Friday, April 15, 2011

Finding My Jayme Legs

I really need to have a stern talk with the person responsible for making my schedule.
I've had nary a moment to celebrate the moments of my life.
I don't cotton to being this busy.
Not one bit.
I was told today that the tendonitis in my right arm might be from me waving it saying 'I'll do it!' -
Now that's funny - I don't care who ya are.

I thought I'd finally tell you about the spectacular day that I had with Aaron a few weeks ago.
It was a splendid day in many ways.
I felt free, and calm and mentally organized.
My clean eating is paying off.

It was Aaron's day - I told him I'd take him anywhere he wanted to go -
It started with Starbucks, the AT & T store (he's obsessed with cellphones) and then the
Blue Room Cafe.
It's a little place we drove by one time, about a year ago - and Aaron wanted to go there.
It's in downtown Hammond, Indiana.

This is Bobby. 
He's the elevator man.
Read that again.
The elevator man.
Well, that just makes me swoon.  We had to take the elevator up to the bathroom.

I fell in love with this old building.
It had so much character and charm.

Y'all know what a hard time I had adjusting to Aaron going back to public school this past fall -
I honestly feel like I'm finally getting over it.
I'm finally finding my legs again.
I was so completely lost feeling.

photo by Aaron

I felt vacant.
Pregnant with possibility.

This 15 year old punk was my heartbeat.
Well - he still is.

At the moment that Aaron took this picture of us in a dirty old bathroom mirror - it dawned on me -
I'm ok.  He's ok.  We're ok.
Things are different now - but they aren't bad.
In fact, they are pretty good-and if I wasn't careful, I was going to miss it.  I was going to grieve away all the joy that we have now.
We have great days together now.
We have great talks, and we still laugh until we cry - or pee - which ever comes first.

This is John, and he's the proprietor of this wonderful cafe.
There was a wonderful vibe in this place - a pulse of peace that was palpable.
I could have stayed all afternoon.

While John prepared our food - I struck up a conversation with Robinson.
He was quite the chatter, but got shy when I asked if I could take his photo.
We chit chatted about music and life.

He told me that he chooses happiness everyday.
He told me he leaves his problems at home.
I love Robinson.

And I love chicken salads -

and Aaron loves panini sandwiches...

and I love how my hair looks here - so I put this pic in...
I can do that...I'm the blogger.

John does latte art.
I didn't have a latte cause I've been dairy free - but I tell you what....
next time I see something like this, I'm drinking it - I think it would be worth the bloat.
Life is too short not to drink lattes in awesome coffee shops.

Life is too short to look back so much that you miss what's ahead of you.

This is the snapshot I took away from the day.
Taking the time out to enjoy.
Taking time.


  1. marytylermotorheadApril 15, 2011 at 6:10 PM

    Loved the post. OMG...Aaron is soooo handsome!

  2. Oh so true. Excellent photos also.

  3. Love Robinson. How could you not??
    And love Aaron's hair.
    And the latte.

  4. marytylermotorheadApril 15, 2011 at 6:32 PM

    Aaaannnd...who knew Hammond was hiding such a jewel of a place? I needs to move back to "da Region"!

  5. loved this post!
    robinson looks like he's bad. a*%.
    and your hair is divine. just don't go postin any ol' parts you feel lookin good or your chicken lady fame may take off to new heights:D

  6. Loved the post! And you are looking great, Girlfriend!

  7. Precious, I am so glad you invited us along. I had a wonderful time.

    I have a dutch oven, active dry yeast and a whole bunch of flour. One guess. What am I doing this weekend?

  8. Love latte art and love this post about you and da kid, Aaron. What a wonderful way to spend a day! Elevator man? Who knew there were any left in this world!

  9. Jayme,

    I've always left my comments anonymous,(today I am changing that) but I have to say you are my favorite blog- I think we could have been kindred spirits if we were closer (Oregon)! I LOVE today's post- thank you for sharing it!!

  10. law. This is a wonderful post Jayme. The pictures are fantastic as well as the writing. Get a soy latte.

  11. Lovely, and something we should all do every day. The years go by so quickly and then they're grown. Gosh, I feel like crying...not your fault. I just do that sometimes!

  12. Love your outlook and speaking of looks...that is one handsome son, you have his smile and that is a great photo (the vacant sign) he took!

  13. Jayme, i am so glad you have reached the point where you can let Aaron and yourelf fly is so important for both of you to find your own place in this crazy world. Just through the pics you can tell Aaron is growing up right before your eyes...and that's a good thing...he seems so happy and so do you!

  14. Jayme I love this post. It reminds me so much of the relationship I have with my two sons. It is so hard to let those boys go, isn't it? Handsome son there too! Hugs!

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  16. What a wonderful day that you will both always remember!

  17. PEACE Bac at ya friend.

    Cindy Bee

  18. Fun post. I'd never heard the expression "I don't cotton," before.

  19. What a beautiful, memory-ful day!


    and I LOVE the latte art :)

  20. Great post! And I love looking at the comments and being able to see the "your son" comments about Aaron, knowing that he is your nephew (because I'm an "earlier" follower), but you love him like your own and that shines through in the way you talk about him and the joy he brings you! Enjoy every second!

