Friday, June 24, 2011

3.2 and counting....

There's a lot on my mind this morning, and I'm feeling quite random.

After viewing this, you may think I have too much time on my hands -
nay - you may think me crazy.

You'd be right about one of them - and I'll let you choose.

3.2 to go baby.
I might make it.
I might not.
I just know I'll try my best.
I found a calf muscle in my leg yesterday.
I'm pretty excited about it - I mean I have to really work it for it to show, but I KNOW it's there - and that leads me to this thought....

Losing weight takes a lot of faith.
Faith in the process.

I had to lose a good solid 30lbs before people started noticing, and I realized I had a skeleton.
I'm down 45 and I'm just starting to see muscle definition - still under layers of fat.
Today, sitting in my chair having my coffee - I felt small.
I am realizing that I have a tiny frame - and all the while I used to feel like an Amazon woman.

I'm planning a full disclosure post hopefully sometime next week.
The dreaded before pictures.
Plenty of drivel.
I might even tell you how much I weigh.
After pictures - which are really during pictures, cause I'm only half done with my action phase of weight loss.
I want my weight struggle to help somebody if it can, and me not being completely open - is useless.
(I have received several emails from a few of you - and I will answer them soon - promise)

Here's a crazy video - showing you what I dream about....


  1. Just so you know...your hair looks fab even when you're working out. So proud of you! I'm working on 20 pounds. I had given up, thinking I had gained all mine back, and weighed myself this weekend. I had actually lost an additional 4 pounds. I was so proud so I'm back at it now.

  2. We've all had that dream, any of us in the I'm-finally-getting-serious-about-that-weight-loss journey. You're the only one I know brave enough to create the video. I'm not quite brave enough yet to step on the scale and figure out where my journey begins. Maybe today. Maybe.

  3. LOL! I'm still trying to figure out what is hanging under the broccoli, beside the water bottle! Ha! You MUST send this to your coach! He'll get a kick out of it! might be TV famous! You're gonna make it...there are NO "I might's" about it! You're a WINNER!!
    And I love that song...I LOVE IT!

  4. Jayme,

    I am here reading every post and cheering you on to 'get 'er done'. I am currently down for the count (pinched my sciatic nerve). Gardening is not for the meek or tender.

    Your Friend,

  5. That is so great Jayme! Can't wait to hear more...I think you need to sell that determination t-shirt in your esty store because it is such a good reminder.

  6. Hey Sunshine, miss seeing you. Sorry I can't hang out today, busy schedule but soon, I promise. I had a dream about you this morning, you'll get a charge out of it. Well love you and next week lets see each other! Ra

  7. Jayme, you are hilarious!! I LOVE your sense of humor. Go you!! Can't wait to "read all about it." I need to be inspired to stick to a healthier lifestyle. ;)

  8. Jayme, You are so crazy, girl! That is why we love you so! How did you do that? You LOOK AMAZING! I love that exercise top! Where did you get it? Thanks for reminding us that "you gotta have Faith, faith, faith!" (remember the song?)
    xoxoxoxoxoxo Cheryl

  9. Every time I see a picture of you these days, I think to myself, "She is beautiful in every way."

    Sho nuff.

  10. Oh you are a crack up with that dream!

  11. I'll have some of those dreams, please!

  12. Love your dreams! You can do it girl!!!

  13. You have won and that is what you need to keep saying to yourself. Lookin' good!
    Love the vid...too cute!!! Yum, brocolli.

  14. I weigh 220 plus a little depending on water intake. No number you throw out there is gonna shock me.

  15. Good for you Jayme...seriously; AWESOME job!
    WEight loss is a huge undertaking and there aren't a high percentage that will stick with it until the end...glad you are doing just that!
    Keep it up Girl!

    PS; nice to see you are a two fisted drinker :)

  16. Great post for Friday! I am afraid with my weight loss I keep dreaming about mac and cheese.

  17. Being over weight all my life, and having such a passion for food and cooking, I know what a major milestone you have reached.

    Even better than helping yourself, you are inspiring so many of us. . . .I have a sign on my treadmill that says Jaymee. law.

    I despise exercising, but I despise carrying the weight more,

    d e t e r m i n a t i o n.

    Kudos to you, and thanks for the inspiration, can't wait till you start talking. .

  18. I'm so very proud of you, you energetic go-for-it girl, you! Send a little enthusiasm this way, will ya?

  19. You look proud of you!!
    I'm anxiously awaiting all the promised photos and regimine so I can do this too!!! Please be very specific!!!!

    You can do it!!!! Actually, you already have!!!Way to GO!!

  20. You go girl! Loved the video!

  21. Jayme you are so creative, lol the video is hilarious. You'll make your goal and then some. With your determination I don't know how you won't.

    Sending mucho mojo your way to meet your goal.

    Good luck.


  22. Jayme, I have been away from my computer a lot the last several months, so I hadn't kept up on your boot camp experience. You are doing so fantastic and look great. Glad to know that with the weight you have lost that you haven't lost your sense of humor. I love the dream sequence! Keep up the good work. Hopefully, you will encourage me. I have over 100 pounds that I need to lose.

  23. Well, you know I am proud of you! You just keep on..keepin' on- as they used to ssy in the 70's! Ya just gotta have the faith that you are walking the path you are supposed to walk. Anyone that has never known the heartache of being overweight won't get it ...but lots of us will! I was waiting for THE LOOK OF LOVE in the form of a hunk hovering over you! LOL xo Diana

  24. Okay… so with older age comes bad eyesight … but for the life of me, I can't figure out/see what that thing is in your dream… it looks like a dog bone! surely you're not dreamin' of dog bones!? :) good job on the weight loss. i feel your pain. did that back in my 30s. said i wouldn't be "fat and 40." then, i said i wouldn't be "fat and 50" and the beat goes on… can't wait to hear your motivational story… maybe it will be the one! *she says, as she eats pizza*

  25. Jayme! Love your hair!

  26. LOL... you're a nut!!!!...

    You are looking so darn good, this is such a hard thing to do, Good for YOU!!.....

  27. I just found your blog via The FlowerPatch... YOU are exactly what I needed to read... especially on the weightloss front. I'm just struggling and sad about all of it. Thank you for being an inspiration to me... Keep your thoughtful posts coming.


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