Monday, June 6, 2011


Trust me, I'm all done whining.
I realize now, I could be homeless - or worse - Glenco-less or Boychild-less.

All in all - the only things I've lost permanently is a patio table and a nice oak leaf hydrangea.
Y'all were right, the perennials are bouncing back.

The tree peonies were demolished, and I do declare they are so fleeting anyhow that next year, I'm putting a lawn chair there and I will sit and look at them from the minute they bloom to the minute they are gone.

I wanted to clarify - the tree that fell did not belong to me. It belongs to the neighbor to the west of me, an elderly man.  That's why I was calling the county, because I was hoping that they would consider the tree in the county easement and take care of it.  They agreed with me that it was a hazard, but said it was too big for them to handle.

Moving on.....

This is what I was working on when the storm hit.
I painted my front porch, and now I need your help.
Seriously - like now - because in about an hour, I'm leaving to buy a paint color, and I need to know what color to buy!

Ok, see the paint color on the clapboard part of the wall?  That's what I just painted.  The brick wall is the old color.  I love that color - and I'm realizing that I'm much too close to my menstrual cycle to be doing things like this.  I'm still having a hate/love relationship with the color I just painted the walls.

So NOW - I want to paint the brick wall an accent color.
I'm thinking burnt orange, cause I can't seem to get enough orange lately.
I know it's just an hour's work and a quart of paint - but I don't want to make a mistake.
I thought of chocolate brown, but that doesn't excite me, other than the name.

Then I have to do something with the chair color, cause that's not right, and then that old crappy table needs something too.
And of course, I'm painting the floor, but I don't know what color that will be either.

I do have a nice statement piece on the other side of the porch - and old buffet I picked up on Craig's List for a song, repainted - you guessed it - orange.

 So this is what I need to know right now...
What color do I paint the brick wall?  I thought of red - but that frightens me.
The table?
The chairs?
ANYthing y'all got - let's have it.
I need this space done.

I'll keep you posted with what I do!


  1. Something tells me this paint project is going to balloon all over the place. I really have no idea but good luck,Too bad about the tree.What a Monday!

  2. I'm a big fan of yellow. Maybe the shade of the flowers on the pillows. I love your porch!

  3. My vote is always for red. There is a nice red in the pillows, and you could paint the "crappy" table orange to match the buffet. Or, if you want to completely make the "simple one can of paint" job insane, paint horizontal stripes of the colors in the pillows: choco brown, red, orange, dk tan, and light tan. I am sure your ADHA just went into overdrive right now at that thought! LOL Gotta love ya Jayme!!!!!!!!

  4. I have to say I find it appealing the way it looks now. My new favorite color is pale aqua.....

  5. i say wait on the wall...cause i think the color is nice. paint the chairs red, keep the great cushions you've already got. paint the table inbetween a greenish color from the pillows and then you will love the brick wall. it's my prediction, plus...chairs are easier to change than walls :)

  6. Good to know not much damage was done!!! whew...

    Okay, I am leaning towards and olive for the brick wall and keep your orange to accents colors.

    Hope you get loads of help...

    Love the sneakers!!! look like mine...

  7. Good morning Jayme from the west coast, where we FINALLY had some sunshine and heat this weekend!
    I say stick with the citrus theme for the accent pieces- very "in" this summer. Maybe the chairs could be melon (creamier than straight up orange, or lime :) )
    Can't wait to see the finished project! You go girl!

  8. If you are just painting the small brick wall how about black and keep all the other thinng the same color.


  9. Since color is a fav of mine I'd suggest chalky white brick wall,(goes with the woodwork), red table, turquoise chairs, Mccoy planters in the same hue, leave the floor topped with a colorful rug having all these colors and add lots of your beautiful plants everywhere. So glad you were spared from the storm with minimal damage.

  10. jayme, love the buffet ! I really think that you should use the red color in your pillows somewhere out there. I really love the red color you picked out for my bedroom ceiling. I think it would be a great focal point and make that wall pop with color. hope you can decide, have a great day !

  11. leave the wall , paint the floor paint porch red like a barn red. I have used one called tile red from Menards. Paint the table the color of the buffet to pull more orange across the room. Good luck. I wanna road trip there! I would be invaluable help! haha

  12. Any of the colors in your pillows would be good. Just choose one, take it to the paint dept. and have them match it. It's looking great though!


  13. Yikes, with all the colors it will be just like Fiestware on that little porch. So.... be sure and add some fiestaware for tea....

    Posting as anonymous as blogger will not let me post any other way and is just a butt about EATING my posts as well.....

  14. I just bought a very similar buffet this weekend off of craigslist too and I want to paint it but hubby thinks I will wreck it. Yours by the way, looks great. To paint or not to paint? I think I'm gonna paint mine while he is out of town.


  15. I absolutely LOVE that room! Big thumbs up. I had a burnt orange accent wall. Some days I loved it...some days I hated it. I think it would look great in that room though!

