Monday, July 9, 2012

Lemon Garlic Chicken

I awoke this morning with a churning of excitement in my belly.
Is it wrong to feel so happy?
So excited about life?
I may be in violation of a town ordinance or two.

Or three.
This picture just delights me to no end.
No matter how often I look at it, it just makes me giggle inside so much - those little legs, oh my!

I broke down and made a list today.
I know - I'm disappointed too.
It's not a ridiculous list, but just a list to remind me of all of the odds and ends that I really need to do - it's going to be a lovely, full, happy week!
The temps here in Indiana have been oppressive.
A string of four days at 100 degrees.
I feared my chickens would roast on the roost.

Two things before I depart -

I wanted to share this recipe with you - and share a decision that I've made.

Since I have been yammering on so about weight loss, life transformation, etc...I know many of you may just not be interested, and yet, I feel that it's SO important and it helps me to yammer - and I just truly am beginning to feel that maybe it's what I was intended to do - reach out to others and help them change their lives for the better - and I do hanker to yammer on about

I'm going to post my weight loss, body transformations on the Leanness Lifestyle blog that I have over there -------->
I think that might be better, don't you?

OK - onward.

I made this recipe the other night, and dad gum it, I'm making it again tonight.
I found it fresh, tasty, easy - and the house smelled amazing the entire time it was cooking.
What more could you ask for?

Pan-Roasted Chicken With Lemon-Garlic Green Beans

Even though I eat SO differently now, I truly still love to cook.
It's been a real journey finding the balance in all of it.

A few tweaks I made -
I cut the oil in half and found it plenty.
After cooking the chicken for the 50 minutes it recommends, I took the chicken out, put foil over the cast iron skillet and cooked the beans and potatoes for at least another 20 minutes, instead of the 10 they advise.  I'm not a fan of a tough, hard bean.

Today I'm making it with boneless breasts.

Happy Monday my friends!


  1. That sounds like a great idea, Jayme..I will be following along on your journey! xo Diana

    ps. That picture made me smile right out loud-

  2. Hey! Where the heck is the Leanness Lifestyle link/blog (on the sidebar). I don't see it....

  3. Looks yummy! Where's the recipe? Will you share this on your new blog?

  4. Its your blog and you can blog anywhere you want on it. So post away on here or there? For me, the less places I have to look the better.

    I love how you have changed your life and you will inspire others too. You did for me. Started back in February eating healthy, cutting out all sugar and starches and processed foods. NO more boxed or can goods in this house. All fresh from the farmers market. Cost a bit more and I have to shop more often but dang, its worth it.
    I dropped 30 pounds and brought my lab work back to normal so no meds for me now. Still have 50lbs to go. My skin looks awesome, my eyes are brighter and overall feeling is wonderful. The dr is happy and wants to know more on how I am doing it and it all started reading your blog and those turkey sausage patties. My dr loves them and my flaxseed brownies. Flax seed, love them.

    Jayme, it does look like this is what you were meant to do. GOD gave you this journey so you could. Out of our despair and trials we learn is all in GOD's plan and end the end He gets all the glory. Its hard while we are going through the struggles but if we know there is a good outcome then we can look forward to that day and know with the Lord's help we will succeed.

    GOD bless you and keep you safe and COOL!

    OH, where is the recipe for the chicken?

  5. Sounds delicious. In Arizona in the summer one does not use the oven. I go to costco & get the rotisserie chicken cuz they say they don't put anything on it. Then, I shred it all and put it into bags for the freezer to use whenever I want. Thanks for sharing. Is there a link to the new blog? Have a great week!

  6. Blather about whatever you'd like... I'm still going to read it.


  7. To see the recipe click on "with Potatoes and Green Beans". It looks yummy! I will try it with boneless chicken breasts, but will probably add them after cooking the potatoes and green beans for a bit so the chicken doesn't overcook.

  8. OK just stay here where we can find you. I am struggling with this program after 6 days of trying to figure it out and I'm sick of chicken. But I could eat what you have in that pan.
    Can we eat flaxseed brownies?
    What do you eat instead of ice cream? do you ever eat any dessert?
    It's awfully hot for a lot of cooking. Is there anything that doesn't ake much work to get ready?

  9. I'll be watching and reading as you journey on. . .

  10. I too cannot find the new blog.

  11. I am still here reading each time you post. I just feel so happy for you but I am so discouraged with my own weight loss problems that I am just not sure how to comment. I have been doing the healthy eating for months now. Months. I am going to get back on the treadmill but I have back issues that are being bothersome right now so I do not exercise as much as I use to. I would love to loose 20 pounds... A side note on the olive oil used in the recipe, I would use grape seed oil instead. My daughter is selling Wildtree organic foods and there are a lot of health benefits to using grape seed oil. Thanks for posting the recipe!

  12. Mmmmm, I love lemon garlic chicken. I have a recipe from a crockpot cookbook. It is hot here in South Texas as well.

    Made me laugh.

  14. LOVE the picture! The dinner looks yummy!

  15. Hi Jayme! I would be really happy if you blathered on about all the positive changes in your life right here!! I need all the inspiration and motivation you have to offer :)

  16. That really looks/sounds delicious Jayme! Don't fret about your list. It's one list. Just like one cookie won't make you gain all your weight back, one list won't mess up all your progress either. Deep breaths :) I wish I lived closer (again) and could share some of my beans with you...unless you have your own!

  17. Yum, the chicken recipe sounds delish. I come to your blog to read whatever you write because I like you so I'll read your "dribble" anywhere. ;)

  18. perhaps I am a complete ignoramus, but I cannot find the link to your lean mean weight-loss blog ~ I love keeping up with your journey!

    and I second what Gina said ;-)

  19. Made the recipe tonight with slight variation (less garlic, no green beans.) It's delicious and the chicken was cooked perfectly. Nice and moist and I, of course, didn't eat the skin. You definitely can get by with half the oil. I'm looking forward to hearing how it was with boneless breasts.


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