Monday, June 4, 2012

A Pointless Post

I'm a grown woman with what I always considered a lot of common sense - wise beyond her years some say -
Except when it comes to Toxicodendron radicans - aka -
Poison Ivy.

When it comes to poison ivy I laugh at it, and roll in it naked - or at least at this moment it appears as if I did.  I knew full well that I was wrangling poison ivy, a nice mature vine to boot - all tangled up in my weigelas.  I had shorts and a tank top on - and garden gloves.  I really thought those gloves would protect me.
Apparently I touched every inch of my body while wearing the poison ivy oil soaked gloves.
I'll spare you the pictures.
I'm just interspersing pictures in this post that make me happy and take my mind off of my scabbed flesh.
I'm covered and I do mean covered, head to toe - most of my torso has been spared, thank the Lord.
The oozing blisters have dried up - but I'm itching like a, like...well - there is no analogy that would do it justice.

Thankfully the weather is mild enough that I can wear long sleeves and pants, cause nobody needs to see the mess that I am.

This is not what this post is about at all - actually, there is no point to this post - it's just drivel.

My list-less honeymoon continues - yet along with my poison ivy itch this morning, I awoke with another itch.

The 'make a list' itch - the 'I gotta lotta things to do today list'.
The itch that 'well, that was a nice break from reality - but let's get back to it'.
The itch that is really nothing more than a habit.

Kinda like my every day bacon habit of yesteryear.

I loved this comment so much I want to marry it:
Kate said -

Yes! Lists... After years of following and feeling guilty when not following them I had a Mom Moment. My dear, nearly 80 year old mother who is European, quirky and blunt, looked at my Binder so crammed with schedules and lists, flipped through the endless reminders and to-do's all broken down into hours, days, weeks, months, etc... and she said, very calmly, "Um, sweetie? When do you fart?"
"Yes, when did you schedule time to fart? This is insanity in a three ring binder. It's called a BINDER for a reason. Now throw this thing away and live your life, honey. Don't schedule it!"
Now, I do have a very simple calendar and a mental to-do list, but nothing more detailed than that. You know what? It has never been so freeing to toss out the stupid binder!
Hugs to you on your Freedom Journey!

How easy it is to fall back into our old habits.  My old habit of list making is trying to tell me that the cat will never be fed today, my teeth will never see a brushing, and that dinner won't make it to the table unless I make a detailed list today.  If I made a list today it would include 'teach the ducks to fly'.  I'm starting to think it's high time those fowl took flight - but I think they are too obese.  I actually picked one up and threw it in the air - it didn't end well.  I also threw one (now when I say 'throw' - I do mean 'assisted with gentleness') into the pond - where it promptly jumped out and ran as fast as it's obese body and webbed feet would allow it - right back to the pen.
They are eating me out of house and home.

Have you ever heard of neuroplasticity?
I wish I had the time right now to tell you all about it - but I really don't.
I'm speaking at a Garden Club tonight about making herbal vinegars and oils - and you see - I'm not entirely sure where the meeting is, or what time it is, nor do I have my handouts typed or printed out, and it's 7:26am and I'm still in my pajamas scratching myself.

Neuroplasticity can be your best friend (as it is mine) or your worst enemy (as it is mine).
Do you know that thoughts are things?
Do you know that by thinking things you make pathways in your brain?
It's utterly fascinating, and if you've got time, Google it.
I'm reading a book right now called 'You Are Not Your Brain'.
Really interesting stuff.

I do hope to talk more about it soon - but for right now - I have got to not make a list and do a bunch of things. 


Y'all rock my world.


  1. First time I got poison ivy was the day before we went to the beach. Just lovely.

  2. I'm lovin' on that last photo! Now, had you been busy making a list you would not have been outside to take this lovely photo... there's a reason for not doing lists. :-)

  3. Oh....I bet that is so awful. I can't imagine the strife you are going thru. I loved the last photo. All those plantings will be beautiful in the not too distant future. Stay well.

