Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fi & Me

Fi & Me

What can I say?
This gal from down under has stolen my heart.

Big difference, eh?

Bootcamp is coming to a close again - and what I'm struck by the most - being on 'this side' of it as a Coach in Training - it's not the body difference - it's the difference I'm seeing in people's eyes.  It just chokes me up.  In all the before pictures, you just see this despair - this self degradation - and in the afters - it's this confidence - this light - sheer joy!
It's quite a gift to watch it.

She's videotaped practically the entire visit, and as soon as I can get ahold of them, I'll slap them up here.

Here's a teaser:

Gracious - we have been busy. 
You know - when you think you are going to pull off this awesome visit for someone and it all unravels after a few days of no sleep?
Ya.  That's what we've got going on.

I'm starving her half to death - so that when I do feed her - she thinks I'm an awesome cook.
I washed her sheets today and put them back on damp - so they still smell faintly of vinegar from the rinse cycle.  She should love that. 
It's the way we do things in America baby.

We've been camping, yard saling, we went and met the Coach for lunch.
That's all I can remember.
The rest of her time here is booked solid - but I honestly can't even tell you doing what -
that's how tired I am.

Aaron is working on a way to fit in her suitcase me thinks.
Till soon...



  1. HOW FUN!!!!!! I love your transformation and I see you talk about a "coach in training?" Do explain.

    you look amazing...enjoy your 4th.


  2. Love it- Love the transformed you-love your friend, love Aaron-but mostly love the inner you- xo Diana

  3. "Until the white man comes and ruins it all"...laughed so hard I cried!

  4. i think that better be a huge suitcase because i want in as well. ha. ha!! love you guys!! big hugs!! (:

  5. Jayme,
    First of all, DAMN woman, you are hot! You, too, Fi! This made me happy. Made me smile. LOVE the video. I agree with you about people.
    xo, Cheryl

  6. That last picture is awesome! Talk about a transformation showing in the eyes!

  7. Can't wait to see all the videos. So glad that you are all having such a great time. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Jayme - you look great....but I've always liked you, either way. You know that right?
    Now you two are having way too much fun. I was laughing and cannot wait to see the rest of your videos. And guess what? Well, I've only told one other person this, ever....but I've always fantasized (is that spelled right? doesn't look like it. hmmm) anyway, of being an Indian princess. I have. Magic Mike, Shades of Grey, and Jayme's Native American fantasy. It's all good!

    Cindy Bee

    PS - Next time hang her sheets on the line.

  9. Beautiful place to go for a hike, you are having so much fun! We are melting here in Arkansas, 100's already so no hiking for us so far this summer. Even the lake is getting too warm, ruining my fun! How on earth does Glenco manage a word in edgewise with you two!!!

  10. You look amazing! You also look happy! How much fun are you having!! Traci

  11. What a fun visit you are having! I love how you described the before/after -- I TOTALLY get that - I see my own *before* shots and they bring tears to my eyes - I felt so hopeless before -- there ceratinly is HOPE :)


  12. Love it that your plan "came together". Wonderful pictures, you are right, you can see the desperation in the eyes, but now it's gone!!! Enjoy your hot summer, Jayme. You are inspiring.

  13. You look great! Looks like you guys are having fun!!!

  14. LOL..I just watched your video..and I have native american fantasies as well! In fact we just went and watched the outdoor drama "Tecumseh" about the great indian warrior..and let me tell you...hot indians running around in loincloths with flowing black hair were everywhere!! Tecumseh was hot as well as all the warriors...if you look at my blog post from yesterday..I have a pic up of tecumseh and my son. Going to post others soon! We are going back again just so I can eyeball the men lol

  15. you two are completely adorable!


  16. WOW wow wow... you just GLOW, girl.

    Such a great time for both of you...

    and I'm still just... WOW over the transformation. Alot of hard work, determination... and hard work. YOU ROCK! Congratulations.

  17. So happy for you! You look hot!! How is your hubby with all this change!! smile jan

  18. you all look fabulous and you're all nuts (in a good way, of course!!). glad you're having a great time!!

  19. You are gorgeous! I know you must be so very proud of yourself. I know it's not easy. Believe me, I know.

  20. I wanna come hang with you guys! Too fun!!

  21. jaymes.

    you. look. fab.


  22. What ru on you funny woman? Making babies and stuffing them in papooses. Hilarious. Papooses are the babies I forget the name of their baby carriers. You got tongue tied thinking about all that wild Indian sic pack abs!

    OK now I have gone from just nervous to terror. I can only relate to the before you. Hiking dangerous trails would be the death of me. How about a short walk on falt ground with a walker just in case?



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