Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We Don't Need No Education...

That's the song that keeps rolling through my mind since I'm OCD obsessed over a brick wall at the moment.
I adored all of your ideas!
Now I'm in more of a pickle, cause it just adds more to my brain...

I'm still thinking.
I was surprised by all the suggestions for blue - because Aaron told me blue, and I looked at him like he was purple - I still 'don't get it'.
My matchy matchy mind can't wrap around it.
Oh how I wish I could think out the box!

As you can see - the Boychild does.

fake lip ring!

Yesterday, the BoyChild's back was out and I took him to the Chiropractor, by the time we got out of there, I needed to eat - hence - I needed to come home.
I just knew if I stopped to get paint, the next thing I'd be doing is eating out - or coming home a raving lunatic.

I chose the safe route and came home and ate a proper lunch, albeit paintless.

All I know now is that I will be purchasing this print as a 'good job girl' reward for Bootcamp.

I've loved it for a long time, and I think it will work out there....
do you?  I plan on putting it on that brick wall, and moving the four pictures in a two over two formation elsewhere on the porch.

I'm really not sure what style I'm going for out there - but sorta like a coffeehouse, PotteryBarn, country, modern, shabby, serene feel.
Got it?

this picture still flat out cracks me up!

Speaking of Bootcamp - it's almost over. 
Three more weeks, and I'm aimin' to lose 10.4 more pounds.
Light a candle, say a prayer, send a good vibe.
Thank you and amen.


  1. Hi Jayme
    Sierra was so happy to have the mailman drop off a box, albeit too small for her big arse, but she still got to spend more time with him. She is totally in love with the mail carrier. Thank you so much for the Spring Chicken and balm. Right after John's wedding on Saturday I will start using it and give you an update on how beautiful I become. :)
    Love the little Thank You stamp. So cute. The new print for your porch is gorgeous. I love it. I personally would throw more yellow out there. Have a great week and thanks again. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  2. Ok.
    1. Aaron is BEAUTIFUL and I say that in a wholesome-Mom-definitely-not-a-Cougar-sort-of-way.
    2. I never would have thought of blue, but the idea is exciting to me. Go for it.
    3. Whatever the look is you are going for on that porch- I love it! And if it were mine, it would only be random moments that you WOULDN'T find me there!


  3. I adore that print! I have seen it somewhere else as a canvas...maybe World Market? Okay so the photo of Aaron...stunning! Here's the odd thing...it was a different photo in my RSS reader. (I think it's called RSS reader....your posts show up in my e-mail) P.S. When you get all done with your Pottery Barn Coffee House-ish space, may I be so bold as to invite myself to sit a spell?

  4. I must live within your box… I can't wrap my head around the blue either… but hey! it's only paint… I like the red hues in the print, and those background colors would do for the wall/floor set-up. or the chairs…. or the…. :) have fun!

  5. I love the print and the vibe it sends! I also love the kitchen picture. I could swear that woman was me this morning with just a few minor differences... I was wearing pants, not a gown(actually PJ bottoms)my chickens are running around my garage(not my kitchen... yet)and my hair was a mess(but not in a high fashion kind of way).

    I hope your room comes out well and I am trying to channel Arron's talent for photography, he is so talented!

  6. Awesome job with boot camp!! So proud of you. Myself...I've lost maybe 4lbs this month. That's better than no pounds I suppose and more than I've lost in 15 years. That's just by changing eating habits though, I've not gotten up the courage for a exercise program yet.

    As far as your brick wall, I have to say I rather like it as is. A sky blue or a light aqua would probably work, but I don't know if I'd keep those flower pillows then. Maybe a yellow that would bring out the lighter colors in your new painting? Which is awesome btw :P LOVE that little reading/coffee nook.

  7. Love the random moment. Love the lady in the kitchen shot and LOVE that you have lost so much weight. You are one rockin' lady lately.


