Monday, April 11, 2011

'Spring Chicken' Skin Serum on Etsy!

Dear sweet sweet readers!

I'm tickled pink!

Ya'll busted my heart seams clean open -
thank you ALL so much for your support of my new business venture.
I feel like I have hope again - something I was beginning to lose -
I might just make that July goal after all!

There were a couple of you that commented that you wanted some serum, but there was no way to get ahold of you - so I've gone and opened the Etsy Store a wee early, even though it's not really 'ready' - but at least the skin serum is there.

I ordered more lip balm tins today so next week I should have some of those for sale as well...

here's the link:

If you haven't heard from me regarding your skin serum purchase - please go ahead and click on the Etsy link to purchase (Debra, Talia)

Sorry to make it so elusive at first, I was just too excited!

If you missed the 'infomercial', make sure you check out yesterday's blog for it.

Again, thank you - I'm so excited, I can barely contain myself.


  1. Oh WOW!! Gotta git over to your ETSY and order fast... before it's all gone! Will I be one of the first 10?? hardly think so...

    What a great idea!

  2. Thanks so much Jayme for letting me know all of the ingredients. I am most definitely sending for some! Hope it helps my crows feet and sagging. My skin is in excellent condition except for those two things! Oh and the age spots and bags. Oh and the frown lines and and...

  3. Yay for you coopie, you make me proud! Such a little entrepreneur!
    BTW served some honey to Kylie yesterday and he was blown away. I'd buy some for my dad if you decide to put some on Etsy. xoxo

  4. hey lady, i am so proud of you!

  5. I have not been getting post alerts from many so I missed you. This is so great girl! Beak Balm too! I wish you much success!!!

  6. Jamie- I will get my check out to you in tomorrow's mail. I am excited to try this product! LOVE YOU GAL! xxoo Diana

  7. I put my order in on your etsy site. Thanks so much!

  8. I'm tickled even pinker because I can't use the typical anti-aging serums, they burn my face! Yours sounds perfect!... I got your e-mail, will be sending $ along :-)

  9. Congrats and best wishes on your new venture Jayme! I just opened up and Etsy store too...isn't it exciting :)

    I watched your infomercial and it is the first of your videos that I've watched because our internet is NOT video friendly. I have to say, aren't you adorable!! You are so sweet. Take care.

  10. Jayme,
    Your are truly an inventive farm girl. I put in my order on your etsy and will send $$ this week.

    I'm so happy to support the pink chicken! And I hope your venture is successful too.


  11. good Luck Lady!!! Let me know how Rosacea and this serum mix!! jan

  12. Did I miss the part where you tell how big the bottle or jar is?

  13. Hi Jayme-Just placed my order & the check is in the mail! Can't wait. Best wishes on this endeavor.

  14. Thanks mine arrived today. I have bathed in it tonight, hoping to wake up looking like a spring chicken!! Thanks, it smells heavenly!


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