Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Fox Hunt - Pt. 1

I'm back in my own coop, with no idea how to begin to tell you what a fantastic time I had whilst at the Fox House.

House is the wrong word.
With a capital 'H'.

I found out in the lick of time that I was actually going to Illinois, not Indiana.
Funny how completely unprepared I am for road trips, with not a care in the world.

The wind here on Sunday was indescribable.
I've read that pioneer women have gone insane living out on the prairie, listening to the howling wind.
I'm wishing I had that excuse for my insanity.
Alas - I do not.

With Shirley Bassey blasting, and a full supply of water bottles, I set out on the open road to meet a gal that I've only known via the Interweb.
It was a ridiculous 81 degrees out with a wind so strong blowing in from the Gulf, I swore I smelled crawdads.
Right in the middle of a rousing rendition of Goldfinger - whilst talking to Janie on the phone letting her know my ETA - I had a blow out.

No...not that kind.

My tire exploded.

As I'm posting this now, I wish I had a picture of the tire to show you - but it's really the last thing I thought of when I was on the side of I-57 with a flat.  The wind was so strong I could barely open the Heep door.  When I did step outside, the wind almost blew my glasses off, and my shirt went over my head...
Shirtless - and yet - no one came to my aid.

I got in the car and started to cry.
I'm embarrassed to tell you that - but I did.
And then - I sucked it up - and thought about how I'd just told Glenco that I wanted to learn how to work on cars - and that I wanted to take our 1964 Chevy down to the frame and restore it - and learn how to do body work and fix things in the engine.

So then - I put on some lip gloss - and dabbed my Clinique Happy cologne on and set out to fix the flat.  If there's one life truth that I know for sure it's this:
Lip gloss is empowering.

I've never changed a tire before.

Got the lug nuts off - jacked up the car as far as I could - got the flat tire off, got the spare out - but couldn't get the Heep jacked up enough to slip the spare on.
All the while - I have on no glasses - (I'm blind) and my shirt is over my head.

I tried in vain to get the car jacked up higher. 
Luckily, I was close enough to Janie's house that she dispatched her son-in-laws to my aid.

I'm determined to learn how to do it myself, and perhaps I'll have Glen start timing me.
I liked getting my hands dirty - and I'm really looking forward to learning how to do body work.
Glenco says I'm invading his man space.

I can't imagine what Janie thought when I showed up - dirty, sweaty and a windblown mess.

I think I have a pretty good feel for people - and I'm so happy to say - I was right.

She's a gem.
In fact - I'm moving to Southern Illinois and I'm going to be her full time gardener and confidante.
We are negotiating my salary as I type this.
Glen will drive a grain truck for her husband.
And I'll sleeve a cow yet - by golly.


  1. Haven't checked in lately, but LOVE the new haircolor!! :)

  2. omg, I-57 with a flat and no shirt. You beat all the odds, no one can take off without knowing where they are going, have a blowout and still have a terrific weekend! I would say it's probably 10% luck and 90% enthusiasm!

  3. OH MY, I would have done the same thing....cry that is and then look around for someone I could pay to change it. I too have never replace a flat tire. But now I know all I need is to have some lip gloss...hehehheh... Its good to know that if you can do it so can I.

    Glad you are safe and you had a good time.

  4. You are ah hoot! I would've cried too if my shirt was over my head and nobody stopped to help change tire. So glad you were rescued and you have to give yourself credit for trying real hard. I love to hear two strangers meeting an hit it off via interweb. Very cool. Love the photo!

  5. I learned how to change a tire when I was in my 20's, and that skill has been a lifesaver more than a few times. Like cooking and doing laundry, it's a basic that everyone should know. Glad you gave it try!

  6. aww my sweet... the bed is changed and ready, Glen's truck awaits, the cows have gone into hiding, and I have your garden spade ready...see you in a bit! xoxo

  7. So great meeting your. Sorry your trip was as terrible as it was. Glad my husband could come to the rescue. He's my hero, but he won't tell you I taught him how to change a flat. That was way before he took on his "farm boy" persona. Also glad you got to really meet my momma, now you know why we love her so dearly.

  8. Oh my! Can't believe no one stopped to help you...even with your shirt up? What is a girl to do? Now since I have no idea how to change a tire I am off to purchase lip gloss.

  9. Oh my! Can't believe no one stopped to help you...even with your shirt up? What is a girl to do? Now since I have no idea how to change a tire I am off to purchase lip gloss.

