Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Then There Be Two

The continuing adventures of robins up in the hood....
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a jumper -

Did I scare it out of the nest?
I chased that bird around the yard all night long - I put it in the nest six times.
It jumped out every time.
G-Diddy (Glen's new name for the week) kept telling me that's what they do - that there was no point in trying.
The night ended with the bird hopping under the large lilac bushes and my heart breaking in four pieces.
I can't bear to go back to the nest - I think I just need to let nature take it's course.
(By the way, didn't you just LOVE hearing it's little beak slapping itself shut?!)

Holly this is for you -

In other news -

I'm one banty short this morning, and have a raccoon in the trap.
I'm trying to decide if I should give the coon it's last supper.
Dead Coon Walkin'.
And that's all the news fittin' to print from NW Indiana.


  1. Jayme, you are just like me...you love a little too much!
    Did you see my racoon post? YIKES. We will move the babies out this weekend. Doug has made a super strong pen...I hope nothing gets them! Love the photo of the chick in your bra. XO, CHeryl

  2. ha ha ha ha ha.... you know, they don't live in that nest forever. ha ha ha.... love this video.


  3. That is I am sure a warm and cozy spot.

  4. Great video Jayme! We have the two bird houses that hold many birds plus they build nests in random places like over our sliding patio door so I know the concern over your new babies. I also was under the belief if you touch one, the mother will not accept it again. The things we're taught over the years. :) Happy to see you posting more and hopefully you'll get help today with your face situation. Love ya girl!

  5. We rescued an itty bitty baby bird once. Turned out to be a turkey vulture. True story...Them's some ugly birds...even as tiny as he was.
    Now tell me Jayme, what would YOU do with a Killdeer that keeps laying eggs in my driveway? It's a wonder they aren't extinct by now!

  6. LOL Jayme~ I think God has marked you for comedy...funny things to happen so that you can past them along. I'll bet you were a lot like my SweetCheeks as a child!

    POOOOOR raccoon-and he is such a CUTE little bandit! lol Keep us updated on him too! Hugs- Diana

  7. You're a nut :-) oh, please let the coon out about five miles down the road, don't fry him.

    Love that last shot!!...

  8. Jayme,

    Don't you recall my post last June


    Glenco is right.

    Your Friend,

  9. Hmmm, dead coon walking. I've never had to kill a coon but I am afraid I will be faced with that as we prepare for our forary into chickens (we got a bunch of chicks arriving in 2 weeks). If it were a woodchuck I would say "off with its head!" A coon, the jury is out for me, though he might make a nice hat ;p

  10. I love it !!! " We have a jumper" I am laughing so hard!!! sorry about the banty... Coon sitting on Death Row. Thanks for brightening up my morning!!

  11. I am so sorry about your sweet banty. Serve that coon on toast... My ole boss loved coon, I for one dont think I want to know what it taste like.

    The Robin parents will find the babies. I have several roaming the yard and they are well fed. I too keep watch for the babies.

  12. Jayme, you won't believe this, but I have a baby cottontail loose in my house somewhere and we can't find it! I just stopped long enough to eat a cranberry scone and read your blog. I'm suppose to go to the Big City today and yet, how can I leave with Peter Rabbit hiding out? Pray we find him... QUICK!!

    P.S. I dreamed all night that I chased down a momma rabbit to nurse it.

  13. Oh I know you want to help those babies. The video was so cool. The snappin of the beak , funny. Let nature take it's course and I wouldn't give that raccoon anything!

  14. Oh Jayme you made my morning!!! hahaha!!! And that racoon--well just sayin that they used to kill my chickens and rip their heads off--and my husband would catch them in a haveaheart and then...well they didn't come back...

    LOVE your videos!
    xo Cait

  15. Oh I have missed your blog! There is always something exciting going on around here!

  16. Now that coon knows where to get a baby chick dinner he will always be back for more, do ya think? Can you drive him far away to an area away from homes? Not sure how far they range, but drive him too far to get back, eh?

  17. Now that's some jaw-poppin' distress call! You just have to let nature run it's course, Jayme. I lost all 4 of my mockingbirds last year. They wouldn't stay in the nest either! Glad you got that coon - hang him up dead on the fence like they do coyotes here in Texas as a warning to other coons!

  18. Love the little chick photo. Please don't kill the raccoon....just let him go somewhere far from your home. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  19. Dead coon walking...right on! I don't mean to be so terrible, but one mauled my cat almost to death once and that kind of turned me! Love the bird video. I have seen robins launch...and they glide crazily over to the nearest bush, then live there for a while on the ground....just gotta have faith that they know what they're doing!

  20. I would love to know what you put in the trap to entice the coon. I have tried for years with no avail.

  21. Good thing you have been working out I would have been worn out chasing that little bird all over the yard. Too cute!

  22. I loved your video. It's hard to let them go, isn't it?
    BTW, the bees got settled in just fine today. They did start to swarm on a tree branch, but Andrew just collected them in a box and got them back to the hive. Good times!

  23. I love your laugh so much. I saw a baby opossum today in town on the street all alone. I would have rescued him but a mail lady saw it too and then she was on it. I fear it'd been bad news for a opossum around her. Crazy Brenda dog.

  24. I read that they leave the nest and live on the ground for a few days so maybe this one is ready! I have had a crazy time with a nest and babies that blew out in the storms the other night. Tell me about the plastic you have around that nest--how you did that and why if you get time. I might need to do that next time so I don't have a sad week like I have had! Thanks.

  25. Bless you for the picture you funny girl!!!! That chick looks pretty darn happy!! Love that shirt, by the by!!
    Does the coon trap usually kill it? Is it a live trap? Do you do the deed or does Mr. Diddy?? (maybe you could call him G-Giddy??!!)
    Looking forward to more delights from you dear friend!

  26. Baby robins are so cute. Hope it made it & that lil chickie is so cute too.

  27. OK, here is my drinking story:
    A couple of years ago on Cinco de Mayo were were invited to an all you can eat deal (too long of a story to explain) and there were also all you can drink margaritas. I drink about as often as you mentioned and I can tell when I have reached my limit. I usually drink a white wine, wine cooler, or one fuzzy navel. I felt the margaritas kicking in, so I stopped. Well, no one bothered to tell me that tequila has an after-burner stage! Hubby and I went to Wal-Mart on the way home and I was certifiably drunk at Wal-Mart! I was telling people how nice they looked, talking loudly (even more so than I usually do), and not able to remember a dang thing that we came in to get. But I didn't KNOW I was drunk, that is the ultra funny part. So here is your future warning: don't drink margaritas or tequila! I think I would have died just going to that body exhibit without being hungover or drunk. Gotta love your honesty!!!!!!

  28. I've been busy this week and just look what I'm missing! I guess G Diddy knows what he's talkin' about, but it sure sounds like something my husband would say to calm me down. Not that you need calming down... carry on!

  29. Save the bird...kill the raccoon! Life's tough in the country! Loved the video.

  30. I was checking out your yard--looks great--you have a large area to take care of--thought you lived in the country, though?


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