Wednesday, March 9, 2011

things that excite me....

After Monday's bare all post - thought we'd do a little light-hearted fun today.
Thank you ALL for your kind comments and emails.
It brought tears to my eyes.
I'm trying every natural aid known to man, and I have to tell you - since eating right and exercising?  -symptoms are significantly reduced.
Glen was able to reason with me yesterday to only purchase two ducks instead of six.

I will be talking about ADHD more in the near future - and I must reiterate here that I feel that the diagnosis was freeing!  I am taking all of this with a great sense of humor, and I feel liberated - and understand my behavior so much better. 

Fear not - I still consider myself Superwoman.
My leotard was just in a bunch.
Sleep deprivation was my Kryptonite.

So yes - I got baby ducks yesterday.
We went to the Tractor Supply store yesterday to purchase a trap for raccoons.
They seem to be everywhere lately, but luckily  - no avian fatalities!

Good God -
they had ducks.
And baby chicks - luckily, they were out of the breed I wanted.

I get a physical pain in my chest just thinking about it.

They had six baby ducks in the tub. 
I wanted them ALL - no duck left behind - it kinda breaks my heart to separate them - but Glen thought two was enough.

Anyhow - started thinking about it and thought of a few things that excite me so much - it's almost hard to bear -
and they are:

When the baby chicks and ducks are in at the feed store.
Farmer's Markets.
Garden Centers.

I've been known to exit the car and forget to shut the door at farm stands and garden centers.
I've also been known to forget to turn the car off.
I just slam it in park and run.

What gets you going?


  1. What gets me started? Long lines of fabric bolts that I can fondle...a cup of hot coffee that someone brings me in the monrning without me, blue sky in summer when a "high" comes through...mounds of fresh, just picked cobs of corn at the farmer's market...the first warm weekend in spring when I dash to the nursery thinking I NEED everything they have!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  2. Going to the library and finding a new book by my favorite author. Bringing home stacks of new books for my husband and I to read.

  3. Lol, I saw your chickens and automatically thought of my hubby. Then when I read that your a "wanna-be" farm girl, I started wondering if hubby has a long lost sister out there. I call him a "wanna-be-farmer". I am actually working on a post right now about his chickens and farming so I can join in Verde Farm's party Friday. Maybe you can check it out when I get it done. Glad your feeling better :)

  4. The first few stalks of asparagus peeking up is almost as good as the first ripe pears. Getting to spend 2 hours in Barnes and Noble alone is great. And any kind of fabric store gets the heart beat up. Also get cranked up for the grandson's sports of football, basketball, and now baseball of which he's a pitcher. Peggy

  5. I believe we are twins separated by birth. Wannabe farm girl, ADD, chickens, no ducks, all that.

    What gets me jazzed? My pugs, yarn, food that I didn't cook or pay for, Humphrey, my pit, Sugar-free Kool-Aid wild cherry single serving thingies, old wood, my torch.........

  6. I'm with you -- bedding and vegetable plants and baby poultry/ducks.

    I do not need any more birds -- that's for sure. But I haven't even started my seeds yet. That's something I need to do.

    What kind of ducks did you get?

  7. Ikea. A really good cup of coffee. Time for crafting. A clean house. Farmers Markets.

  8. Your thought on spring: baby animals, farmers markets, green grass - they feed my soul, too. This is my first visit with you, but I did read the former post and want to wish you well. Restarting exercise, eating healthy, getting enough rest, perhaps taking fish oils, and staying in touch with your DR also seem like good advise. You have a wonderful smile!

  9. Your beautiful gardens are so inspiring...but since I don't have that to look out of my own window? Seeing those first tender shoots in my perennial bed peaking up through the mulch and leaves. Our first soft, spring rain that melts all of that ugly dirty snow away. Opening my door and not only smelling the earth thawing, but hearing birds chirping frantically. Seeing my more snow covering it, just waiting to get its seeds! Three cheers for spring!!!

  10. Sweet Tea on a porch swing and fresh strawberry pie.

  11. Being in the Presence of the Lord!!!

  12. I was at the Tractor Store this past week and there they were. I want to add some bantams in to my flock. Two problems, worry about the full size chickens bullying them when they get to go into the hen house and they are only straight run and hubs promised the neighbor no roosters. Geesh....we live on 10 acres why would he promise that. They can wear earplugs and we give them eggs...I am thinking about rebelling.

  13. Forgot I meant to say the baby chicks, getting to see my grandchildren and going to day trips with my best friends. Well and a hot fudge sundae if I was not on this stinken diet.

  14. Harley trips with my honey.. Long road trips with my family. Tall skinny vanilla latte, Decorating books, Junk sales, My annual 6 week trip back to my Tennessee home, The pacific northwest is beautiful, But I haven't had my heart blessed, Chicken & dumplins or good sweet tea since I've been here..

  15. Those baby ducks!!! I've got chicks coming, but maybe I should order ducks too!!! Have always loved them, but can't find a good excuse to HAVE them.

  16. Umm.. that's Karen of This Old House, not Roba Dolce - sorry, forgot to log out.. again.

  17. You CAN NOT have all the ducks, Jayme! I'm certain there is a little girl out there that wants one so don't be a duck hog!


  18. I love you!! You are STOP!!
    anyway..what jazzes me up? Where to even start?
    goat kids
    goats in general
    cows(especially dairy)
    calves(any and all)
    DOGS!! how could I forget..I love them!!
    rock hunting(fairburn agates to be exact)
    and My #1 all time favorite jazz!!
    a good frosty red beer in hand while sitting out on the deck. My feet up on the rail and the evening fading into the horizon while looking over my vast(few acres) of farmland with all my critters grazing on a grassy hillside!! Heavenly and jazzes me totally!! gosh just the thought has me smiling ...I NEED SUMMER!!!

