Monday, June 18, 2012

It's All Good.

Lord have mercy on us all.
It's been 12 days since I've blogged.

I'm in the throes of prepping for Fiona's visit.
Yes - she is coming!
Why is it that when someone comes to stay -  I feel the need to do things that have been needing done for years?
That danged obsolete Directv dish on the house had to go.
The dead ivy vines that have been dangling in the breeze for three years...a total priority.
I've been busy loving life and sucking the marrow out of it's bones.
Still living without a list - and dad gum it, I'm loving it.
Today I picked up 10lbs of locally, the way the Good Lord intended beef to be raised beef.  It was a clandestine meeting in a grocery store parking lot. The sweet lady that raised it met me on her way to work.  She was so proud of her beef!  I couldn't help but thinking that it was the only way to get really good food anymore - straight from the source. 

Go to your local farmer's market!

Yesterday I canned some strawberry jam with some berries from the farmer's market - it's been a few years since I've done that, and I enjoyed it so.
If you could take a peek in my head - you'd see a big fat broody hen sitting on a clutch of so many ideas.  Oh, I've got ideas.  I'm laughing at myself as I make them - because I know that my body will never be able to keep up.
Plant 400 blackberry and raspberry bushes and sell organic berries on the road side.
Become a chicken farmer for real.
Write a book.
Teach healthy cooking classes.
Stuff like that there.
It's fun to dream.

I'll leave you with a little story that I typed out on the Leanness Lifestyle forum yesterday.
It's a true story gals.

A Crown Point, Indiana woman reports a near death experience today whilst washing windows in preparation for Fiona Ashford’s visit – credits the Leanness Lifestyle for saving her life.“I was wanting to finish the window washing this morning before the sun came over to the west side of the house. I was feeling strong and sassy, so I went out back and got the 25′ aluminum ladder and carried it up to the house. I didn’t think there was any reason to summon the husband. I surprised myself at how I was able to get the 25′ beast propped on the house and as I was scurrying up the ladder with Windex in hand – I was feeling pretty awesome. All of those french presses had paid off.”

Goffin reports when it was time to move the ladder to the next window – she lost control of the ladder and was unable to leverage it with her 5’8″ frame and tendonitis riddled right arm.“The next thing I know – the ladder is taking me for a ride and I realize that it’s going to come down right on top of me. I didn’t know what else to do, I didn’t want it to crash through a window – I remember saying ‘Sweet Jesus’ and the next thing I know – the ladder is coming down, and it comes down over me – and I slide through one of the rungs. Thank the Lord I fit through the rungs.”

Goffin reports that the near 100lbs she’s lost with the Leanness Lifestyle in the past 16 months indeed may have saved her life, or at least prevented severe blubber impingement, contusions, sprains and various injuries. “My shoulder is toast. It’s been bothering me for a year now – and today I think I finished it off.”

Goffin reports that after bursting into tears and running in the house and asking her husband for help, she finished all the windows without awfulizing the situation, ingesting chocolate or being ungrateful for having to wash 27 windows in a 140yr old farmhouse. “We LL’rs are stubborn cusses” said Goffin, smiling like a fool.”


  1. Love the ladder photo! It's so YOU!

  2. This just about tickled me to pieces. You fit through the ladder!!!! Amen.

  3. i'm guessing you are not afraid of heights from that photo there!! you go girl!! ha. ha!! (:

  4. sheesh Jayme...glad you are okay...I used to climb up on those things and paint the eaves of our 2 story (first house) on a slanted downhill driveway....what?? ...was I crazy or what??? not any more...I admire you for finishin' the job though! ;-) be careful...Stay Strong!

  5. LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!! and jeez, girl, glad the story didn't end in more of a tragedy! UGH!....

    Great writing, by the way :-)

  6. LOL -- great post Jayme! I just blogged about the fire under my hiney because I got company a coming :) I think I need to have house guests at least twice a year to keep up with what I put off :)

    Enjoy Fiona's visit and BE CAREFUL :)


  7. So glad you're Ok. You are one brave woman to do that by yourself!
    I'm the same way about getting everything done when company comes. Well, wanting to, anyway:)
    Have a good week and don't overdo!

  8. You cleaned windows in a cute little sundress?? Awesome! And why wasn't Glenco out there gettin' his gaze on?? Ha!

  9. What a precious post! I love hearing positive posts and glorifying God in it! Yes, sweet Jesus, He is!! Glad you're safe in your itty bitty body!

  10. You're way toooo much....ya know that???
    You have such a great knack of writing something so serious (as your fireman ladder accident) with a twist of funny with your words! I'm sorry...but I was laughing all the way through reading of your mis-hap!!
    So glad you're ok and up working and doing fine!
    With a bit of training from the local Fire Dept. in your should make one good ladder climber/mover in the future!!!
    Take care...and sure am grateful you are fit as a fiddle!!!

  11. I fully expected to see the boy child sitting at the bottom of the ladder holding it in place. But no, just your luck seemed to be holding it up. wish I had your luck.
    I bought some organic chicken at the famrers market saturday. Since I didn't have a heart attack after paying $16 for one fryer, I thought it be best if I'd get them fried up right away. Lordy me, it was the bestest chicken I have ever sank my teeth into. So good in fact, I might just do it again!

  12. You are a great inspiration,I enjoy your blog, and am glad you are alright.

  13. Love your blog, love your writing!! Thank goodness you are alright!! I haven't made it to the farmers markets yet and I've only had 4 strawberries to harvest so far but I have big plans for my garden and country life too, don't you just love it?!

  14. Ha ha! For a moment I thought you had written "lost control of her bladder"!
    What a shame no one was there to video you slipping gracefully through the rungs of the ladder!
    You are looking great, and I have been really enjoying your pearls of wisdom. You really get me thinking!
    Kathy from Tasmania

  15. Jayme,
    You put notes in my song! Thanks for being you and for sharing! Sara

  16. I always say, if it weren't for company, nuttin would get done around here. . .

    Out of all your ideas, and they are all good ideas, you surely need to write the book. . . glad you are list free, but if you did have a list put that idea on top, just sayin

    Sew glad you're not squished!

  17. Love the report at the end of your post! I can SO VISUALIZE IT! And I totally understand the need to clean up stuff that has been undone for a long long time when company decides to arrive! Bless your heart, Farm Girl!

  18. Well, since it has been so long since you blogged I was getting worried that something terrible might have happened to you. You just confirmed in this blog that you do things that could make that happen. Geez Louise! a 25 foot ladder?! You are crazier than I even imagined. But hysterically funny though! LOL!

  19. You are too funny! But for god sake, BE CAREFUL!!! I knew as soon as I saw that photo of you atop a tall ladder, there was a good story involved. Have a good (safe) day.. and thanks for making mine!

  20. "severe blubber impingement" I almost died laughing!

  21. ahahahahahaha! love you girl. everytime i want sugar i think of you!

  22. Just finished off a dark choc bar reading your blog and laughing, You've gotta stop doing such stuff. HIre those cleaning jobs.

  23. Jayme, so fun to catch up with you. Always. I say 'catch up', but there's no way I could ever keep up with you, Girl! You rock.. SO proud of you/for you. Amazing woman, you are!! Be back soon to (try and) catch up again! ;) -Tammy


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