Monday, May 23, 2011

Crisis Averted

This story caused such a sensation on my Facebook page, that I thought I'd share it here.
Some of my friends say that they hate to comment on my Facebook status updates cause I get too many comments - and then they get too many emails and notifications.

I've been buzzing around here like a hummingbird on crack lately.
(That's one of my cousin's quotes)

Friday, I decided to tackle the east side of the house - it often gets neglected, because the only time I actually see it is when I hang laundry.

There was a tree that needed cutting down, an overgrown Sweet Autumn clematis that was growing like Kudzu, and Juniper bushes that were completely blocking the electric box.

That side of the house isn't brick - it's vinyl siding and it was green with moss.

I was suffienctly jacked up on English Breakfast tea and Allegra D - so away we went -

After edging and weeding, I tore the vine off the house - wish I'd taken a picture of the beast -

Literally, when pulling down the vine, this fell into my hands:

I immediately felt two emotions.
"I have more babies to nurse!  Into my bra they go!
"I have more babies to nurse!  Into my bra they go!"

The dread emotion overtook my excitement.
I saw the mother robin sitting on a branch with a worm dangling out of her beak, looking where her nest was moments ago.

My heart sank like a rock.

I think I ran around the yard in circles for a minute.
I Googled taking care of baby birds.
Feedings every 20 minutes from sun up to sunset.
And you thought you were busy -

I called DNR and they said to relocate the nest as close as possible.

I ziptied it to the Magnolia tree.

Don't you know that the mom bird found it within a few minutes?

I've been checking on these birds a few times a day.
Peter, Paul and Mary.
That's what I call them.

I feel utterly responsible for them. 

A storm yesterday afternoon blew two of them out of the nest - I recovered them, and put them back.
As of this morning they are resting comfortably again.

Here's the east side of the house post trimming, edging, weeding, and scrubbing the entire side of the house with a brush in my left hand.
Although - you can't see the siding in this pic..

I learned a few things on Friday:

Crocs, water and aluminum ladders don't mix.

Poison Ivy is - well, poisonous.

I'm allergic to Juniper bushes.

Robins are amazing birds, and I'll never see them as 'common' again.

And the most important lesson I learned Friday -

You can accomplish much when you stay home all day, as long as you don't fall off ladders, get poison ivy, or get a whole body rash from Juniper bush exposure...



  1. We rescued a baby robin that was so young didn't even have feathers. My husband smashed up worms from the compost pile and we fed that baby (we called him "Robin" - very creative, huh?!), talked to that baby and I even dragged it to work so that I wouldn't miss a feeding. After several weeks, my husband (the bird whisperer) taught Robin to fly from his finger to the picnic table and back and then from his finger to a tree and back. One day he flew off my husband's finger and didn't come back. I like to think he survived in the wild.

  2. It's beyond amazing how birds just KNOW what to do and how to do it. In our case, my Mockingbirds are keeping everything and EVERYONE away from their nest with five babies in one of my roses. I still take my chances and dash in with my camera every day. Gotta live dangerously, I always say.

    Your are a genius for using zip ties to attach the nest to the magnolia branch. Genius!!!

  3. That's so sweet of you to take care of those birds, not everyone would do that. It's just another example of what a thoughtful person you are. Have a wonderful day my friend.

  4. Love the birdies' names. Bless you for being such a sweet person.

  5. What a good surrogate mother you are...

    and sounds like you've been having some fun out there...

  6. dear you are the only one I know of that somehow a simple task turns the world upside down. I love ya an wouldn't have you any other way. Hugs!

  7. It is just amazing how enchanting you can make it all sound.

  8. For just one little teensy weensy day I would love to be a fly on the wall at your house. You have the most dramatic adventures. My boring life pales in comparison!

  9. what Frat Pack said... but only for one day, more than that would kill me!

