Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Richest Chick in Town

I awoke at 3:45am this morning -
fully rested and ready for the day.
I've been sleeping like a log lately - and don't you think I take that for granted for one cotton pickin' minute.
Since I've been eating clean and exercising - I haven't spent one night up naked in the living room chair, hot flashing with insomnia.


No sooner than my feet hit the floor - I do declare I did have the deepest sense of gratitude.
I knew the day was going to be a 'keeper'.
The kind of day that you fold up and put in your pocket for a day that your heart feels a bit gloomy.

As the morning unfolded - I began feeling like the richest girl in town.
My chores and workout were done by the time it was light out - and I went to let the girls out.

Chickens - if you have them - you get this -
if you want them - you'll yearn for this -

There's nothing like chickens in the early dawn light.
It's nirvana.
The fluffy butts coming down the ladder, stretching their wings -
I adore it.

This sense of gratitude continued as I opened the freshly painted gate with the John Deere green handle.

Things at this ole Hillbilly Haven are needing some repairs - but this little green handle gave me hope that they'd all get done in due time.
I remembered how it looked 20 years ago...

Out of the corner of my eye - I noticed that the lilacs had bloomed out.

As I came back in - I noticed what a nice combination the yellow petunias were with the nasturtium leaves, and I looked forward to the hyacinth beans climbing and covering the kitchen window frame.

The aroma in the kitchen was heavenly -
the Strawberry Pecan Bread was done.
(recipe tomorrow!)

There be peace up here in the Hillbilly Haven.
Riches I tell you.
You can't buy this stuff.

As I gazed out the kitchen window overlooking the cornfields - my eye caught my old chair that I'll sit in and ponder my ponderings this summer with my morning cup of English Breakfast tea.

How I love that spot.

I opened my email and found a sweet email from my friend Cheryl encouraging me in my weight loss.

Another wonderful email from my beloved cousin saying he'd take the same weight loss challenge as me and we'd do it together.

Then I got this comment:

Fresh Garden has left a new comment on your post "Take This Broken Wing....":

I'm always here with you, I promise.
It broke me in half.

Sometimes, gratitude breaks my heart - perhaps in a way that a Dr. breaks a bone to reset it to heal properly.
That's the only way I can describe it.
It breaks my heart - but in a good and healing way.

Just because I don't get around to responding at times - please don't ever think I take your comments for granted.  They mean so much to me!

All of this happened before 9 am!

I left to pick up my friend for a doctor's appointment.

I drove by a garden that nearly made me wreck the car.
I made a mental note to stop by this week with a loaf of Strawberry bread and tell the gardener that her (I'm assuming) garden makes me happy. 
I have a feeling I'll make a new friend.

The afternoon was spent catching up with my friend after her appointment, over chicken salads (sssshhhh)
at Panera Bread.
Although we'd seen each other not too long ago, it felt like years as we chattered away.

I came home to more incredible messages of encouragement, and a lovely gift from a friend that had stopped by whilst I was away. 
(Thank you Sandy!)

I just re-read all the comments from yesterday.


I'm as full as a tick with gratitude.
I feel so full, I need to lay down.

While I may not have much by this world's standards - I do believe I am the richest gal in town -
and if I did win the Lottery or some other tomfoolery -
what would I do?

Why, I'd make a big cup of English Breakfast tea -
I'd let the chickens out at dawn -
I'd notice the lilacs and the petunias -
I'd sit in my chair and ponder -
And I'd blog and tell you all about it.


  1. I love LOVE those images...feeds my soul to read them.

  2. Lovely post Jayme. Have a great week! But you do not need to be told to do that do you?

  3. Jamie, you filled my heart to overflowing with this lovely post!! You inspire me to spend more time looking for my blessings and less time in Marah (see Exodus 15) grumbling. Thank you for pushing past the pain to continue to encourage me!

  4. Hey Jayme! I wanted to tell you that I decided not to order the skin cream right now-meant to tell you before. I am on a "use it up" campaign. I have so many partially used products that I spent buckoo $ on and they are probably not half as good as your stuff. When I am done using (sound like a drug addict, huh) I will order some of your skin cream.

    I am glad to see you back posting more. I have been so busy at work that I don't know if I am coming or going-and sometimes think I meet myself at the door.

