Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crippled at Hillbilly Haven Version 2.0

Busy editing photos from my trip to Janie's -
Here's a repost from last year - and it's exactly how I feel right now!

I thought this picture was a good representation of how I'm feeling at the moment.
A hillbilly.

Please don't get me wrong. I do love hillbillies.
I'm from a long line of fine southern people.
Wouldn't change that heritage for anything.
There's just something about this time of year that makes me feel like
a hillbilly on an episode of 'American Pickers'.
I walk around wondering who brought all of this junk onto my property.
Things just seem dirty and messy during the month of March.

The weather has been fantastic the last few days, and today promises the same.
I've been working in the yard non-stop.
Cleaning out sheds, the back of the garage, etc.
It's madness.
I'm crippled.
It all seems overwhelming at this time of the year.
The work that lay ahead.
Almost seems impossible at times, and I start looking at moving to a condo.
Last May I actually called a few places!
In June I come to my senses and love my home again, until August hits and the garden is weed filled and burnt by the hot August sun.

I'm so glad that you all enjoyed the Vintage Camper post!
Remember my idea to make a Bed & Breakfast out of campers?

This is what I've come up with:

Knowing I'm going to be much too busy with the garden to run
the B & B, I hired this
gal to take care of that for me.

Selma Jenkins.

It's all good.
When you call for reservations, please ask for her by name.


  1. Gee can I get a discount if I come during the off season, LOL!

  2. I feel the same way about my house right now, too. I was at a gorgeous but sparsely decorated Shenandoah mountain cabin for 4 days over spring break. It was wonderful! But when I came home I looked around at all of my stuff and asked myself, "Why on earth do I have all of this junk?" I wanted to get some boxes and pack it all up. But thankfully, I took a couple of days before I did that. I do love getting rid of stuff in the spring, though. Just something about it that makes you want to purge and make everything knew. And I think making a B&B out of vintage campers is a GREAT idea! But I agree, when on earth would you have time to do it? lol Thanks as always for sharing.

  3. I can totally relate. But I know who brought all this stuff to my farmhouse. It was us. Haha! Hang in there and don't overdo. :)

  4. This post was better than drinking the morning coffee. (Although I don't drink coffee, but I imagine it is lovely.)

  5. Jayme,

    I remember reading and commenting on this post. Was it really a year ago already? Thomas and I were on the front porch sipping our cups of coffee after dinner and making our "To Do" List. It seems it NEVER gets shorter. I am optimistic that we will finally complete everything just in time for someone else to enjoy it.

    Now that the sun is shining and I've crawled out from under my rock, all battered and bruised, I'll be posting more regularly. I have so much reading to catch up on!

    Your Friend,

  6. And I thought it was just me. Our outdoor area is dirty, dusty, covered in leaves, pollen and everything else. It's overwhelming and depressing! We'll tackle it though and before you know it, we'll love it again. But the work...oh lawdy the work....About that condo idea...hmmmm.
    Austin, TX

  7. I always feel like that at this time of the year. So much to do! How can I get this big yard looking as nice as I want it to be? And keep the house the way I want it! So overwhelmed, I get cranky and my husband gets the brunt of it. Then the flowers start blooming, we harvest the first lettuce, and all is well. We can get through it!

  8. The campers are really cute, but I think you should be having second thoughts about hiring Selma. She'll scare off any boarders for sure!

    But, if you decide to go against my advice and hire her anyway - you should at least incorporate a dress code. Or - hand her a pretty apron - or something!

  9. Yes to overwhelmed and cranky...and where is the snow to cover everything up??? Selma? hmmmm...xo

  10. Oh my lawn art can outdo your lawn art I'll bet!! good luck!! I get rid of one thing and my maintenance man brings in two!!~~Rain

  11. You my dear are NOT a hillbilly.... come see some of these Virginia folks and then you'll truly know what a hillbilly is. Our neighbor has so many trucks in the pole shed in his backyard we could SCREAM!!!

