Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Checkin' In

Just a little check in.
I'm quite surprised at how busy I've been.
I keep thinking 'oh, tomorrow will be a light day' - and then it comes and it's filled plum full.
I've started working out in the morning with my neighbor again - and then the next thing you know it's supper time, and then bed time.
I haven't even had much swing time lately - but it's all SO incredibly good and wonderful.
I'm ENJOYING my busyness at the moment, and not feeling enslaved by it.
I'm still list-less, but not listless!

Started making the Bootcamp rug, like I did last year - all the Bootcampers sent me jeans that are too big for them - and I'm making the Coach a rug - I've forever thankful to my friend Jaimie for coming and helping me warp the beast of a loom!

It spurred me on to think about my own jeans - the ones that I'm saving for posterity to remind myself of how far I've come.

Size 26 y'all.
I'm in an 8 now - and will probably be in a 6 before all is said and done.
I'm just a few pounds away from my Fiona goal -
So much to tell you guys, and no time to tell it!
I'll be back when it rains!
Photo: Who knew you could have so much fun with a pair of britches. :-)

Aaron is doing fantastic.
He may have his GED as early as July.
The boy is focused.
I'm so proud of him!

Alrighty - I'll be back as soon as I can - but for now I've got to get in the beehives while the weather is perfect for it.

Thinking of you all - have a happy day!


  1. you make me smile. i love the pic of you & aaron in the jeans. too cute!! can't wait until it rains ... so we can hear more. until then... enjoy your time. big hugs. (:

  2. Wow!!! Great job Jayme!! That last picture cracks me up. It's so wonderful to have such a great relationship with a child you love beyond all reason :) xoxo Debbie

  3. I am in need of losing a few. Not too many but I find now that I am mid 40s it is harder. Have been walking daily but boy do I enjoy the carbs. Your pic of you both in the pants is too funny and girl you look so hot!!

  4. You look so Beautiful, Jaime! You are such an inspiration to me.

  5. You are beautiful and such an inspiration! Love the pic of you and Aaron!


  6. Looking good, and your sense of humor is intact! I've been waiting to purchase some "liquid gold" a.k.a "honey"... let me know when it's available..

  7. Wow, that last pic says it all, Jayme! I'm so proud of you. I went through I don't know how many rounds of steroids when I first moved here. Put about 15 pounds on me I haven't lost yet.

  8. Jayme,
    I can FEEL _your_ happiness!
    Keep smiling
    Your Friend,

  9. oh,jayme. you are amazing!!!!!!!

  10. What a wonderful idea to make something out of the jeans. Love the picture at the end. You are on fire!

  11. Good for you- That is a good kind of busy! Look at the smile on that boyo! Love it- See you when it rains-xo Diana

  12. You two are a hoot. Love the picture.

  13. Great pictures of you . . . loved the final fun "proof picture!"
    Really like jean weaving you are doing too . . .

  14. Jaime ~
    Purty picture of you in the vivid pink sweater. Looking good, Girl!! The photo of you with Aaron is lovely too???.... well fun and silly are good! :-)

  15. That photo of you and Aaron is Awesome!!! You are "two" cute!!

  16. that proof's just awesome!! You look mahvelous dahling!

  17. I want to see the "outtake pics" of you and Aaron getinting into and out of the jeans!

  18. 26 to an 8? I am so proud of you! I'm down 16. pound by pound.
    Proud of Aaron, too.
    xo, Cheryl

  19. You look fantastic!! You can always feel the joy between you and Aaron. Many blessings to you.

  20. Jayme i love the picture of you and your jeans, I just may have to print that out and put it on my treadmill.
    You make my heart sing!

    Glad to hear that Aaron is so focused!

  21. Happy for you!!! AND HOW do you make that loom? I so have "larger" jeans from my success that I'd love to do this with. THX.

  22. LOVE the photo of you and Aaron in your Phat jeans -- too funny :)

    Looking forward to your posts when you have the time :)


  23. Lookin' good in that red sweater. I need to get back to my diet. Now that I'm taking medicine for a sluggish thyroid, maybe it will be easier.


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