  10. Oh ya... I can attest to the falling off the ladder being bad... WAY BAD!


  11. Jayme - thank you so much for the update. I love the pictures of the baby robins and I'm so glad they're doing well. How are you doing on your scrubby supply? Need anymore. Love seeing the clothespin holder in use too. :-)

  12. Love you named them Peter, Paul and Mary!

  13. Good times. I'm glad the birdies are okay.

  14. I don't think ANY wet shoes go well with ladders! Been there. I'm so glad you were able to rescue the baby robins. I have been putting baby bats in the bat house. That is my month of May job is seems. One unusually cool evening the bat I found was also cold and barely moving. I held it awhile in my hands to warm it, but then I needed both hands to carry and set up the ladder. I dropped it into the front of my bra. It happily nestled "under" one side! My friends teased me that now bats would be falling out of the house on purpose when the word got out!

  15. The yard looks great and it sounds like you had a "great" time cleaning up.

    My biggest adventure was finally mowing the grass with our mower that doesn't turn off unless you disconnet the spark plug wire.......note to self it still "tingles" when you use a long stick, especially one that is wet! Son #3 will have to fix that soon, or who knows maybe hubby will give me a tutorial soon, LOL.

  16. One picture, just one I ask, of critters in your bra. That's it. I won't ever ask again.!!

  17. And you call that staying out of think I will head to the hammock with some iced tea! Phew....I need a nap.

  18. Peter, Paul and Mary, love it! You are just a lean mean working machine!

  19. Oh, what cuties!! I know we have a brown thrasher nest in the woods, but they do a great job of hiding the little ones.

    Your yard is looking lovely. Wanna try your hand on this sand I have????

  20. Lawsie mercy...there is never a dull moment with you!

  21. Have I told you lately that I love you? You are a rockstar my friend...truly.

  22. Awww...I am so glad that MamaRobin was able to reconnect with her babies almost immediately! I'm sure your heart was in your throat when they ended up in your hands. Poor babies!

    I can't imagine a worse scenario than a ladder, crocs, posion ivy and an itchy rash! What did you do when you weren't falling and scratching? Hugs-Diana

  23. Jaymes, you are our very own Dr. Doolittle. An animal adventure every day at the Coop Keeper's house! Glad your mama and babies were re-united. I didn't fare so well when I watered some babies that were living in my fuschia basket right out of their nest. They couldn't fly, but they could run and I could not catch them for the life of me!

  24. Allegra D... seriously the worlds perfect OTC medication... or should I say BTC medication... because you have to sign away your first born (or fattest chicken) to purchase it...

    But SOOOO worth it if you have allergies and such.

  25. Amazing Friday right?!!! You got the next with the babies ! With what did you feed the baby birds with? Your garden is looking all lush and green after your hard work. Great!
    Your Garden Personality
    Which type of garden goes with your personality?

  26. Jayme,
    Do you even realize how I Love Lucy your life is? Also, you make me feel boring. Hoping you have a productive day without incident!

  27. a hummingbird on crack....hahahahahahahahah love it!!! jan

  28. Those ladders... they are lightweight and easy to carry but oh so dangerous when shoes are wet. We have an old wooden ladder I grab first, I feel safe climbing that one, has wide planks to step on.

    Glad the baby birds are doing good.. Watching the Robins give me such pleasure after a busy day.

    Take care of you, be careful.

  29. Ew, ew, ew. Birds tottttttttttttally creep me out!

    Chickens do not, but regular ole birds...yipes!

  30. I need to stop reading my blogs in backwards order! Ok. I got the answer about the zip loc. I wish my story were as happy. All the birds fell out of the nest here in the night and were cold and wet. Was able to get the nest back and revive two of them with my chicken's heat lamp. Even though the mother came back the babies did not survive:(. I will ziploc any nest I see like that next time. Those robins always seem to build them in such unsafe places!

  31. Years ago, be nursed a baby robin to adolescence as well...Then we sat on the patio and watched the parents take over. The Dad came near us and I have always thought he was thanking us...yes, I am getting teary eyed as I type. Also, the croc+water+aluminum anything is a BAD combo..been there as well. Happy Wednesday!


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