Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Dropping By....

Girls - (and boys?) -
I'm here.
I'm alive.

I've been incredibly busy - and my beloved cousin came up from Missouri rather spur of the moment on Easter for a short visit.

We've been having a gay ole time, dodging rain drops, exercising, and general tom foolery - although it feels like all we've done is cook and do dishes.
Did you know that cauliflower makes a fabulous rice substitute?
Did you know that I've lost nearly 30lbs?
There is mounting evidence that I do indeed possess a skeleton.

Me and my cousin Jim.

Did you know that the Dr. told me today that I shant be gardening or lifting weights?
My eyes welled up with tears.
And they weren't tears of joy.

It's Tennis Elbow.
I like to call it by it's proper name:
Lateral epicondylitis
Cause I ain't never played tennis.
Perhaps it's vacuuming elbow - or knitting elbow - or gardening elbow - or coop cleaning elbow -
take your pick.

Thank you for your sweet emails and Facebook messages -
it's so nice to be missed.

I'll be back in a day or two dispensing my usual dose of an attempt at humor, wisdom and seldom known chicken facts.
And maybe a video or two.


  1. Oh yes, a video. We need a video, Keepster.
    Thirty pounds! Yay, Jayme. You are awesome. I'm so proud.
    I choose to call it vacuuming elbow. That seems appropriate. Anyone who vacuums daily should expect to pay a price eventually.

  2. Call off the dawgs boys, she's back!

    Wooooo Hoooo!

  3. I have computer shoulder... maybe you have computer elbow?


  4. I'm sorry about your tennis..ur..whatever you call it. I was told last week that I need surgery on both hands for carpel tunnel syndrome. And I said, sure, after gardening season is over. Congrats on losing that weight. I've never been able to do it, but I also found out I have high blood pressure, so I'm not eating!

  5. I was just thinking of you today and hoping everything was okey-doke with you!

    Congrats on the 30lbs! That's totally AWESOME and you're looking fantabulous! BTW,cauliflower makes great mashed potatoes too!

    Hope the elbow heals quickly!

  6. Glad to see that you are still alive...I was beginning to worry!!


  7. Your eyes say it look HEALTHY and that's what counts. Congrats on the weight-loss because I know you feel better and it's all those veggies that's doing it. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  8. Wow - 30 lbs - how motivating that must be! Glad you are back!

  9. I have that miserable tennis too. It takes a looong time to heal up. Thirty pounds though, fabulous! law.

  10. So glad to hear from you again. But if you've lost 30 you've helped my family find it with your bread recipe. With a grandson coming over i needed a quicker way to make it and tried mixing and first rise in the bread machine with the rest of the details the same. It turned out great, even a little smoother texture. So it gets done in about 4 hours instead of overnight and morning baking. Thanks for the tasty, healthy bread recipe.

  11. You and your hubby (I'm assuming that's "Glenco") make an awesome couple! You look very much in love and like two peas in a pod!

    Congrats on your reduction! Don't go too far, though!

  12. Congrats on your weight loss! So sorry to hear about the tennis elbow, you're in my prayers. Looking forward to the next video :)!

  13. Ahh... it's so nice to hear from you again.

    You have been busy. Wow...

    I like your "cauliflower makes a nice rice substitute". I would love to hear more about that. Is that what helped with the 30lbs? Good for you, by the way.

  14. 30 pounds?! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    Many Blessings,

  15. Yay! The mister + I just sat here and watched the video of you putting those chicken heads in your mouth about 6 times. We are cracking up!!

  16. Wow! good job on the weight this from the "boot camp" exercise and eating differently?

    I have issues with my elbow and went out and bought a blue band that has velcro on it and I put it just below my elbow for a few days and POOF...done....It is located in the isle that the ace bandages, wrist splints, etc are in. I am surprised your doctor did not suggest one? If I knew how to post pics, I'd take one and show ou..heck, now I can't find it....but go look...I to be spent, but trust me, it works!


  17. JAYME, I am SO fuhreaking proud of you for losing so much weight! You and your cousin are cutie pies! Hope the old crankin elbow is better, soon!
    XO, Cheryl

  18. PLEASE share your weight loss secrets! Boy 30 lbs. is great. I need to loose 30+ pounds myself. Please give some tips.


  19. 30 lbs, Geeze! keep up the great work!! Seems like your "lost" pounds are finding their way to my middle and rear! Time to share your secrets....:)


  20. Glad you are having fun! Wow...30 pounds...that is fantastic. You must feel so proud of yourself. Pat yourself on the back...unless it would hurt your elbow!

  21. Knew you must be up to something! Good grief, there will be nothin' left of the Coop Keeper the way you are going with your diet...good for you girl! I am using my serum and it's doing an amazing job on these old hands and face! NOTHING I have ever used has made this big a difference in such a short time. Have my review started already and will post it at a month and then another month. It's been only 13 days! Does the serum have dynamite in it???

  22. Missed you, glad you are having fun with your cousin. Sorry about'the tennis elbow' a perfectly stupid many that get this actually play tennis? lol

  23. Oh, how I wish I could burn up the kitchen with you and beloved cousin Jim!

    Commence with the tom foolery.

    Seeing your smile here just brightened up me day.

    30 lbs? What?? Get 'em.

  24. Where have you been? I have missed my daily dose of laughter. Hope all is well. Good for you on your weight loss? What are a few good tips you could share.

  25. She's ALIVE~~ so good to see you post. Congrats on the weight loss, I know that has got to feel good.

    You have quite a handsome cousin there!!!

    I know how the mind says do the things that have to be done but the body is not willing. I feel for you... big time. BUT take it easy and slow.

  26. Cute Chickies... Congratulations on the 30 lbs, thats awesome!!! I think I would have cried too :(

  27. You go girl!!!! Wish I could say the same!!!! Bringing down the blood sugar over here, but would like to see weight loss too. In heaven, for sure!!!
    Love the little babies!!

  28. You look fantastic!

  29. Aww...Jayme, you're so pretty...inside and out! Congrats on your success with weight loss!
    I love reading your blog and enjoy your chicken stories. I have had chickens for about 7 years and one day came home to find feathers all over the farm. In one day a stray dog wiped out all 14 of my babies (well, some were not babies, but you know how it is!) The bad thing is the dog was still around, wagging his tail and looking at me like, "Hey, that was some good chicken, got any more?" :(

  30. 30 lbs! That is amazing Jayme! So excited and proud for you. That is terrible about your elbow. I know you are just heartsick over the gardening. I'm so sorry! Glad you are having a swell time with your cousin. Miss you.

  31. Just discovered your blog...have enjoyed reading your posts. Congrats on losing your 30lbs. I too need to lose some weight but those chocolate covered peeps and bunnies are still showing up.

    Irma :)

  32. jayme... i swear, everytime i see your pictures my first thought is how gorgeous you are!

  33. Dear Jayme, I love your new set-up, I wish I could lose about 30 or more pounds, You look GREAT, but you always did. I'am just figuring this blogging thing out, check me out, you were the first blog that I ever looked at, and of course I fell in love with you and Aron, and all the chicken's, I just got power back after five days without it, and I had to come and see what you have been up to. Love you and your family. Sharon.

  34. Good for you, girl! Good for you, because you did it all by yourself.

  35. Awe, Jayme! So good to see your face; as always you are glowing like the angel on earth you are. You keep kicking bootie!

  36. This is a little off-topic... but I totally think that first pic would make an amazing sidebar profile pic of you!!


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