    I am thrilled about your Weight Loss program. I am going to have to search your sidebar to see what it is about. I am so sick of struggling with this extra weight and hardly know where to go for help to lose it anymore. If you are on a good program I would be most interested in learning more about it. I want to do this once more and live it ever after-if that makes sense.

    Okay- back to the grindstone for me here. Loving you day..and your chickens...and you! xxoo Diana

  5. Sounds like you enjoyed a full and satisfying spring day on your farm. Love the photos! :)

  6. Jayme, you are the best! You are a millionaire in my eyes. law.

  7. Jayme,

    I started reading this and smiled because although there are more than 700 miles between us, we shared some moments today. :)

    Your Friend,

  8. Jayme, I passed your home so many times in the past few months and always waved and said I need to check up on your blog but life always has gotten in the way.

    I love your post for today. It made me smile as I felt the same way. Hope life is treating you well. I have to say I smile each time I pass your place. One of these days I will stop and surprise you.


    Anna Fischer

  9. Makes me want to get up early! I am probably up at 3:45, but it's to feed a baby, not have some peaceful, quiet time. I long for those days...

  10. I am so homesick for you and your hillbilly heaven it just ain't even funny.

    Chew on that whildt I try and figure out which child to sell so that I can come.

  11. I could just feel my heart rate slow down reading this post. It brought me such a sense of calm + peace. It makes me want to wake up in the morning and enjoy a cuppa tea. And I love that sweet comment from your dear reader. We are lucky to be living in the age of blogs, no?

  12. I had the same excruciating arm pain. MRI showed a small bone spur but nothing serious. After therapy didn't help and much pain, I ended up having surgery. It was two bone spurs, a torn rotator cuff and lots of arthritis. MRI's are not infallible-perhaps you need a second opinion. Good Luck!!!

  13. I'm glad you had such a great day, Jayme. We all need those days once in a while. We all need to look around our own little worlds and notice the little things, the pretty things that make us smile.

    I hope the kinks in your arm get worked out soon so you can get back to doing all the things you love to do. Congratulations on your fabulous weight loss too. You are a Pink Chicken Phenomenon, girl!

    : )

  14. I've always wanted chickens!!! Nobody seems to understand me but you. Oh well, maybe someday. For now, I'll just visit the coop keeper.

  15. I am grateful for you, my coopkeeper! I need to sit in a chair and have tea in the am with you my friend. Soon!

  16. What a sweet end to your post... you are one sweet lady!


    PS and I'll be back for that Strawberry bread recipe, yum!

  17. I think you're rich too. How many people would love to live such a simple, joyful life but don't know where to begin. I love reading your blog and hope your arm gets better fast!

  18. Can I borrow $20 till payday?!! So glad today was better, hope your wing is better too!

  19. Sounds heavenly, what a wonderful day. I hope you have many more just like it. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Thank you for reminding me that there are untold riches all around, just waiting to be gathered in. Ends my day on a wonderful note.

  21. Wonderful uplifting post..I watched a movie on You Tube over weekend titled "August Rush". Don't want to give anything away about movie but take the time to watch it and you will see there is even more in Nature than smelling the roses. ~~HUGS~~

  22. Love this post! Sounds like a perfect day. Congrats on your weight loss, sounds like you're really making progress.


    PS. If you win the lottery can I get a loan for some coop renovations;)

  23. Wow, I just can't get over the quality of your posts....just a fabulous post..thanks for sharing your beautiful emotions and gifts!! I am very impressed...you are not only funny but have a generous sharing heart!!!

  24. What a beautiful post. And what a great way to start my day. I am so glad I found your blog a few weeks ago. I feel like I found a new friend :)

  25. YOUR beauty shines inside you, and outside of you in the tender way you tend to all that God has blessed with you. I am blessed and honored to be able to read your heart! Thank you for sharing.

  26. Sooo nice!!! Did I tell you I almost stopped by your house...(I think it is yours), but felt like a stalker...smile...your encouragement on homeschooling quite awhile ago was such a help. It is one of the best decisions I ever made!

    I feel like my back yard keeps me slightly sane, and it is not even close to yours in beauty.

    Tell us about what "clean" eating means. Did I miss it? jan

  27. God sure did bless you with this plot of land and after reading your post I will call it "Joyful Coop Farm". I can only imagine the joy you have wandering around seeing all its beauty.

