Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sometimes I Worry M'self

I've had three of the most ridiculous blond moments in the last two days.
I refuse to call them senior moments - but after you read them - you might worry about me too.

It all started on Saturday morning  - when I went to the Farmer's Market with my rickety vintage cart - unencumbered by a purse.  My cash and cellphone were tucked in the leg of my awesome $1 resale shop Columbia hiking capris.

I'm walking down the street and I start hearing the theme song to 'Modern Family' and I think - wow - where is that coming from?  That's cool!  I love Modern Family!

Never crossed my mind that it was my cellphone ringing.

3G cell phones


Later that same night, right before bed, I was scanning Facebook.
Up comes this picture on my feed and I gasped.
Aaron even asked me what happened...

For the splittest of seconds, I thought it was a picture of me - and I didn't remember posing for it - and I couldn't understand why someone would put it on Facebook.

For real.
I went promptly to bed after this incident - realizing it was apparently way past my bedtime.

Now - if that just right there wasn't enough to make you start thinking I'm deficient in some important brain chemicals...listen to this one.

Yesterday - after being highly caffeinated in the morning (yes, I know - I gave up caffeine - but it's come down to caffeine or sister wives - there's a lot to do around here and Glen isn't buying into my polygamy spiel) - I went to the doctor for a wellness check and to order some blood work.  I just wanted to get a snapshot of my cholesterol, blood sugar, etc...

I go into the Medical Center with no incident.
I have my appointment.
I'm happy to hear that I'm the picture of health.  My blood pressure is 100/64 (and that's after espresso) - and I'm feeling pretty good about how awesome I am.

Then - I go to leave the Medical Center.
This is where my awesomeness fades.

I walk to the door and notice the door has a handicap symbol on it and it says
'caution - automatic door'.

So I stood there and it didn't open.
And then I moved around - trying to trigger the sensor to open the door.
Then, as I'm thinking to myself  'You've got to be kidding me..." - I walk a few steps back and approach the door again.

Still - won't open.
I try prying it open.

By now - I'm feeling stupid and hearing the theme song to  'You're on Candid Camera' in the background of my brain noise, and I wonder if it's my cell phone ringing.

I walk away and stand in the corner, and start to wonder how I'm getting out of the building.

I go BACK to the door - and stood there again for a few seconds.
Then I pushed the door.

It opened.
I left.
I left quickly.


I do worry 'bout m'self.

I noticed in the comments that some of you are having trouble finding the 'otha blog' - all my weight loss drivel.  If you click on my before and after picture - it will take you there...or do this

Clicking that link will take you there as well.

Happy Tuesday to you all!


  1. You sound just like me, Jayme! Clearly nothing is wrong with you. :) Wow--who would have thought--Meryl Streep looks just like YOU!


  2. I have done the whole door open thing on several occasions. I have also sung to an awesome song before realizingit it my ring tne...DUH!!!!

  3. Girl, girl, girl. I am so with you. At first it was funny, all my forgets and mistakes, then I started to be a little concerned, and now I wonder if I should lock myself in the house and hope I can get that right! Thanks for sharing the reality, I feel it with you. Mary

  4. Oh Lordie I am snort laughing! I could tell you some things I did, but it's your blog ;-)
    You are jist fine. It's everyone else trying to trip you up ;-)

  5. Lawd, girl, you so funny! We all have our blond moments! Meryl should be honored to look like you! If only she had your sense of humor...
    Thanks for the laughs. Not at you, but with you!

  6. marytylermotorheadJuly 10, 2012 at 2:01 PM

    You are not alone....

  7. I refer to those as "junior moments". You have to laugh at yourself..hahaha. Friday, I went to pick up payroll from accountant and scared them half to death. Pay roll pick up is on Mondays. I hadn't even turned in time sheets yet...bahaha.

  8. Been there done that. Join the club. You will get thru it in fine shape. Thanks for sharing.

  9. LOL... we ALL have moments like that. So... whatever it is.. it just is.


    About that door.. I'm wondering if there is a big blue square button on the side wall that allows people with door opening disabilities to push it to open the door. If they're on the outside looking in, you won't see them right in front of the door when they push that big button on the side. Hence, you could get wacked with it... so the caution is in the lookout.

    I think.

  10. Jayme,
    I kid you not. I had the same door experience this morning when I went to get an MRI. I saw the sign and walked forward and nothing happened and I stood there and stared at the door for a minute while my right mind kicked in and told me to push the door. I'm so happy to know I'm not alone.

  11. Jayme,

    LOL! It sounds exactly like something this blond here would do. Yup. It do. As a matter of fact, one time I was talking to a neighbor after working hard on our construction house. He was yammering on and I really wanted him to go home, so I could go home. I kept hearing a motorcycle sound. He did too. Where was that coming from? We kept looking around and then I realized.... (embarassing) Twas my 'Shug calling me. I had changed his ringtone. And, I've never confused my pic with Meryl, but I wish I could!
    OK so I just decided to post an embarrassing moment on my blog. I think we should ALL do it! We'll all be rolling on the floor laughing and everyone will be in a good mood from the laughter!

    Cindy Bee

  12. That picture of Meryl Streep totally looks like you!! You aren't crazy!

  13. heeee heeee heee ha ha ha who who who BWAHAHHHAAAAAAA

    guess what?
    My daughter and I have done this too---at least the door thing.

  14. LOL-OMGOSH- Those are funny moments. Love the one about looking and thinking you were Meryl Streep...hey...that ain't a BAD thing, honey. She is a classic beauty.

    Blessings- hope you have a good week-xo Diana

  15. I love that you "just keep it real". Goof-ups happen, and they make great blogging material! ;-)

  16. Heeheehee. I am laughing WITH you Jayme!

  17. OMG you had me busting a gut. You're not alone in these things believe me. I do want to commend you on the weight loss. I could stand to lose 50 pounds to get to my ideal weight. So if you will excuse me I think I'll jump right over to see how you lost it. (And I'm not a fast food/hamburger junkie...I think mine is my age and my metabolism slowing down...or and I deluding myself??)

  18. That is really good stuff, insert saying,"life funnier that fiction...."


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