Friday, June 3, 2011

Out Among the English

How did I meet Shannan?


I kid you not.

When I first started my blog, I was looking for other blogs that were similiar.
Crazy gals like myself that hankered to milk cows and can green beans, but still embraced Starbucks.

I Googled 'wannabe farmgirl blogs'.

I found Shannan, or Shabby, Minnie, Shabbadabbado-whatever I happen to call her at the time.

I fell in love right away, and thankfully she seemed to, too.

She seemed to get my negro-irish dialect.

If you read one of our emails, you'd probably not understand a word of it.
It's filled with the same kind of words we both loving blogging with:
'Gone be'
'I can't abide'
'I don't cotton'
and one my personal favorites -
'out among the English' from my beloved movie Witness.

If you've never seen that movie - get it promptly - the scene in which Harrison Ford drinks a glass of lemonade is worth the rental price.
Be warned.
It's steamy.

You do know that movie is the reason I live in this old house, right?
(Click on the This Old House label if you want to read all that drivel)

Minnie lives up in the hood of the Amish.
(Pronounced Ah-mish - please please don't be saying "A" mish.)
We didn't get one single picture of our faces, let alone our faces together.
Homegirl is serious with her camera - and it shows.
Me?  I think I might accidentally press the picture taker button at random times.

Proof here:

I have a hard time looking at this picture.
It makes me want to pinch something.
Oh my gosh, was he a charmer that day.
Stole my heart and put rocks in my pockets.

He didn't cotton to the pinching, but still seemed to take a shine to me.

Caption for this photo -
"Shannan - I'm really hungry - Shan - Minnie? Shabs?-can I eat now?


She made me a delicious picnic lunch, and on her blog today she's posted the recipe.
Also on her blog, you can read how she threw a fork at me, and sat and watched me put salt in my tea, nary saying a word.

I don't think she gets out among the English much anymore either.

And, that's ok.

She done be gone and made herself up a right nice place in me heart.


  1. You two are kindred spirits. Anne and Diana. BFFs. law.

  2. LOVE this post! And that salad looks SO wonderful!

  3. Isn't it great to have such great friends who 'get' you! They are few and far between... you're blessed!

    The salad looks delish! I will be popping over to her blog to check it out!

  4. Birds of feather.
    When I read about the lemonade mouth watered.
    xo, Cheryl

  5. Oh my... she DOES look serious about her camera. But, salt in your lemonade? hmmm. Did you grab the wrong shaker our sumpin'?


  6. Oh, I am cracking UP! I almost wrote in my post that I do believe I annoyed you with my incessant picture taking...and here be the proof. ;)

    I love your Buggy pic. It's pure perfect.

  7. Folks are blessed to be able to call you "Friend" as it goes so much deeper than the word.

    Totally I get your dialect... Understood every word.

    Yum on the Harrison Ford scene...

    I pray your day is peaceful.

  8. Law.

    I think I feel left out.


  9. Two of a kind! Love this post! Have a good weekend! Hugs! Loretta

  10. haha love ya both. I hate taking pics and wish I could care, but alas I am too busy talking to snap photos!one of my best friends grew up Amish. She is English now.I love that movie too. My mom says some of those words and you know my man that says all kind of hillbilly words :) I miss thee.

  11. Oh. My blog besties live in Texas. And Canada. And NEW ZEALAND. *sigh* Happy for y'all, though! I'm intrigued by the calendar garden!

  12. Jayme- I loved this post-
    I have to tell you something though-
    Witness is my life story (almost)..close enough to bring me to tears even after all these years.

  13. My goodness, I love you girls. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through the two of you. I say, " I cannot abide" a lot ever since I heard Nigella Lawson use that phrase. It is a favorite. Now I am off to print that recipe.

  14. Witness has been a favorite for me for a long, long time!! I love that movie! I have seen that movie probably over 100 times. I like when the boy is at the police station and sees that "killer" and gives Harrison "the look". Fantastic movie!
    Your salad looks yummy!!

  15. Now IF I had been there...

    You know I like to run amuck right? And I love flowers? And I don't like veggies? Or salt in my tea? And I say too much and I don't know how to use my camera? And I love love love rocks in my pocket!

  16. Man oh man I wish I lived closer!

  17. I agree with Jemm!
    Let's move!

  18. Having friends that get you is a big blessing! Lucky girl. Cheri

  19. This is funny...I read her blog yesterday and never put it together she was talking about you! Love both of your blogs and glad to know two people I really like like each other too! :+) happy day!

  20. You both your blogs..are a hoot!

  21. Lawsy mercy, Coop. What a fun day!
    The lunch, the baby, the gardens, the Farmgirl.
    A perfect summer day!


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