Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And the Drivel Goes On....

Here's a bad picture of my hair, taken in my antique dresser mirror....
I just got a tiny trim and some low lights.
I'm lovin' it.
I look so much like my mother in this pic, it's not even funny!

The red wall is no more.
Get this - I felt sad painting over it.
*rolling eyes*
It's the same color as the other walls now, and I'm going to glaze it -
stay tuned...

Here's some more Boot Camp drivel.
Last night I had a bout of nerves over getting my pictures taken today -
and then the weather was horrible, and we cancelled until tomorrow morning.

And, more Boot Camp drivel.
I can't tell you how much your encouraging comments have meant to me.
I'm beginning to doubt that I'll make my goal - and I'm OK with it - not that I'll quit trying - but I have to keep this in a positive light - I've rocked this Boot Camp!

Disclaimer - my head does is really not shaped this way in real life -
there's something about holding the camera in front of your face that distorts things....
ya..that's it.


  1. I just have to say that I am sitting here with tears flowing down my cheeks...not really sure why that is, BUT I just had to stop by here and say, I love you, Jaymers.

  2. Jayme...I see so much happiness in your eyes! My heart is singing for you girl! : )

  3. You look and sound fabulous! I want to know more about Bootcamp... is it an exercise video?


  4. Watching your success is really encouraging to me. You look wonderful and I enjoy your 'drivel'...makes me smile! I am excited to hear more about how you accomplished the weight loss. Great job Jayme!
    P.S. I love love love the Spring Chicken serum!

  5. You are looking good and now you're sparklin'...that's when you are feeling good too! It's hard to put yourself first if you've never done that, but when Mama's happy, everyone's happy!

  6. Your or oozing happiness, girl. You look wonderful.. are you SEEING that girl in the picture up above? WOW.

  7. Jayme, you look great! Don't worry about a couple of pounds...

  8. I just love you -you old chicken farmer you! I am wayyy proud of you because I know what it takes to do what you've done. You can do it! One more week!!! xo Diana

  9. You are just adorable! Good luck with this last week ;-) and the rest of the journey...

  10. You will reach your goal. Maybe not when you had hoped, but you will reach it!

  11. Your hair looks fantastic and I can I just say you're my hero. I can't begin to imagine the willpower and the determination you've had to give to make the progress you have.

  12. Rock the girls, Jayme! Do it! DO it! You are beautiful!

  13. You look so sunny and perky.I know you can lose that mere few pounds girl. You sure are a trooper dooper and will shine!

  14. I am SOOOO Proud of you!!! I am on my own journey and have had so many failed attempts I have not even mentioned it on my blog will wait for a few more pounds to go off before I consider that!!

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!! You are my inspiration!


  15. WOW~! This is Tiggeriffic~! Good Job~! You look fabulous and I like your hair..
    Boot Camp is very strenuous but what an adventure you are on in your life.. you are going to feel so much better after doing this program..
    you will be able to kick up your heels and say "Yippie Ya-Hoo~!~!".
    Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa where it's 64 degrees and raining.. (my brocoli is loving this cool weather) go broccoli.

  16. You are looking ~WoW~ Girl! So very proud of you, and your video reminded me how very good it feels to work toward those goals and achieve them. You're talking me into it (and the food sounds good too! how quickly i forget that healthy food is SO very good). Love your hair! I'm a low lights + high lights girl myself. I know without a doubt you will reach every goal you have set. Wonderful - just wonderful! As always, I am inspired, Coopkeeper. -Tammy

  17. I do believe that you have just revealed that you do your gardening in the nude!!
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  19. Yay, Jayme!!!!

    Girl, add me to the pile of people who are VERY proud of you. What a fantastic accomplishment.


  20. I just love you! I look forward to reading and seeing your videos everyday. You are so inspirational and full of joy! It is contagious! You make me smile and laugh uncontrollably.
    Way to go on your personal journey! Good Job!

  21. I think your hair looks great and I to love my Spring Chicken serum! Love your blog.

  22. Well done you for sticking to the revamp of yourself and as for the 'girls'! If I wear a super duper uplifting bra as well, like you, I look slimmer waisted, but... the outward thrust does make me feel a bit conscious of my twin girls! Ah well, at least we are not flat chested!

  23. Jayme, you look beautiful and you accomplished so much!! You should be incredibly proud of yourself!

  24. Jayme, you look great. Congratulations on all your hard work!! As for the bra, just channel your inner Joanie from Mad Men and work it!

  25. Camera lenses do cause distortion. As a photographer I often use that to my advantage. BUT - a short focal length will make the part of you that is closest to the camera appear larger. You use a long focal length to shorten a long nose and a short focal length to make a tiny nose appear bigger. The big dog pictures are done with really short focal lengths and lenses close to their subjects. For no distortion at all try an 85mm lens on a full sensor camera.

  26. Jayme,
    From what I have read, you will reach your goal; it may not be when 'they' determined you will but you'll acheive it in your own time. Keep up the hard work and you are beautiful!

  27. The greatest invention of the last century (after antibiotics, of course): the MINIMIZER bra! Love it, gotta have it, can't leave home without it!

  28. Jayme, You are SO beautiful! You always have been, but the happiness shining out from your face is gorgeous!
    I am so happy for you.

  29. It is NOT false advertising. Those girls are real! Wear that bra and be proud! Nancy


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