  16. Ooooh, I think with the orange I'd like a soft aqua on the walls - like a sea foamy color. Then you could do the chairs in the orange, pillows in a print and the little table could go in a lovely sunshine yellow !

    What a happy space you have !

    glad your safe,


  17. before painting any more walls,ceilings, or floors!!!Paint you accent pieces, hence table orange, chairs olive green, and throw some yellow accents (pottery pieces) somewhere! girl the colors in the pillows are wonderful! use those to colors in your accent pieces!!!
    Now, go forth and listen to your faithful chicken readers....

  18. Good luck with your new colour scheme, although I think the one in the photos is gorgeous! Myself, I always go for neutral walls and floor, then have loads of soft furnishings around so the room looks cosy, but I admire people who can splash various colours all about the place. Looking forward to seeing what you came up with....

  19. Well, girl, first off I am so glad that you are safe and sound and that the damage is not worse than it is. Poor old guy with the downed tree-I hope someone will help him clean it up.

    I love your little sun porch. I would say wait on the wall color too. Use your pillow and pull the colors out of there for your chairs, etc. HOWEVER...if you do go with a red wall it will serve you well through Fall & Christmas season too. Wash my mouth-did I just say Christmas?

    IF you went with red you COULD leave your chairs a freshened white and your table a white...or even the yellow or olive would give you a more "down home Suthern' feel".

    I have no doubt that whatever you do it will be spectacular...either that your YOU will be a know how THAT works. Love you -you old chicken farmer you- xo Diana

  20. I like the Yellow idea for the wall... and for the floor chocolate brown :-)

  21. Since you have a lot of 'sand' colors in that room already, leave the chairs as they are and go with a light color of blue or teal. Sand and sea, it's all the rage. Does anything say that anymore? Rage I mean? Anywho...I think Red is out. Creams, whites, blues are in.

    Cindy Bee

  22. I probably missed ya. But I think you need some yellow and bright blues in the mix.

  23. Knowing you, you've probably finished this project and moved on to another by now.....but as soon as I saw yur pictures my brain said, "YELLOW."

  24. Yellow chairs, charcoal table and the wall the sage-ish green.

  25. Uh oh...I'm too late. I'll keep my trap shut b/c you already have the new paint and I don't want you second post the picture tonight of what you DID! I'm pretty sure I picked up on the scent of spray paint wafting thru the air this afternoon! Ha!

    Hopsack rocks!

  26. P.S. your new rug might give you a hint!!!

  27. I would paint the wall red and the table a buttery yellow or paint the floor red, leave the wall alone and paint the table a soft yellow.

  28. Jayme, I would leave the brick color as it is and move the buffet to that wall to add color. To me neutral is best and accent with color. That's adding my 2 cents!

  29. lol.. I'm way too late to be of any assistance. And hey! do those sneaks you're wearing sport a white star on the side? If so, I have the same ones! They're my favorite!

  30. Somebody up the list said Teal, and you know that just might work! Paint the chairs and table off white and do a bit of distressing to bring back some of the dark color from the wood to the surface. (But, just a little not too much!)


  31. Jayme, I'm not that great on choosing colors, but I must say that I love that table. I'll take it if you want to get rid of it!

  32. Jayme, Check out Cottin Pickin Cute-blog. She has found a place where you put in your photo of your room and pick colors. So you can see it before you do it.

  33. I'm looking forward to seeing what color you did choose... I noticed you mentioned blue in your latest post. What a darn cute porch! I just love porches like that--what a neat, private, relaxing place. I do like your orange buffet--great idea. Well Kid, whatever you decide, I know it's going to be great. You are a neat lady--wishing you and your family the best!

  34. oooh... teal WOULD be cool with the brown/beige. but would the orange be okay then? decisions, decisions.

  35. Goodness I feel your pain and am gonna hurl. I love your porch the way it is. Too many choices make my head spin and get me nauseous. hence hurling. Sorry. I too need Janie to come fix all my dilemmas. I do like painting table to match awesome buffet... Sending prayers for peace of mind and pretty paint n perennials!

  36. Did you pick a color for that wall? I truly believe you that you absolutely must, without a doubt, choose a color from your pillows. Red....or orange.
    I feel very strongly about this, and I'm pretty sure our friendship may very well hinge on this choice.
    No pressure.

  37. What a beautiful room! Makes me want to curl up with a good book and a glass of cool lemonade! I like yellow, orange and red for sunrooms.

  38. I say pull the colors out of the pillows!! table and chairs the bright red(spray paint will do great) and the brick wall the greenish-brown (flowers on the pillows) or the yellow on the pillows... what you dont do on the wall do on the floor--- use masking tape and tape out a pattern on the floor to paint any area rug!!! Home depot has sample size paints for like $4.00 each-- take the pillow with you and scan the colors to match the paint perfect!!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!


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