always felt it was because of the muscle lost when I lost the weight. I don't know what all this means but I thought I would share it. It just seemed interesting to me that this happened after you lost quite a bit of weight.

  13. I'm sure you have had many people give you advise. Here is a novelty-how about resting it completely? I have had a real challenge with my right knee-about to throw in the towel and all of a sudden I had a good day-and then another -its getting better! Sending you as many good vibes as I can-my Dad had a seveere stroke-he was right handed-taught himself to write left handed and his hand writing improved!

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your poor arm! I know how irritating it is to want to do something but be hampered by an injury! I laugh when you say you don't know how it happened! Good gracious woman, you do more in the first hour of waking than the majority of us do all day! Maybe God is trying to send you a message that you need to slow down a little! ;-) Your posts crack me up! You will accomplish all you have set your mind to because you are YOU! Take some time to stop and smell the roses!

  15. Peg from DecaturMay 9, 2011 at 1:21 PM

    Jayme, I had tendonitis of the elbow once. Ouch! Mine was from cutting prime rib for demo samples hour after hour at Sam's Club. Silliest thing I ever heard of but the wrap helped so much. Hope you heal soon. We miss you when you don't post.

  16. Awww Coopster! I am so sorry your wing is all out of sorts. I shall think of you will I eat and while I breathe, and all the rest of the live-long day. I hope you're flying high again soon. This won't stop you, it'll just slow you down a bit- which is likely a good thing at the rate you've been going!

    Chicken kisses to all,


  17. I am having the same pain in my elbow, shoulder arm muscles.. sometimes even wrist!... but I have chosen to ignore it and wince through the pain. Probably very stupid. Let me know if you find a miracle cure. *sigh*

    And, you're inspiring me to get off my arse and go for a walk. Darn it.

  18. I just recently found your blog looking for information on beekeeping. I am so sorry that you are having issues with your arm. I understand how miserable things can be when you have chronic pain. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

    PS Your blog posts are great and help me start the day with a laugh.

  19. Ok Jaymes! A bit funny that your quote had arms in it! I hope you have 2 good ones very soon. I know it must be incredibly frustrating not being able to do whatever it is you have in your mind that you want to do!

  20. So sorry about your arm. It couldn't happen at a worse time, could it? I was just diagnosed with tendinitis, in my hand. It was so painful, but I used a hand brace and that helped a lot. I am going to have carpel tunnel surgery in the fall, after gardening season is over.

    I hope that you are able to reach your goals this summer. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  21. When I read Glenco pulled the big boat out to sale, I knew it was getting bad... A man parting with his toys. I have been having shoulders problems too. So I can feel your pain.. Know you are in my prayers. I am having to also cluth the purse strings tighter.. We are down to hubby's income.. If he would only eat vegetables.. but he is a meat & potato man. Hope that arm gets better!

  22. so how about all your close, (in distance), reader friends come over with some plants...and going in your home so you do not have to clean, each bring own serving from jamie....and all help out!

  23. You have my sympathy Jayme. Last year I needed knee surgery, my daughter had wrist surgery and my son broke his arm. My son still needs regular therapy for his arm, so the expenses are ongoing. It is I agree very disheartening when one is trying to stick to a budget.
    It seems to me that now that I am approaching 50 that lots of body parts are starting to go downhill. Like you, I have always taken my knees and other joints for granted, and when things start to deteriorate it is a rude shock. I still feel young in mind, but all of a sudden I realize that I am in fact middle-aged!
    I will be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed that your arm improves very soon.
    Kathy from Tas

  24. Prayers for peace n healing. Love that powerful quote! I've injured my right arm several times, including broken elbow w/a cast from shoulder to thumb and tendonitis. Each time it was the diagnosis that made me cry worse than the pain. Being a self employed horse trainer/farm girl I freaked out over the "what ifs..." Each time I healed quickly and learned to ask for help or cut back. It's hard shifting focus but you will find a way to make what matters most still happen. Like flats of flowers! :-)
    Bettin' you'll exceed ALL your goals,

  25. I'm always here with you, I promise.

  26. Hey hi Jayme~
    I have been off the radar for a while but now back with full steam. I am so sorry to hear of your hurting arm. Hang in there. Keep that smile and positive attitude going.
    Now I am off to read some of your old posts to catch-up

  27. I hope your wing is better soon! Just by reading your blog, I know that you never sit down and REST! Let others help you! I would come and help you if I lived close by! You have such determination, everything will fall into place just at the right time, don't fret. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest when you can!

  28. Hi Jayme!
    Prayers going up for you!
    Hang in there.

  29. Lady, are you sure it's not from pitching too many curve balls? The grandson just got diagnosed and got drugs and Aleve for the inflammation. No pitching until the play-offs. Ice and rest help also. And enjoyed hearing all the simple things you're thankful for. God has blessed.

  30. You are such an inspiration, just by being you. Thanks for having the courage to share your highs and lows with us. I prayed for you today.

    I read a cool devotional the other day... "Heaven has its incentives, and as we remain faithful in the midst of our pain or problems, we are not only accruing eternal reward, we are giving greater glory to God. God is worth it!" - Joni Eareckson Tada (The corresponding scripture was 1 Cor 3:8)

  31. My sunny vacay has put me painfully behind around these parts, and what a week to be gone! Girl, your posts soothe this heart of mine. Back in a moment...

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