Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Kiwi Has Landed

She made it here!
By no help from me I might add.
At one point, I thought I was at the airport on the wrong day.

I didn't know the flight #.  I thought I did - but when I asked someone at the airport - I was told there was no such flight.
And then it dawned on me that I'm such a goofball.
I mean - who comes to the airport with no information other than 'I think it's flight 9192 on United'.
With absolutely no way to get ahold of her I might add.
It was the makings of a long night.

Can I just talk about me for a sec?
My glasses.
I had the no glare put on them, but then they always had this pinky purple cast to them - so I had them take it off - and now I lose my eyeballs in photos.

I got a coffee and decided to wait it out.  It's what you do at midnight at O'Hare International Airport.
Me at midnight is not good.
Me at midnight is deer in headlights, and 'you will be lucky to get home alive'.

Amazingly, we found her - and in fact - Aaron got so excited that he ran into a 'DO NOT ENTER' zone and I seriously thought they were going to take him to the ground.

I know we can send a man to the moon - but it STILL amazes me how we can fly around the globe.
Fiona - from New Zealand is sleeping up in my bed right now.
Mind boggling!

On the way to the airport - Aaron and I thought it would be funny to pull in the driveway of this completely abandoned, ramshackle home - and pretend it was my house.  I told him we had to totally go through with it - and actually start getting out of the car.

It was funny - but because it was so pitch black out - the joke was rather lost since she couldn't really see the house - and then I busted out laughing -

We got to bed at 4am.
I'm trying to figure out how long I need to let her sleep to be polite.
I'm thinking she's just about had enough.
I'm thinking it's time to roll the film and open the bedroom door.....


  1. Have fun! This sounds like a blast! Can't wait for more blog posts about her trip!

  2. How funny are you on the old your sense of humor..however an FYI: I sent you and email about honey? the liquid gold kind? when you have time....:)

  3. Love the idea of the house trickery! Have a blast!

  4. I know you kids will have so much fun! 4 AM...I've not seen that hour for many a year! Well, unless it's to get up and go potty! How long is she here for? Get crazy! : )

  5. Remember Jayme jet lag.

  6. You crack me up... When we first moved here, we wanted to take a picture of this really run down hovel and send it to family, saying "this is our new home". ;-) Unlike you, we didn't go through with it though...
    Have fun together!

  7. Have a wonderful visit!!! I love your prank! Too bad it was too dark, that's hilarious.

  8. Your post lifted my spirits dear. Have a wonderful visit!

  9. i'm going to be in indiana this weekend and if i have to come and tell you two to keep it down, people are trying to sleep . . .

    have so much fun, you all.


  10. You are so funny!! I think we could be best friends if I did not live so far away in the South, I have no sense of direction and in airport's I'm a mess,sounds like so much fun!! Enjoy, Hugs, Lynn

  11. LOL. Things simply have a way of working out, don't they?! Can't believe you still had your sense of humor intact in the wee hours. ..I'm surprised we're not hearing in the news that a young man crossed into the "no no zone". Whew!

  12. Oh-You guys are gonna have a ball. TOO bad she couldn't see the old abandoned house- She would have tried to get back to the airport immediately.. xo Diana

  13. Oh ~ you are going to have such a fabulous time! I am so happy for you!!

  14. I like Aaron's sense of humor, lol! Enjoy your visit :)



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