Friday, May 13, 2011

The Little House on the Left

I was well received.
I don't know where to start!

Law - let me back up.

Blogger is acting up a bit, and my last post - the Strawberry Pecan Bread is gone - where I shared that I planned on stopping at the 'Your Garden Almost Made Me Wreck' house.

My day certainly didn't go as planned.
I got up and did my weight training routine, and then instead of going straight into my cardio, I deemed it necessary to find the source of the odor in the kitchen that I'd smelled for the last 28 hours.

I tore things apart, and scrubbed with a brush and Pinesol.
It smelled like a rotten potato - I think the garbage bag leaked into the can, that's all I can figure.

Freshness restored.

Then I got a little company -
Then - it was noon.
High noon - and I still had 90 minutes of kick your butt cardio to do.
I thought of SO many reasons I shouldn't do it -
I was PMSY.
It was getting late and I needed to pick up the ManChild at 3.
And last but not least - the room upstairs has no A/C and it was nearing 100 degrees outside.

But up I trodded and grumbled.
It was an oven up there, and I started....and then - I took my shirt off - and then, you guessed it - my drawers.
Then my bra, etc.
Then, I was only wearing the heart rate monitor.


35 minutes into my workout I was nude, and breathlessly belting this little ditty.

                                    I'm a bit obsessed with Shirley Bassey at the moment.

For a split second - I feared that I would get company again, and have someone just walk in - which I don't mind - and say to themselves 'Oh, it sounds like she's upstairs'.
Mercy - what a sight that would have been.

But - I did it girls.  I did it.
How good it felt that I honored myself in the doing.

A quick clean up and off to get Aaron.
When I told him what we were about to do - he was so excited.
It was perfect, cause they were out sitting on their front porch.

I began my introduction with
"I hope you don't think I'm crazy", as I handed her the loaf of strawberry bread, a dozen eggs and a card where I expressed my delight and gratitude of her hard work in the yard.

This is where I'm going to stumble over words.
It was beautiful.
She was beautiful.
We sat, had tea - talked and talked - it felt like heaven.
Aaron was beaming the whole time.
The spirit about her home made you feel like time stopped and there wasn't a hurry or care in the world.  She gave us the house tour. 
Aaron took all the pictures for me - so I never really had a chance to take what I 'saw' - but I'm sure I'll be back.

We exchanged phone numbers and I'm not sure how to say this - but I need to know her.
I need some of her in my life.
Her name is Bonnie.

It felt like we were two 12 year old girls.

Don't you love Aaron's little photo edits?
He absolutely loved our visit - and I hoped that in some way I taught him something - to express gratitude - to pause and actually act on a thought - to find the beauty in the everyday.

I want to say a few things about this picture - just some observations.
Where have my breasts gone?
My ears stick out since I've lost weight.
How women can look pretty, with smooth hair, makeup, and accessorized jewelry is such a mystery to me.  It eludes me.  I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that I shall never be one of them. 
I seem to think as long as I'm not in a state of indecent exposure, I'm fine.

Consider the lilies of the field, baby.

We spent over an hour with Bonnie and Bill.
Here I set out to bless someone -
and I received the biggest blessing of all.


  1. don't worry, your bread post will be back. Blogger is goofy right now but they will bring all of the post they had to remove in order to get blogger back up.

    I love this post and how you acted on a thought and you came out making someone else feel special. I hope we can all learn a lesson by your actions. Her place is mind-blowing lovely and a place I too would want to just stop and ogle.

    We all have neg thoughts we have about ourselves but try and put those aside as we your bloggin' friends do not see what you think you see. I see a warm wonderful beautiful human being GOD created for his glory and GOD don't make junk... English trans... GOD does not create distasteful things. WE are perfect in his eyes and we need to see what he sees in us.

    God bless and keep you dear one.