    Nothing cuter than chickens, their fluffy butts and when you tweak their tail feathers the song they sing out in surprise tickles me. We had some growing up, it was wonderful. Ours were lap chickens, spoiled rotten with kisses and attention.

    Way to go on your weight loss and I am rooting you onward that you meet your goal and your other heart desires.

    I look forward to the recipe, as with all your recipes I know it will be yummy. Will you make another one of your amazing vids along with it??

    I am still lovin' my Coop Serum, every AM and PM I smather it on my face and hope it will keep any extra wrinkle at bay.

    I pray your arm will ease up soon and you will be feeling so good you will can go plow the back 40...

    God richly bless you with his PEACE and GRACE.

  28. When someone else "gets" what country can do to a person's soul, I just soar. And I am soaring this morning after reading your riches. I remember those fluffy chicken butts as they would sort of shuffle down the ladder. So funny. Like they had big plans for the day and were on their way. And the quiet at that time of day -- it talks to you. It sends all the right messages. At that time of day, with chickens walking down the ladder, there are no wrongs in the world for those minutes. Really, it's as good as it gets.

    And you stopping by to tell someone their garden looks beautiful--I can't imagine how great that person would feel. I mean all the work that goes into a garden (you know!), but thinking no one enjoys it but you. How wonderful for them to find someone was enjoying it as they drove by.

    Have a great day, Jayme!

    Marianne N.

  29. Oh Jayme, you have such a way with words... What a beautiful and inspiring post! I am thankful you share your thoughts with us. Have a beautiful day!

  30. Thank You for your words and photos. They give me hope.

  31. You made me smile as well. Thanks for sharing a lil peace of your happy with me.

  32. ((sigh)) Can it get anymore blissful, than that?

    Again... you've made me feel right at home, strollin' around in the great outdoors in your "wide open spaces".

  33. My sentiments exactly! So nicely said and I love your perspective! I feel so truly blessed to be living the life I'm living! I have much to be thankful for!

  34. Jayme, Dont make me wait till tommorow for that recipe for strawberry pecan bread, ( I CANT WAIT, MY MOUTH IS WATERING NOW ), PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, would you come to my house and show me how to make my yard look like your's, I know of only one other person that has a yard like you and she lives in Sommerville Alabama, do you think she's your twin sister. I Love You, Sharon.

  35. I read your comment about the chickens at dawn and I went back in time about 50 years ago...to a time when I would visit my grandparents...and at dawn I would get up with my grandaddy because my job was let the chickens out when I was there. I knew exactly what you meant. Thanks for the memory. :)

  36. You are RICH indeed!! Love you girl!! I'm hopin' my mister gets home in time to fire up the tiller! The garden MUST. GET. IN. TODAY.!! Oh my...it does!!

  37. Don't ever stop blogging Jaymee, you are a real gifted writer, to inspire so many is such a gift.

    I come, I read, I don't comment which is rude, with a capital rude, I do thank God for your humor, many a day you have made me smile, and inspired my soul, you need to know that. Wheew. . . now I can sleep tonight I haven't slept in months.

    Prayers going up that your arm gets better quick. . . my bestest friend had the same problem, couldn't even pick up a cup of tea, felt electric shocks going from her neck to her fingers, went to a chiropractor, and he helped her, she's all better. . . just a thought.

    My friends and I just love you, your blogs are discussed all the time, we keep saying we want to come and hang with you for the weekend. . .we'll clean the windows, and pick up the poop . . .so hows about it.

    Ever think of doing a bed and breakfast? You'd be a great host, you could use the money, oh my. . .what a great idea!! Why didn't I think of that. . . oh I did. . . go for it Jaymee!

    Feel better, and hey, share the weight loss tips
    thanks, nancy xoxo

  38. Thank you so much...I really needed to read this...my world has been a whirlwind and I've felt like I've been flying on a treadmill that won't stop. Your words are peace to me! Blessed day to you, dear friend!

  39. Stunning post!! And makes me green with envy with wanting that house with the chickens and the lilacs and the petunias and the John Deere Green gate handle. Oh soak it all up for me too.

  40. Well said. I feel that way n get teary most spring morns... Lately my little ones wake up extra early and head straight out in their jammies adding another layer of blessings. And it ain't just hormones. It's gratitude.
    Love ya lots,

  41. That is a big change is twenty years! Keep savoring your days. Nancy H


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