  4. Oh no!!! Poison Ivy is the bain of our existence over here in NH. Our whole property is surrounded by it, so at least several times a season, the whole family ends up with it. The worst stuff! I think there's a good chance that it's God's little joke on us, believing we can ever tame nature. Feel better, friend! A nice long oatmeal and baking soda bath might help. ~Vonnie

  5. I have come to the conclusion that kists, for me, really only come in handy when planning a specific event... like "iron table cloths, take blah blah from the freezer, arrange flowers, etc. My day to day life losts are a thing of the past...if it gets done, great, if not...whatever. Hope your itching eases soon!

  6. Just keep itchin'
    Don't start listin'


  7. i've never had poison ivy ... so i can listen to what others go through when healing from it. my hubby gets it all the time. but i wonder if i did roll in it ... would anything happen? but i don't think i would ever try. ha. ha!! heal quickly. love the pics of aaron. so cute!! enjoy your no list days. i wish you well with that. (:

  8. Love what your Mum said about your lists and binder!! So very true!!
    re: poison ivy - had it over spring break and lived 2 weeks of misery! Good luck!!

  9. I just read your blog - first time. happened on it from another site and, I must say I enjoyed all your posts except the one from today. I HAVE A HORRIBLE ALLERGY TO POISON IVY AND I BELIEVE IT IS THE WORLD'S CURSE. I am so sorry that you are going through this. sorry, I've got to go now, I'm already itching just thinking about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jayme girl, get your go-go boots out of that closet and listen to this oldie!
    I feel fine and I'm passing that vibe onto you!!!

  11. Hi Jayme,
    I don't know if I've commented before, but I'm a fan of your blog! I am horribly allergic to poison ivy, so I thought I'd tell you what has worked for me in the past:
    Homeopathic rhus tox from the health food store. Or they may even have a poison ivy remedy.
    Topically, tea tree oil added to lotion helps with the itching.
    You could also try chick weed, crushed into a poultice (this worked on my dog when she got it on her bare belly!)
    It's too early for jewel weed, but they might have some at the health food store; helps with the itch & dries it out. These are all things I've used with success.
    I've only tried plantain (the yard weed) on bug bites & cuts, but that may help as a poultice or tea & most people have that readily available.
    Hope you feel better! :-) Hali

    P.S. Stay away from hairy vines, and DON'T burn poison ivy. The oils get released into the air!

  12. Hi Jayme!
    So glad you enjoyed my comment about BINDERS :o) LOL. I love my mom. She's so incredibly wise and practical.

    Okay, RUN (or drive) to your nearest Walgreens or whatever and buy the large container of Gold Bond medicated powder in the orangey color. It is sooooo incredibly soothing and dries up poison ivy so quickly! I have treated entire blocks of children with the stuff. I treated my husband's coworker with it after he went to the doctor with no relief. My brother did the unthinkable after using the little area behind the bush in the woods to relieve himself while camping and it was his saving grace. (mental note: take photos of poison ivy with you while camping... or a roll of toilet paper. either one will come in handy.)

    Gold Bond Medicated Powder ~ ask for it!


  13. Phels Naptha soap. You read it right. rub it on when you're going out to the garden, It repels the plants oils. And it dries up the nastyness.

    Are those the meat chicks you're gonna eat some day? :(

    so cute!! Just sayin.

  14. Oh,Coop! Not the ivy. I do seem to remember you were battling the poison ivy when we went to Ohio all those many years ago.
    Ah, memories.
    I hope you are itch free very, very soon!

  15. I too am highly allergic to poison ivy. To make the itching stop, take the hottest shower you can possibly tolerate. The hot water will release the histamines, which will give you 4-5 hours of relief. Trust me on this--it works!

  16. Please don't come visit me! You have never seen such healthy looking poison ivy in your life as we have around here. Wish I had that black dirt you have. xoxo Feel better soon.

  17. Hope you are feeling better by now. When I have it, I stand in the shower and let the water beat on it as HOT as I can stand it. Seems to make it feel a little better an dry up more quickly. I would love to come to your lecture!

  18. My hubby is very allergic. A steady dose of Benadryl helps but if you are using the cream I guess you cannot use both.

  19. I love your house! you have a beautiful blog!

    greetings from Argentina!

  20. Maybe you need a shot for the poison ivy. One small spot of it drives me crazy because I am so highly allergic to it. When I had shingle I first thought it was poison ivy!


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