Friday, July 20, 2012

The Boy We Call Aaron

Hi Dee Ho!
Me again.

It's 6:43 in the pm on Friday.
I have Paula Deen's basic meatloaf up in the oven with 23 minutes left to bake.
Brussels Sprouts are co-roasting with aforementioned meatloaf.
Aaron requested them.

How many 16 year olds do you know that request Brussels Sprouts?
Reason # 3,456,563,454,524,212 why I love that child.

I truly have no excuse why dinner is so late tonight.
Well, maybe it had something to do with me roaming the dark house up in the middle of the night, nude, having a hot flash. I was gone all day until 4pm, and then when I got home - I just felt the need to rest a spell.

I thought I'd give you an update on the child, it's been a while.

Today we figured out that he has 59 days before he gets his driver's license.
My eyes and nose started burning on the announcement of this news.
I was determined not to cry.

Lord have mercy friends - come the end of September - you will all be hearing earfuls of drivel.  I mean the first time he pulls up and out of the driveway on his own?
Pharmaceuticals will be involved.
On my end.

Aaron is ready for his GED testing.  If all goes the way we have it planned, we will be testing on August 1st and 2nd.
Please mark it on your calendars as a day of fasting and prayer.

Considering that his mom doesn't know where his birth certificate and or Social Security card are since the move, I'm not holding my breath - but I sure hope we do test on those days.

He continues to delight me to no end, and our days are filled with laughter and love.
He's such a flippin' great kid.  He really is.

I'm racking my brain making sure I've taught Aaron all that I want to teach him before he goes out among the English on his own and for good.

I'm asking him things like - 'ok, you know how to do laundry right?  Cooking - you've got that down, and grocery shopping...what else do I need to teach you?'

He claims he's good. 

Yesterday, I had to clean an efficiency apartment that had recently been vacated.
I took Aaron with me to show him what life on drugs is like.

Yep, I'm all like 'OK, so if you ever decide to do drugs, I want you to know what your life will be like - you will be eating food out of a bug infested fridge!'

I made him help me clean the apartment and count his blessings.
That's not entirely true - he seemed happy (although grossed out) to help me.

Yesterday it dawned on me that I'm quite the control freak.
Does this come as a surprise?
I decided that I could never be a rental property owner.  There is much I wouldn't allow.
"Excuse me - you think you are hanging THOSE curtains?  I don't think so!"
I can see myself driving slowly past the property - pointing and shaking my finger - "Move those bikes!"

I'm beginning to think my OCD is hormonally charged.  I'm so 'hormony' at the moment that camping this weekend should be interesting. 
I swear - if I see a picnic table with an over usage of foil - I'm going to lose it!
Disheveled towels on a line?
I'm calling the DNR.

Speaking of camping - we leave soon and I haven't lifted a finger to get ready to go.
The timer just beeped on the meatloaf -
So I reckon I'll take my leave for now.

Thanks for all of your fun, sweet, encouraging comments on the last post!
I'm not closing up the blog - I need my drivel release.
I just thank you for sticking with me - for real.


  1. So, what do you do with all your spare time? Just teasin', cause you are always so busy!

  2. I love that boy. He is a good kid. I marked the dates down. You know I will fast and pray. For reals. I talked about quitting the blog on my comment to you and got some emails that I should not. I will continue also. We do it for the fans. LOL

  3. He looks like the sweetest boy. Have fun camping you control freak.

  4. He's growing up good, Second Mom! I love how much he loves you and vice-versa. A relationship to last a lifetime.

    Have fun camping...Easy on the tinfoilers though, m'kay? xo Diana

  5. I have just overdone watermelon. I have dinner plans tonight with friends. Things may go south from here. Lucky for them I have no figs. The end. I should probably texted this but no one is writing here anyhoo. bahaha I am killing meself!!

  6. Oh Janie. Don't stop. Don't neither of you stop. And to clarify, I'm talking about these "newsy" comments (see above)...not blogging. L oh L!

