Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Flabber Has Been Gasted

To cause to be overcome with astonishment; astound.

Photo: ahhhhhhh...gorgeous

I'm sitting here in my livingroom - a shell of a woman.
I'm tired.
My throat is super sore.
My back hurts.
Did I say tired already?

I'm astounded at the beauty/goodness/fun/joy/hope that life has to offer for those of us willing to seek it out.

Fiona has moved on to the next leg of her journey.
Bootcamp 15 is officially over - and apparently I'm now 'Coach' instead of 'Coach in Training'.
I gotta get my act together.

There would be no possible way that I could put all that has happened in the last two weeks into words, but I will try in the next few days, and I will let the photos do most of the talking.

If gratitude were currency - I could pay off the National debt - no doubt.

Give me a few days to recover, and I'll be back.
Thanks for sticking around here lately - it's been rather dry, eh?
I'll see what I can do about that.


  1. Take care of yourself and then get caught up. We'll be waiting with bated breathe!

  2. Take care of yourself and then get caught up. We'll be waiting with bated breathe!

  3. Looking forward to hearing all your tales! Happy 4th to you and your family- xo Diana

  4. Hey Jayme, congrats on your promotion to Coach!! You'll be totally awesome. :)

  5. love you even when you are an exhausted nut.

  6. you even look good in mud!



  7. You could start marketing that mud pack. You looked beautiful at the party!

  8. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  9. Oh man I went to Janie's post yesterday, saw her picture, lost my mind and signed up. I met Jen and came over to see you and all that mud....oh gawd what have I done?
    It's ok breathe I says to my self.
    Janie is one year younger than me and we WERE both fat. Now she left me on the couch and just look at her!!! Congrats Coach I hope to get to know you because lady I need help.

  10. I can't wait to hear about it all, I just love your love of life!

    Now go on and take a shower and come back real soon.

    (Oh my the woman is KaraZzzY)


  11. That's funny. You're blog title...I used to say that, too.

    "My flabber has been gasted"...instead of flabbergasted.

    I don't know where I got it from - but thanks for the memory. :)

    PS: You look a little dirty!


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