  2. Oooops, I forgot... Aaron can come follow me anytime with his camera. YOU have a full time photographer with you. HOW awesome is that? He sure has an eye for this. I hope you are paying him well...... (grinnin')

  3. Just stopping by to say hello was a wonderful idea, and I'm so happy you made a new friend. You look beautiful in that photograph. Why are you so critical of yourself? You are a beautiful woman!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Jayme, I love you. You are sooooooooooo sweet! What a lovely yard!
    yeah...when I lost all of that weight last summer I thought "2010 shall be known as the year that my face fell." I started to wear blush again because my cheeks were so flat. :-)

    All I can say is "you go, girl!"
    hugs, Cheryl

  5. This is why I love you are all heart baby. all heart. I am blessed to call you friend.

  6. I have tears in my eyes as I read this post. You have such a huge heart! Thanks you for blessing mine:)

  7. Hey, Jayme! I confess...I have done this very same thing before. Not the "naked work-out thing"...the stop by a strangers house whose yard "was too beautiful for words" thing. I made a new friend that day...someone who needed me as much as I needed her. Kindred spirits...that what these folks are. Kindred spirits....

  8. What you have brought me today is tears, my friend.

    I love you.

    You are the real deal.

  9. That photo of you and Bonnie would be framed and up on my kitchen wall where I could look at it while we share tea. She looks so full of wisdom and you girl, look beautiful.
    Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  10. Jayme- what a blessing you are to so many- and that Aaron- he is one awesome photographer!!
    I absolutely LOVE the pic of you and Bonnie, and hope that you will stop for a moment and see what the rest of us do- you absolutely shine forth light! You glow with inner AND outer beauty. I only wish I didn't live on the west coast, as I believe we could have been good friends :)

  11. Jayme, you made my day with this post. Out to discover and enjoy life. more. now :) You are a blessing, girl. I love Aaron's photos and edits too. Thanks for sharing! -Tammy

  12. I too had a tear in my eye (I still do) when reading this post.
    Your words paint a picture of the person you are. I love what you said about needing her (Bonnie)
    isn't that true, some friends you just have to have in your life. I recently connected with a childhood friend and it made me full of unspeakable joy!

  13. Beautiful!! all of it, the garden, the new friendship!! I bet you made her day :) you know you too look alot alike to me, she could easily pass for a family member :)

  14. Jayme, what a wonderful thing to do! I wish I had your courage to go and just introduce myself like that. law.

  15. Such a wonderful impulse. I am so glad you went ahead with it. You are beautiful inside and out.



  16. Oh sweet love my boobs are gone too! My husband tells me every day. And now that I am back on track with my weightloss (Lost 5 pounds this week), he is very afraid I will lose what's left. If so.... then he can pay for a boobjob when I get to goal!

  17. You and I have so many similarities! I've cleaned house buck naked because I get hot, then decide to throw my clothes in with the laundry, and then I get side tracked doing something else and the next thing I know is I am still naked running the vacuum! I am totally not an exibititionist so it always amuses me I do the things I do!
    So proud of your dedication to your workout! I have actually lost 20 lbs since we last emailed! Down one size in my pant size! I am feeling so motivated. Thanks for the support!
    I love you befriended this sweet lady. You were probably such a joyful blessing to her. Even with kids and grandkids, it doesn't mean she isn't lonely! I know I would hug you hard if you showed up here with eggs and bread and told me my garden was pretty!! You bless us all!

  18. Beautiful, Jayme, beautiful. As life should be!

  19. So happy for you ALL! Great pic of TWO beautiful women. Someone once stopped at my last little cottage and said nice words about my efforts... I'll always treasure it and have since stopped and "payed it forward" at new neighbors... Thanks for the prompt to keep it up!

  20. This is the very best post I've seen/heard!! It is perfect how this little friendship started and is definitely going to continue!

  21. The world needs more caring, kind and chicken-loving people like you.

  22. You have moved me. We have a move coming up real soon and today I said to my sweetie "I am thirty nine years old how on earth will I make new friends"?!?!
    But I am going to do just as you did step out on faith! Now if I could just get that strawberry bread recipe lol(ugh blogger.)Thanks for givin me a lil of your courage.

  23. Jayme,
    That is so great! So like you to do that. Also, you are irresistible so that sweet lady had no choice but to like you.

  24. That is so awesome, Jayme. Just think how special you made that little lady feel.

    I just love the name "Bonnie". My mom's name was Bonnie and had we birthed a daughter, that's what her name would've been. But with two sons, I didn't get to use that beautiful vintage name.