  8. You KNOW I love that picture, cause I sent it to you. You are just so sophistacated in it. Love that Aaron thought of blue, that would compliment the orange so well, that's my thought anyway.

  9. Blue is a fab idea. I just put some orange chairs in my blue livingroom here. Oh and on a funny note. The title of your post shows up first on my dashboard, and before scrolling down to click to go to the blog I already knew it was your post just by the title.

  10. I love that sign you have picked out..perfect! I like the idea of blue too...it is straight across the color wheel from blue -thus a perfect accent color.

    That picture of the anorexic lady with the chicken CRACKS me up too...I think the old bird weighs more than she does! xo Diana

  11. I'm out of touch, been junkin' all weekend, now have a terrible cold and can't leave a comment without being logged into my blog...frustration@#$#@

    So sorry to hear about the storm, but am so thankful you are all safe!

    I think whatever color you paint the brick you should use chalkboard paint and create little messages for us once in awhile!! Plus, people can leave you little snippits of wisdom, love and thanks...only nice things, please!!! What if you paint it black and paint the chairs a pretty robbins egg blue??? Then you could make new cushions, find a little table to revamp, procure old linens and metal drink glasses for sun tea!! That's how my plans seem to go anyway. Then I get tired from thinking and don't do anything. So, I know if it stays the same that your thoughts carried you away to the point of exhaustion!!!!!

  12. The sign is cute. I really like it. But, I don't like blue. Blue is a blue color and I like happy colors like red and orange and yellow and most of all PINK! I say - forget the blue. If you do blue you might just need an antidepressant. Yuck!

    But - ignore my opinion if you want. You're going to have to live with it, so do whatever YOU like. What's your favorite color? What would make you feel happy? If it's blue, go for it.

  13. Hi there....would love to have you come by my blog & take a peek at today's post.....& any advise you may have for me! (Nana Diana sent me over here to find you). xoxo, tracie

  14. I so hope Aaron's back is feeling better. He was not playing Superman and move that tree was he?

    Hum......blue? I gather depending on what color blue.

    Camt wait to see what you come up with.

  15. I have a GREAT idea!! I don't come up with these often, so put your ear to the ground and channel me!!

    Let's make some boards...big pieces of cardboard...and paint them various colors (that we already have, of course!) and hold those up so you can decide which color you want to use on that brick! And even the ceiling!! OH...this is GENIUS I tell ya! GENIUS!

    And I'm so glad you decided to get the print! AS soon as I can lift more than 3 lbs., and when you get home, I'm bringin' over the rug! Don't do anything rash until then, hear me? HA!!

  16. I am loving the sign. I say use that sign and draw the colors from it for the room. You can't go wrong! The sign will be hanging right there in the middle of it.

  17. Karen's right, use that sign and your favorites to decorate that room! If coffeehouse is one of your fav spots, then that should be the theme...your own little Starbucks!

  18. Hope your boy is ok and you are getting things together the way you want.

    How about apricot... the color "apricot" is one of my favorite paint colors. Love the jam too.

  19. Jayme,

    I read this on my iphone and came back today to comment. (Did you change Aaron's photo or am I losing my mind?) I would do one of two things -- use your inspirational piece (Share a Random Moment) and draw from those colors. I'd paint the bricks red or white. Or continue your outside color theme in.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do.

    Your Friend,

  20. Oh, what Cheryl said!!! I do the painted board thing all the time. You can get sample size paint jars at the local big box store or scour their sale rack for marked down paints in different colors. I agree with Aaron, blue would be good because it's on the opposite side of the color wheel from the shade you have painted on the wall.

    That photo cracks me up also. Seriously, can you imagine the terror that model had whilst holding that chicken. OMIGOSH.....so funny.

    BTW, your infomercial is great. I love the part where you say you're going to try and be serious for a moment. Also, since I had a deep south grandmother I use all those phrases, especially "I can't abide".

  21. And "you" crack me up girlfriend! The pic...so much you! Hope the ~Boychild~ is okay! Hugs!


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