Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Burgers, Freakouts and Meditation - Oh My!

It's been six months y'all - and the burger looks just the same.
In fact - it's looked like this since day five - and I hesitate to keep it.
I will though - it's been amazing people that visit.
In fact, one friend called me recently and said 'since I saw that burger at your house I haven't gone to McDonalds and I've lost 26lbs'.


It's also kept Aaron out of the fast food, and that makes me happy.  So much better just leading by example, ya know?

I actually ate a portion of a DQ Cheeseburger yesterday.
In a moment of 'what am I missing?' I ordered one whilst in town grocery shopping.
My first bite experience - after 17 months without a burger?
I was surprised at how tasteless it was.
Then I saw big brown cow eyes looking at me from the overcrowded feed lot.
Then I thought of pink slime.
Then I wrapped it up and threw it out.

Uh oh - this is weight loss drivel on the wrong blog.

I did want you guys to know that I shared the program that I did - on my other blog - in case you are interested and wanted to have a look see.

I  know many of you have emailed me - and I just haven't had the time to sit and answer, and I apologize. 
That link up there will take you to the answers to most, if not all of your questions, and if you still have any - please feel free to call me.  The number is in the blog post there. 

 Yesterday - I had a mini meltdown - and felt so danged overwhelmed by all that needs to be done around here right now. The house felt like a mess. I am seriously so behind with the bees - Lord only knows what shenanigans they are up to in those blasted boxes.  The garden is entering the pitiful zone.  There wasn't a lick of food up in the house - my mind started going like a runaway freight train with thoughts like "'oh man!  Summer is almost over!  This isn't how I wanted it to go!  Why can't I ever get anything done?  It seems no matter how hard I try, I just can't keep it all together!  What's wrong with me!  I'm Roundup-ing this whole garden!  I think I'll give my beehives away!" and on and on I went - flipping the heck out.

You guys know - you know those days when you just feel like you'll never.ever.ever have another moment's rest?

Now - the old Jayme would have continued to freak out - made some espresso - stuffed herself with cookies - and made everyone else in the house miserable for the entire day while I stomped around freaking out and working.

Wait - did I just type that out loud?

The new improved, more in control of herself Jayme quickly calmed herself.
There is ALWAYS enough time to do the most important.
Can I get an amen?

After I did my workout, I meditated for about five minutes.  It wasn't anything super spiritual or anything - I just sit quietly, focus on my breathing and repeat 'it's OK - everything is gonna be ok'.
I'm a regular guru, aren't I?

I realized that the sister wives weren't coming and it was all up to me.
I calmed myself and purposely did the work at hand slowly - making sure I was present in each task.
When it was time for Glen to go to the dentist, I went with him.
Spending time with him seemed more important than weeding.
I gave Aaron my full attention when he spoke to me.
At the grocery store, I was kind, calm and friendly to all I encountered.
I let people merge in front of me on the road.
I waved people on at four way stops.
I took a thirty minute nap.
I played with the cat.

I decided that getting what I could get done, and being happy while I was doing it was WAY more important to me than finishing everything that I felt needed to be done.

Cause no one likes living with a bitch, let alone being one.

And that's your lesson for the day.



  1. You have learned much Grasshopper.

  2. Well, that puts it all in perspective! Honestly, I AM the mini-meltdown above...those are MY thoughts pretty much daily. Thanks for keeping us on track...there's a better way! -Mary

  3. About once a week my husband asks me to make hamburger patties for him to grill. Even good quality hamburger just doesn't taste good to me. Okay, so now the Beef Association of America *is that their name?* is probably going to sue me like they tried to do to Oprah. Oprah was right to say what she said though. Beef kind of sucks.

  4. You know why the sister wives won't come help you? Because they each have their own houses. I don't think they help each other clean either so don't be insulted.

  5. "cause no one likes living with a bith, let alone being one". Amen sister, that's so my new anthem. I love it!