    Oh, and don't get me started on him burning trash in a burn barrel.. smells so nice in the springtime wafting through my open windows... what a gaggy lifestyle.

    There are days though when I do want to pack up all my 'crap and send it off to Goodwill... Here in Virginia someone is sure to want it. LOL


  12. I am anxious to work outside but our weather has just not cooperated. Today I'm gonna put rocks in my pockets and try to do the windows.
    P.S. It's got to be pretty windy for ME to need rocks in my pockets! Oh yes, how did you get hold of my family portrait???

  13. I hope you will (when you get the time) show more of your camper. I have been thinking of getting a
    re-ferb Shasta. So when hubby retires we can toodle around a bit and see some sites.

    Hope you are resting up and will be back with us soon.

    God bless your day!

  14. LOL... oh, today you've got me rolling...

    And Selma would have me running... far far away..

  15. Selma looks like a real sweetie! Don't think I can afford your accomedations though! Your yard will be gorgeous again! Can't wait til it is all blooming and you share pics!You inspire me because I live on five acres with 8 little trees planted 6 years ago and swear they haven't grown! So if you can transform your farm I can mine too with a little hard work,sweat,blood and tears! Traci

  16. I need to have the room at the top Jayme! Actually Selma looks familiar. She reminds me of my Aunt Maxine. Although Max was a tad bit trimmer. The family picture is fabulous! I have one just like it, only my family is all carrying guns!

  17. post to wake up a little coffee and I will be good to go for the day! Love the humor as looking at the interior and exterior of my home just gets me much to do and I can't remember where to start! Does anybody know?

  18. Whutchew doon in my yard, takin' my picshure?

  19. Just chuckling at the the humorous pics. Makes my head, which hurts, feel better. Too much wind at the baseball game last night. You have such wit. But then my husband has always said that I'm easily amused, and what's wrong with that?

  20. Thanks for the laugh! My husband is always saying no one would want to mess with me. He obviously hasn't met Selma!I like to think of myself as one tough bird,but even I would run from that.Please don't let her decorate the bed and breakfast.

  21. THANKS for the chuckle this morning as I too am, well, just overwhelmed:)
    Here's to clarity and ONE step at a time:)

  22. Laughing out loud here at Selma and the B & B!!! Love it.

  23. ROFL! Woman, you crack me up! And by the way, where on earth did you find that photo of my family? hehe My yard's a mess, too. The kids are pickin' up sticks right now. Then I'm sendin' 'em fer a bath in the crick.

  24. Ice that arm crip! Also, your B&B picture is the same as the picture i use for my Little Trailer, Big People blog. What can I've met me, I'm big :) Ps we often called aubrie sweet-tatie as she was growin up

  25. Boy, something must be in the air because this is exactly how I feel today. But frankly..........I love the bed and breakfast made up from campers and personally, I would stay there. Just might not tell anyone:)

  26. PS You really have let yourself go. I don't think your trainer is as good as you say. hehehe

  27. Seriously...the campers and your, uh, Reservations Manager are hilarious. Where do you find those photos?! And I can't agree more about March...glad to hear someone else say it. As lovely as spring is, sometimes I dread winter leaving. The prospect of all that has to be done in the gardens and yard can feel overwhelming. To keep on top of it all and keep this old house running inside, can be a tough balancing act. And with Gladys Kravitz (remember her from Bewitched?) on our country road, the pressure is on! Really...does someone have to slow down to a crawl as they drive by to get a good look to see what chores still need doing?! So please, keep may be what keeps us all sane this summer!

  28. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!!

  29. hahaha, I just may call for a night or two! After working nearly non-stop this weekend and only cleaning two (and a little bit) gardens and tossing way to much junk I feel it too! The storms we had here in the NE this winter have wreaked havoc for sure!!

  30. You say some of the funniest things ever! As I scrolled down, I didn't think it would get any better, but it does!! Selma Jenkins!! I love her!! I can't quit laughing....


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