Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Winner!

Photo taken at Universal Studios
Thank you all for entering the giveaway - it's so nice to 'hear' from some of the lurkers!

I also wanted to clarify a few things -
Dana corrected me - I've known her way longer than I originally thought.
She's saying it was like 1990ish, maybe even 1989.
How did I miss ten years?
It's typical of me.  I kid you not.  I don't have much of a memory for things.
It's another symptom of ADHD - can you believe it?
I will look at Glenco like he's crazy and say 'what in the sam hill are you talking about?' when he's telling me about something we did, somewhere we went.  I'll swear up and down he's wrong.
Then he shows me a photo of me being there.

One friend swears I went to a Cars concert with her. 
She told me where we sat, what I was wearing, who we went with, and that I drove.
I have no recollection of being there.
And they were my favorite band back in 1980.
I still say I wasn't there - I don't remember it AT ALL.

In fact, I had to confirm with Dana that I had been out to visit her twice, cause I blended both visits into one in my mind, and thought I'd only been to California once!

I am going to announce the winner today.

But first.
A lot of y'all were surprised that I had a belly ring huh?
Do I not seem 'the type'?
I no longer have it - my pants kept rubbing it when I chubbed up, and it had to go.
Dana still has hers.
I thought it adorable - I even had a little Spiderman belly ring.
Adored it.
I am however not the tattoo type.

And I also wanted to explain my odd smiles in the last post's pictures.  I was in my 'smile down' phase.  I thought it an ingenious way of not showing my poor tooth/gum ratio when I would normally smile big.

The winner is....

Oh - wait - another thing to clarify...

These are the cards the winner will choose from!
And - I was amiss in saying that they had just started this business - they just re-launched it would be a better term - it was a re-launch under 'Nostalgic Press' - formerly known as 'RetroCool'.

I suppose I've tortured you enough -
The winner is -
Comment #48!
Nana Diana!!

My Photo

Nana Diana has been a regular commenter for a while, and has become quite dear to my heart.
Congrats NanaDiana!

Email me for instructions to claim your gift.

And thanks again to everyone.


  1. Congrats to the winner!
    The first photo had me laughing so hard my hubby came into see what the hysteria was about...:)

  2. It was rigged I tell ya! just kidding. When looking at the first picture, I started laughing and said "Oh Jayme's at it again" My hubby said, "you mean the coop lady". He has never even read your blog so I find it hillarious that he knew who I was talking about:)

  3. Oh my gosh, I posted that before reading the comment above me. Sounds like husbands everywhere know you.

  4. Well, let's see, I have the same moments where I don't remember things and my husband reminds me...I just play along~ I blame it on menopause :)

  5. Well, I have an excuse for not always remembering. My husband was married twice before me. Sometimes he tells me about something we did, an it wasn't me! I always say "Wrong Wife!".

  6. I had a belly ring as well -- but when I had some tests done at the hospital, it had to be taken out and I never put it back in. Don't really miss it.

    My memory has become horrible after menopause. I don't remember sh*t. But usually stuff that happened yesterday -- I remember long ago pretty well. :)

  7. When you described the memory symptoms I think my husband may be ADD!

  8. Oh- Thank you so much, Jayme. Did you know that 48 is my lucky number? Seriously...I have this NUMBER THING. I was born 12/12/48 and I can add those numbers all kinds of ways to get 8...but I won at #48~~~ Go figure. I emailed you my addy already...I love the ones in the 2nd row- on the left as I am looking at it. The blue with the pink florals. I love them it really doesn't matter. but I do like that one~

    Again, thank you so much- what a blessing you are to me...even if you don't remember anything!;>) You will remember to send my prize, won't you????? xxoo Diana

  9. Congrats NanaDiana! Those cards are so pretty. Enjoy! {love the shark photo, Jayme!}-Tammy

  10. congrats to the winner. My husband has the same kind of memory I always think he is tuning me out. Now I am not sure.

  11. I love that you are a ding dong. I remember nothing. nothing.
    E.gads I have a tattoo and I feel like it was a dumb thing to get. It is on my ankle and a butterfly. Partly why I hate it , it is soooo typical.

  12. Congrats to Nana Diana! I love that name!!

  13. jUST WANTed to let you know that i just found your blog...and God bless you!!! You sound a bit like me....i'm not quite so bad with the ADHd...but we have tons in common. I was scrolling down and found your post about "the disease" and couldn't believe how much you sound like my daughter. She was just diagnosed months ago. When the doc said she had it..he looked at me and said " do you mom". Wow!! What a kick in the face!! LOL I just thought i had "superwoman" complex!! Hee hee. I can't wait to see all your posts...future and past!!

    Thanks for being so honest!!!

  14. Congrats to Nana Diana! Hey we all have memory problems. I don't remember much at all of the 60's...but does anybody? LOL!

  15. Are you kidding me? I didn't win? Seriously? Humph!

    Oh well, if it makes you feel any better I don't remember most of junior high or high school. That's a topic for your porch swing right there.

  16. Jayme, you crack me up! You are SO adorable!

    BTW, I made your Dutch Oven Bread the other day. Mine turned out flatter than yours because I think my Dutch Oven was too big maybe?! It sure was yummy though! I'm going to be on the lookout for a cast iron D.O. that's for sure!

  17. My lousy memory has been a pain in my butt all of my adult life. I told Aunt Jean one time that I'd never seen Chicago; when she repeated that comment to you and/or your sisters, you'uns said you'd driven me around Chicago, around the Loop, back around 1990/91 when I went to see your parents. I was stunned to hear it, as I didn't remember a bit of it. I still don't. Not. one. bit. Never happened as far as I recall. Wish I had that particular memory to enjoy :)

  18. Congratulations to the winner!
    I think I have the same symptoms of your ADD, seriously, I don't remember anything.

  19. I'm new to your blog but you had me from that post on making your wonderful dutch oven bread--I was laughing so hard with the sticky swapout--been there, tho not on camera!! And now that shark--oh my goodness you are way too much fun! Thank you for the joy you bring!! xo Cait

  20. congrats to Diana, those are beautiful cards! I wasn't a bit shocked at the belly march to a different drum, that's what makes you so fun!

  21. Hey Jayme! I've been totally enjoying your blog for about 7 months now. I went to school with you and remember hanging out with you a few times when we were kids on the East Side of Chicago (I'm Chris Matczak and I'm sure you don't remember me!) Anyhoot--I just wanted to send ya a shout out and some kudos on your very entertaining and fun blog. Love to come visit yer chickens and make some of that roasted coffee with ya sometime. Keep up the great blog.

  22. Congrats to Diana! And I am also looking for those ten years...seems the decade from 2000 to 2010 doesn't count to my brain. Like it never happened. 1998 seems like a few years ago...but then I remember my DD was born in 1998 and she's now 13! How did that happen?? ::sigh::
    Waiting for more bee video...hint, hint...
    ~~Rhonda :)


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