Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Official Skin Serum Infomercial!

I finally did it.
Completed it.
Bottled it.
Be-ribboned it.

Aaron even made an ad for it -
I can't get over how much I love this photo.
That kid never ceases to amaze me.

Here's the official infomercial....
Watch for it on CKTV - (Coop Keeper TV)

Of course, there are bloopers here.
 I've come to greatly admire people that can talk live on TV and not make a fool of themselves. bloopers?
Well, the cat attacks the tripod - I misspelled 'infommercial' in the title - which is still troubling because 'infomercial' doesn't look right either- and I say there's 'nothing natural' in this product, when it should be there's nothing UNnatural.  And then of course I never do say what the product costs.


If you find yourself up in the middle of the night - watching this - wanting this product - please send me an email with your info -
I accept Paypal, checks and money orders.
It'll be in the Etsy shop soon - which is still in the works - but I couldn't wait.

The cost?


  1. Where do I pay???? I'm ready and willing! I'm 50 and my skin and waistline are not to my liking anymore! At least you're addressing the skin issue!

    You continue to inspire and amaze me!


  2. ok, I have to try this...let me know where to send the moolah!

  3. You know, Jayme... you truly are fabulous, and I don't mean that in a joking way... YOU ARE FAB! I hope this product sells like wild fire and you can retire in a year. Oooh, wouldn't that be cool.


  4. OK - I'm sold.I love an entrepreneur and I love great skin even more. Send me your address and I'll send off the money.
    Love your blog Miss Peaches and Cream skin. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  5. Me again, Jayme. I did a post a year back about putting coconut oil on my skin every day and how it helps with aging skin. I remember a lot of people were interested in trying it so I will put a link to your blog and you may get a few more customers. Good luck.

  6. Ohhhhh.... this is tempting my debt reduction!

  7. Awesome. I'd love to try both of them. Let me know where to send the money.

  8. I want some too. I have to get back to Canada first. Will you send it there? Will check next week when I am home. Will pay by paypal! Can't wait.

  9. Jayme, sign me up as the first 10, hopefully. Let me know where to send the check!thxs Dawn

  10. I can attest to how nice that serum is...and Jayme I want to buy some more, and I want the beekbalm. I will mail a check tomorrow!
    Law, I so excited.

  11. Sign me Oup!

    You make my 34-year old skin look like busted up roadkill.

    OK, that may have been an exaggeration.

    Do you deliver???

    ps - Cork was in the kitchen when I fired this up and he yells out, "I know THAT voice!" Ha.

  12. I want to try this. Tell me how to get it. I have looked everywhere for your e-mail and can't find it.

  13. Wish I had money for these kinds of luxuries. I am 60, and Spackle isn't cutting it any more.

  14. Hi Jayme, I came over from Deb's. Looks like you are getting some customers here1 I think your ideas are real good and you present it well. I have recently got into pure essential oils and love them so much! I have been using them in my facial creams and they make such a difference! Good luck with your product, I hope it goes well for you! Come say hi sometime ;D

  15. I looooove my serum and I have seen your fabulouslness up close and can verify it is so! I need some beakbalm asap. When you talk as much as I do, moisture is a def need. Hook me up , you know the email! Love the tag, love the video, love you all!
    PS finally got the shower just now...eek.

  16. Great "info-mercial" ! Your product sounds and looks like a winner. When do you think your Etsy shop will be open?

  17. Love your fabulous info-mercial!! Great job Jayme.
    I wanted to give my first person testimonial. Jayme was kind enough to let me purchase a bottle and I started using it last week. I put it on every night before bed and i love the way it feels going on my skin. It feels so rich and silky. I've already noticed a softness to my skin and my dreaded turkey neck seems to be receeding. I'm pushing the big 50 and I can attest to the fact that it does help.

  18. Jayme- Send me the info on how to get payment to you- I have tried so many products over the years. My skin tends to be dry and a lot of the products make it even drier. I don't know if I am in the first group or not...but it doesn't matter- Are you set up to take credit cards or PayPal? You will need to do that once you get going....Hugs and congratulations! xxoo Diana

  19. OOOH, I gotta have the serum!! my e-mail is let me know how much and where to send!!

  20. This is a very cute infomercial (that really DOESN'T look right). I would love to try it -- and the beakbalm. Are you prepared to ship to Canada?

  21. I love it Jayme! And how clever of you- beak balm? Not corny at all. As soon as we are off our debt reduction crazy livin, I'm callin you UP. I want your glow!
    Bless you and your venture. :)

  22. Sounds terrific -- I'd like to try it. Is it a clever marketing ploy not to post a sales site? Build interest to a frenzy? If so, it's working....

  23. Turning 50 in 4 months and I would love to have some!! Let me know if there is any left. Will get a check out to you as soon as you let me know where to send it to.

    Love your blog!!

    P.S. Tell Aaron he is one heck of a photographer!!

  24. Sign me up! How do I get a bottle of this magic?

  25. Hey! I did your etsy thing..Glad you put up the link.

    Love the vid, its so natural, not like those on TV. You are the real deal.

    Aaron, what can I say, he is spiffy behind that camera.

    Cant wait!!!

  26. I want some of that lip balm....chapstick is like crack for me...not that i know what crack would be like, but just speaking of it's addictive properties...yep....time to end it....

  27. Okay, I've been lurking around here far too long without actually saying hi and introducing myself. :) I have been enjoying your blog for almost a year and I have to agree with are quite fabulous!

    I love the infomercial. You're a natural in front of the camera!

    Good luck with your new business venture!


  28. I haven't watched the informercial yet, but just had to tell you I ADORE that photo/ad that Aaron did! I really think that could pass for a truly professional (expensive!) ad in a magazine. Beautiful. Gotta watch the video now.

  29. Oh stink. I think I missed the first ten. It looks/sounds delightful, Keep! Hey, what's with the Farmgirl and the busted up roadkill?! That conjures up some rather unpleasant mental images, eh?

  30. Sounds good if it works, but I have skin that is dry some places and oily other places. I guess they call it combination skin. Right now I feel like I'm going through my teens instead of menopause. My face breaks out all the time. I gave up my shampoo and use baking soda and a vinegar rinse. I use natural makeup foundation and powder and blush. I jus want to stay away from all the chemicals. I stopped dying my hair and have decided to go natural. Do you know if your product will cause breakouts. I would love the results of better skin without the breakouts. Thanks,


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