  21. Love these kind of days and there never seems to be enough of them so we should enjoy them, every minute of them.

  22. Loved the post, you make me smile.

  23. Oh, its a wonderful thing indeed to recognize the joy in every day and not keep looking for it somewhere in the future!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day with Aaron.

  24. I love the way you see life much like the angles in your photography. This is an open window into your soul you are sharing. We cant help but feel compelled to want to reach through the screen to give you a caring hug.

    Great hair!~~ you look marvelous! So does Aaron, he is growing into quite a handsome gentleman.

    I hope your weekend is blessed.

  25. I loved hearing about the cafe again and putting faces with the names. I want an elevator man, well he could be a steps man here.That bathroom sink...swoon! Latte art! The word nary , Aaron's gorgeous smiles, your hair..great post. I have volunteered to do so much extra duties at the wedding today, I have to go waaaay early. Hope I don't get tendinitis...BTW are you icing it. With ice, not icing HA Wouldn't that have been great in our sugar days!

  26. I think I love Robinson too. And Jamye, this post is the best one yet I think. Love the truth, the wisdom!!

    And I think I'm gonna quit dairy too... is that the reason for the bloat all these years? Law.

    Aaron is one handsome dude, two..for finding your way, finding your peace, one day at a time.

  27. Jayme,
    Sounds like you and Aaron had a wonderful day.

    Letting go so someone can spread their wings is so hard especially when you can't predict the future. As is it turned out you discovered that both you and Aaron are OK, and will be OK.

    Growth leads to wisdom and insight and bravo for you for realizing that the most important moment is the "now". Being present for both of you is priceless.


  28. Don't ever pass on a latte'! If they have soy, get it made with that. No belly bloat! Love your hair - looks kind of like mine (great minds and all that!)

  29. Your hair looks gaw-jiss!! And so does the latte - I'm amazed by it, AND by the fact that you passed it up. Nice, nice post.

  30. Such a sweet post! And such great advice. Don't look back so much that you miss what lies ahead of you... that part. Very good advice. I need to learn to look ahead more, too. I spend too much time racing from poopy diapers to spit rags right now that I sometimes forget to look ahead. These babies will be grown all too soon, so I should cherish every moment I have with them now. And well, for the most part, I do, but sometimes they messes get to me. All would be well if I just had a cleaning lady! *lol*

  31. Jayme, You've (re)found yourself. The malady you've been suffering is called the "empty nest." I didn't even realize this till just this morning. But, just think of what your life would have been if the nest had never been filled? Now that would really be sad, no? I am so happy that you are feeling readjusted to the moment by moment of your life... isn't it wonderful!

  32. Beautiful!!

    in so many ways :)

  33. You look gawgeous, Aibie. And I like Aaron's blond hair, yes I do.

    If it makes you feel any better, we were due to be in Ft. Wayne for a seminar today and we just up and no-showed. Well, we called, but still. We decided to stay put. We have been overextended to the nth degree and it's taking a toll.

    And I am unwell.

    Here's to taking a moment to breathe! (clink!)

  34. your legs are GORGEOUS! I love every second of this post. Now I need a chicken salad and some latte art STAT!

  35. This post makes me think. I have two children 14 and 8. I will have more of these days with them. Spending tooooo much time teaching lessons about life instead of teaching them how to ENJOY life. Thank you.

  36. These types of posts make me love you, dear Jayme. And Aaron....what a great young man. You two look like you have so much fun together. What a blessing.

  37. "Life is too short to look back so much that you miss what's ahead of you." Profound, I fully expect to Google this someday at You've made it, and Aaron has made it, we've all made it through this! Teenagers take their toll on parents, grandparents, aunt and uncles, teachers, teachers, school counselors, neighbors,salespeople, waiters, waitresses,doctors, nurses, driving instructors...did I leave anyone out??? You are back on the smooth road again...

  38. ok, I repeated teachers twice cause they really get the brunt of it!

  39. Looks like you had a perfectly lovely day! Enjoy the little moments cause they do seem to fleet by! Traci

  40. Loved this post and you look great and well....happy!

  41. That boy is getting too darn good looking. You need to lock him inside until he's 30 or 40...hehehe.

    blessings, jilly

  42. And another thing...that smile is going to break some hearts. Lock him up!!!

    blessings, jilly

  43. Aaron got your hands! I love your hands and nails and there they were attached to your Aaron's!

    I love heredity!

  44. What a great post---and reminder. I'm constantly reminding myself to just enjoy the sweet little moments that are in every day.

    I'm glad you are finding your joy and peace. :)

  45. Oh, Jayme! I just loved every little thing about this post. I simply savored it, reading it slowly word for word. You are a treasure.

  46. That Aaron is getting more handsome every time I see him! Tell him so it will swell his head, like it does all teenage boys. Law. To be 15.

  47. Well aren't you just an eyeful o goodness thebothayuz!!!
    I really enjoyed this and am so dern happy for you n that handsome boy! You've made me decide to take my two for a day out Friday... Not sure it'll be a quaint cafe, more likely Chick Filet n the frozen yogurt place that also sports cow print for Jack... Still, THANKS for makin' me enjoy the now!
    Wishing you a blessed n beautiful Easter!


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