    Looking forward to your future friendship and reading about it. :)

  25. Jayme that reminded me of how my Grandma use to take me visiting the neighbors when I was a kid. She never met a stranger and was full of love for everyone. We would often visit the elderly people, much older than she was at the time. Lots of flower starts were exchanged as well as lots of visiting. Thanks for the memories!

  26. What a wonderful thing to think something that kind and thoughtful and actually act on it. I think those magical thoughts pop into peoples' heads, but are forgotten just as quickly. Thank you for reminding us to take the time. Everyday is a gift.

    And way to go Mrs. Cardio!

  27. This is my favorite story!!! What a blessing to make a new friend and I do believe you've found a life-longer there! You two look so cute together! I can hear the words of wisdom, the riches of her past coming out in conversation and you bubbling over with joy and thankfulness. And she, has a young snippit of a gal to share with, to look forward to spending time with. You've added many days to her life and she to yours! She is so cute and I love her dress!! Did she have on an apron?? Please say yes, even if she didn't!!!
    Please share every visit you have with her, with us!!

    You are looking beautiful as ever, even if you think your "girls" have flown the coop!!!!!!

    Keep it up! Wish I had your determination!!

    Great pictures Aaron!

    And could you please work on that strawberry/pound cake thing??? I need some. NOW.

  28. Calm down, girl... your ears don't stick out. For pete's sake, girl, give yourself a break! You are lovely just the way you are! Glad you found a new friend! Kudos to Aaron for his photos!

  29. What a sweet and thoughtful thing that you did I am sure you made a friend.

    Just comment on the picture of you and Bonnie. I have recently lost 67 lbs and also my boobs. I swear the place you don't want to loose weight is where it happens first. Geeze! Oh well I would rather wear a different cup size than a larger size shirt and pants. Things are changing embrace it and make it work!

    Congrats you are doing wonderful.

  30. What a wonderful post. The garden looks lovely.

  31. I so loved your story. And, so happy that you reached out. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Doing a good turn produces wonderful things...loved this post, you made me laugh, think and enjoy the grace you emanate. Thanks.

  33. This was a wonderful post, so filled with gratitude and happiness. The breasts go d.o.w.n. Gravity, baby.

  34. Why do we always have such negative thoughts about our looks? When I came to the end of your post and saw the picture of you and Bonnie, I thought, Wow-look how great you look. Even your face is thinner. Keep up the good work. You are doing great.

  35. a) a beautiful post
    b) STOP being so critical of yourself. you are lovely - both inside and out. just lovely. embrace yourself
    c) this post made me smile. human connection is the best
    d) you ar inspirational so refer to b...

    Hugs to you!

  36. I can see why you felt you had to visit... but it was pure providence that MADE you do it! Glad you made a new friend Jayme.

  37. I just found your blog today. So happy I did. This post is beautiful and brave. :)

  38. Holy Moses - what keeps us from doing this sort of thing more often? I haven't done it as often as I should have, but it has always gone so well. I've always been well received! Bonnie. I heart her. Her little face. Oh mah word. Thank you for doing this and next time, take me. I'll be quiet as a church mouse. I just want to listen.

  39. PS - Funny thing. That girl right about me? Courtney? Well, I sent her a text on Friday admitting the fact that I had my t-shirt hiked up over my boobs whilst I cleaned for a showing. I wanted to clean in the nude. It was hotter than I can ever recall, for some unforeseen reason. Selah is right.

  40. I just love your spirit! You have inspired me...and I was in a mud filled tractor rut that my behind didn't want to budge from! But I'm going to leave my rut and go find a new friend! Thanks for a little piece of that glow that seems to be around you! Happy Day to you! I think "rich" is a feeling of the heart not the amount of money in our wallets! (Or lack of as the case may be!)

  41. Dear Jayme, Having met you, I know what a blessing you'll be to your new friends. You are a treasure! Love, Penny

  42. What a lovely post! (and a very handsome son!) I love that you stopped by and became friends with a stranger. If everyone would do this, the world would be a better place...I admire your spunk and generosity! and you are beautiful! inside and out...

  43. I want to be your friend too. What a lovely person you are inside and out. Beside that you crack me up most of the time.


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