    But what I really want to say is, WHERE IT BE???

    Also, who is that tiny wisp of a thing Aaron has his arms draped around? WHO?????

  7. Hey is an awesome young man... don't you think for one moment you didn't do right... I swear I don't think I've met a more polite, kind, funny, kid his age.....

    He's a grown up in many ways, yet in many he is still so full of natural child curiosty...

    It was such a joy to take him to Great America with us... I wish we could have stayed longer... in retrospect we should have stayed another night at Robin's, got up early and came back.... but anyhow.... we got to ride a few coasters, have our hair slung back in the wind, and, on some of them coasters, nearly losing our voices... what FUN!

    Thank you for entrusting me with your precious gem....

  8. ...and can I just say this?... OMG YOU LOOK SO FREAK'N SKINNY IN THAT LAST PICTURE!!!!!

    Aaron, it's evident you have a real love for life.. I'm certain you will always do well... I really do think "you're good". Jayme.. you have something to do with that :-)

  9. The blog was just perfect...and so glad to get an update on Aaron- you've taught him well- and will continue to do so- this is just another chapter about to begin, not the end of the story :)

  10. well skinny it looks like things are looking up. I will continue to check in. you is good. you is kind. you is important. xoxo

  11. Jayme,
    First of all, I just now read Someone's Gone Broody. Is it menopause? Damnbetcha it is! I've decided to write a book on peri-menopause from a non-professional w/o a phD or anything else...I think that'll be the title. I've written the first entire chapter. Tis as follows...Chapter ONE
    "IT SUCKS."
    Now on to chapter two...

    I think I'll make a chapter on how it's easier to raise meat birds when you're perimenopausal because there are times when you want to kill something. One day I called to talk to my Sister, and I was crying, and my sister wasn't at work, so I just started blubbering to her co-worker...and she said, "HONEY YOU NEED SOME HORMONES! You're at that age that you want to kill your first born." I cried, "I can't, I don't even have a first born!" She told me to go find someone else's!!!! Yup it's hormones. LOL I saw a raccoon the other day on the road smashed to smithereens and I didn't even care. They've been messing in my beehives. Miss Catch and Release is hormonal, tired of dealing with mean bees due to raccoons, and doesn't give a rats patoot....Yup it's hormones honey.

    OK - now this last tell that boy child that if he even thinks about going near drugs....near them....I will personally come up there with a can of whoop @$$. And I'm not really that tough. I am hormonal though. I have a story about being a landlord..I was one...and taking over a house where the parents were druggies with FOUR kids. And the ending is not good. So good for you for making him clean a drug house. Every child should have to do that. It should be a part of our school system. So should parenting, cooking, cleaning, etc. because I hate to say this out loud, but most kids do not get it at home anymore. I said it outloud. I best go. This comment is too long. I shoulda put this all on my own blog. I shoulda just e-mailed ya. It's early, I've had my coffee, my Shug is at's just me and the dogs, and they ain't listening....I could go on and on...buh bye

    Cindy Bee

  12. Skinny Minny, my word, you look great. Boy is terrific too. I-N-S-I-R-A-T-I-O-N. That's you. Thanks

  13. Great blog. New follower here.

  14. Jayme! You're never going to believe what showed up in my mailbox today post marked May 24th?? Yep, the Be Still Chicken! She's not talking about where she's been in her travels or what she could have possibly done in her time out and about, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't still!!! Thanks so much, I adore her, she's cuter then I imagined she would be! You made my day! ~Vonnie

  15. I forgot to tell you that the cheesecake looks delicious. I am glad you didn't eat any. I know you didn't from the final picture, You are a wisp. A total wisp. Be glad I didn't write this from my phone because I would have called you a wasp, a wimp or a widow. I hate that damn phone.

  16. I am sure he will grow to be a wonderful, honest and hard working man.

  17. Have fun camping. Relax! Slow deep breaths. :)


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