  6. Good lesson!! My personality isn't like this...haha, I'm on the other end of the spectrum. ;) Some might call it lazy...did I just type that out loud? =/ But I know of others like this and I see no peace in their lives and it makes me so sad for them. Always striving..... God wants our lives balanced. And I agree wholeheartedly about there is always time for the most important...spending time with our Lord and our families. :) Still loving the hamburger experiment. ;)

  7. Thanks Jayme for that post. I have felt disorganized and unable to act on so many things in the last year. My job is such that I have to change gears and tasks constantly, and I tend to have a bit of ADD anyway, so I find myself unable to stay focused on the task at hand when I do have the time. I am striving to force myself a bit at a time, to tackle SOMETHING without being pulled to another task in the middle of the first.
    Regarding beef: My first husband was in the livestock business, beef to be exact, so we ate lots of beef. My wonderful new husband of 13 glorious years is an avid deer hunter, so I have learned to eat, cook, even process deer meat. It is similar in consistency to beef, but much leaner and healthier. And there are NO antibiotic/hormone worries. You may want to check to see if venison is available anywhere in your area or meet a nice hunter that would share some with you. Also, buffalo is a leaner meat than beef. Just some ideas if you want any red meat in your diet.

  8. I like the way you put things into perspective! :)

  9. A GREAT lesson and sadly, one I didn't get until .... well probably not until my 40-something (or maybe 50-something) birthday had passed -- I got it now though :)


  10. HAHA! You are crackin me up. And oh, that burger is N.A.S.T.Y. You are helping to stay away from fast food...Shudder.

  11. That hamburger is absolutely disgusting. I haven't eaten any meat in 3 years and don't miss it at all. The things that are allowed into our food these days for the sake of making it last forever and a day is just sickening. The older I get, the more I realize I don't have to do it all. Why make myself crazy trying. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  12. And THAT, my dear, is a great lesson. I need to quit expecting so much of myself- xo Diana

  13. Oh dear Jayme do I hear you loud and clear? AMEN I do! I feel that way today. We are trying to go away for a couple of days, and everything is crashing down. Guess what? I'm going....WE'RE GOING! I've extracted honey out of a bunch of my hives, but the two in our back yard in town are VERY neglected. They probably have comb coming out their ears! Oh bees have ears? Anywho....I EXERCISED today!!! I did. And Monday too! ANd I feel good about it by golly!

    Talk to ya later, I gotta pack.

    Cindy Bee

  14. PS - DOn't worry about yourself btw...check out the comment section on my post Let's all have a good laugh together!

  15. Perfect. Sent a comment earlier after spending the morning reading your old posts and falling in love with you all over again. Now I read todays. We ARE kin! Have a relaxing day. I meditated n blogged about you this morning and it did help tame my inner bitch! But I'm still out for blood... ;-P

  16. Your Canadian Friend.July 12, 2012 at 9:24 AM

    Ha! Remember that little town we visited when we went into that little store and saw a card or a mug that said "my greatest fear is that PMS doesn't exist, and I'm just a bitch!"? Well this reminded me of that, and I LOL'd! So happy that you're so happy :)


  17. First...i want your little camper!! Might have to drive there in the night and take it!! lol
    And just in case 152 other people haven't told are such an inspiration...not just because you lost so much weight...but because you are so real...its the very reason i follow your don't pretend to be what you're not, but show us to be just happy with what you are!! LOVE that..So THANKs!!

  18. What a great lesson for the day it was. I love living in the moment. I'm trying to practice it more and more. Today I spent the day exploring the Village with Emma. She said it was the best day ever. Here's something funny though, I took a picture of some napkins that I thought were hilarious. Imagine my surprise when I showed up at your blog and same the same picture here!

  19. Yep, we must take care of ourselves ... naps are so important! If I could only find time! lol! Really, though, important to be in the present cause it soon will no longer be here.

  20. I wondered what ever happened to that burger. The fact that it looks the same since day five should inform lots of folks what they are putting in their bodies. Fast food is not real food. Sorry folks. I haven't eaten a fast food, or any meat burger since the early nineties. Homemade bean burgers is my alternative.



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