  10. I would like a tutorial on how you keep your stove so freaking clean? I've just about dy-no-mited mine and it's still yuck! And etsy, please talk about your etsy shop!!

  11. Lipstick fixes everything in my world. Lip gloss, lipstick... same thing, same empowerment. OMG.. shirt over your head. Well blow me over and call me a roadbump. Maybe that would get someone to stop and assist me!

  12. I keep telling myself that I need to learn how to change a tire, but so far I've never taken the initiative to actually do so. I'm glad it all worked out for you and you were able to have a fun visit. Can't wait to see pictures!

  13. Sleeve a cow (shaking my head). LOL!

  14. Maybe if you had had a sexy lacy bra on someone would have come to your aid-shirt over your head and all! You got to market yourself, darlin'!!!

    I am so glad you had a good time. I have a feeling that you needed to decompress a bit and that might have happened...flat tire and all!

    Be right here waiting for the rest of the story (as Paul Harvey always said)...xxoo Diana

  15. I am so glad you survived. EEK!
    You could have ended up in Oz!

  16. I needed that visual, thanks for a good laugh and yes lip glass can be extremely empowering. Glad you admitted to a good cry and sucking it up, I think we all need to do that every now and then. Love the way you write!

  17. Quite the visual image you painted! I'm still shaking my head!

    But, I'm glad you cow-girled up and at least tried to tackle the flat tire. (And thank goodness for friends, huh?!)

    Sounds like you had a good time and am looking forward to Pt. 2.

    BTW, thanks to you, I just told my husband that I wanted to try some beehives one day *smile*! He said I should since I eat so much honey! So, we'll see!

  18. Lip gloss is empowering! I use it every day at my job. It's the only way I can go there and not run out screaming! I'm proud of you for wanting to do so many things hands on. I myself have gotten to the stage in life where I'd like slaves to do all my dirty work. Preferably, hard bodied, tanned young en's!

  19. You did SO much better than me with a blown tire. I was on a long trip and my fuel pump went out... first order of business: cry. Glad you had a great time with your friend and made it safely to her home.

  20. I would have cried too. My.

  21. When you said you cried I so would have done that and then I would talk to myself and say ok you have no choice get out there. and if anyone stopped while I was talking to myself they would have left not wanting to help no crazy woman. glad you had a great time. how nice he came to the rescue.

  22. Aren't those Fox girls just great! I enjoyed reading about your adventure and I am glad that it all turned out great!

  23. Well the first thing I need to say is, Nice choice on your cologne. I must admit, I have never had to change a tire so I feel for you. Glad your meeting a new friend went great.

  24. I've worked on cars. When I was young, I was poor and to keep mine running, I had to work on it. I could do pretty much anything, but it was an older engine. The new ones are confusing. And - I'd rather drive something new enough that I don't have problems with it now.

    And - that wind was crazy here, too! My son went kit boarding and it picked him up and carried him away. The crazy kid wasn't smart tnough to let go of his rope so it finally dropped him after crashing him into a concrete picnic table. He's fine - just a little bruised, but if he wasn't getting bruised doing that it would just be something else. He's our wild child I've learned to be happy that he's still alive and he's not doing anything illegal.

    The winds were ferocious Monday, too. Did YOU send them?

  25. Glad you had fun, Jaymes! Janie seems like such a genuine and fun girl. I bet she's even the kind of friend that would warn you with her presence, yes?
    Never changed a tire, and I'm hoping I'll never have too.
    Fingers crossed.

  26. oh man...did Mom tell you I have sleeved a cow? Let me tell you it is incredibly hard! I had to have a grown man push my shoulder so I could get in! Ha...larious I know! I majored in livestock and we were doing a research project. Glad you had fun and come help my gardens too!

  27. I would love to hear about your exploration into car restoration! It's something I've always wanted to tackle. My husband drives a 68 Plymouth Fury, every day, to work and back. And my son has a 66 Fury hogging part of my garage. It's the 'work in progress'. I would LOVE a 64 Chevy. I couldn't drive one that was perfect, though. I'd get too nervous. My goal is to get an older car to pull my 69 trailer around. BUT, it has to be cool. :) Great job on attempting to change the tire. That takes guts!

  28. JEALOUS ! Sounds like you had such an awesome visit !

    Love Janie and the girls - and it sounds like you fit in just perfectly !!!!!


  29. I didn't know lip gloss could do so much. When I have a flat I call AAA. No point in killing my back.

  30. Oh, I do love catching up with your shenanigans.

    I heard those SILs of Janie's are quite pretty! (A reliable source told me so...)


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