  19. Those strawberries of yours are getting me going! law.
    Glad everything is going better for you.

  20. The sound of robins singing. I love that sound, I don't care if it's 4:30 in the morning on a day I can sleep in. Jayme, Me thinks I need those ducks...what would I do with them? Can they be turned loose on a pond? Oh I'd just worry about them. I best not...I'm trying to talk the guys I watch to go to the farm store with me right now. I'm trying to convince them it's for the free popcorn and not to look at chicks and ducks.

    I'm thinking you and I would be dangerous together. There is this 'flea market' (I use the term loosely) in Strawtown. I almost got some ducks there last year! Should we go this summer? It's on Thursday mornings....
    Cindy Bee

  21. Peg from DecaturMarch 9, 2011 at 2:10 PM

    We just got back from the local Rural King............they had their chicks and duck babies. Oh my they are so cute. Can't have any where we live though. What gets me excited is chocolate cherry chunk ice cream, a good rummage sale, thrift shops, antique shops, Third Sunday Antique Market, shopping with my daughter, my cocker spaniel Cocoa, organizing my home, walks with my husband and Cocoa, seeing my home town after being gone for years, finding a big find on my genealogy search, phone calls from my Uncle who tells me stories about the family in the old days, seeing that Jayme has a new post, lol.

  22. Love ya jist the way you are. If you are happier - I am happier!
    I do know to shut the door when I see a garden center with fruit trees and baby ducks and puppies at the farmers market...I jist can't seem to stop filling my cart or telling myself there's room for jist ONE more!
    Your baby ducks are sooo cute. Now I am hanker'in for some.

  23. I need you to know that I'm coming to your house and we are sitting in those chairs in your garden and drinking iced tea. Then we'll do a garden tour and talk about each and every plant in your garden.
    It is bee-u-tee-ful, Keepster!
    And those strawberries are nothing to sneeze at either.

  24. I'm quite certain that if I was around any cute like ducks or chickens, it would get me going pretty good. What currently gets me going? I'd say some new green popping up in my garden.

  25. I absolutely love your back yard! I hope to someday have something that is almost beautiful but our house is new, so all of our plants are immature right now. Hopefully we'll have a good growing season.

  26. I would have say that my most favorite thing (besides my family:) is that moment when I look outside and see that wonderful green on the tips of the trees. Heaven, I tell you.

  27. You are a soul sister! One time I got ducks at the feed store, and then went back and got more ducks, and hurried quickly out of the store, as there was a little girl crying her eyes out because someone had bought all the ducks. I am shameless.

  28. I think you really wanted to put Tastee Top on the list, or at least your Freudian slip of leaving your "vehicle" on says that you did.

    Come to think of it, maybe it's Calvin that should be up there???

  29. Driving along the coast of NH and Maine ~ good coffee ~ good wine ~ and an endless supply of SmartWool socks. These are the things that simply make me happy :)
    ~Andrea in NH

  30. I had to laugh at you wanting to bring home all six of the ducks! That is SO me and your husband is SO my husband telling me that I don't need all six! So nice to know there are other couples out there like us!

    I'm excited about chick season! We sold all of our chickens last year because we thought we were going to move. The move fell through and I am missing my chickens terribly! We're going to get 18 chicks the first part of April! CAN'T WAIT! What else... home improvement & garden stores, new photography equipment, a relaxing day with my hubby, watching the veggie garden we planted grow, the list could on!

  31. Travel gets me going...and thrifting....and social interaction of any kind. Well prepared fresh food, taking photos, and lately, going to church. Oh, wine. And vacations. Are you sorry you asked? Bookstores. Love me some bookstores even though I am almost 100% a Kindle girl. It think that's it. Oh, coffee. One more thing...anything pumpkin flavored.

  32. What gets me going: reading your posts, diet coke and chocolate, my grand-daughter Amelia, Bible study, reading romance novels, gardening, family... the list could go on and on!

    Love the ducklings. Can't wait to see them grow. How about their names?

  33. Meee tooo! Im such a goof lol I love all things farmers market and home if you know what I mean. Have you ever been to Canton?! I just left there this past weekend you would loose it there!

  34. Spending time with friends and family. Browsing the farmers markets, just being outside on a sunny day. Cynthia

  35. Coop-I'm about to go back to rural king and get some ducklings - STOP ME. I mean it! I went there yesterday, took some pics and I keep looking at them, and they are so cute...and my husband isn't telling me NO...not directly anyway....gaahhh

    Cindy Bee

  36. You have such a grand talent, thank you for sharing it with us! I am greatly moved by your ADHD column. Having taught school for 34 years, I have seen my share. My rule of thumb re: meds was, of course, see a dr., but I monitored behavior at school and as long as the meds helped the focus and did not interfere with is innate personality it all seemed optimum. When personality is diminished it is devastating.

    Love the duckies, WHAT fun!
    Good, good wishes to you and yours.

  37. I was sooo close to buying some ducks!! I had to force myself out of TSC without them. 10 Chickens in the city is enough, lol.

  38. Mmmmmm... Those strawberries are to die for! I've been known to push aside old ladies for the last flat of berries at a farm stand. But seriously, farm stands in berry (pie) season get me going big time. As do estate sales and small town antique stores. Your little duckies are too freakin' cute!

  39. I must say that I'm a bit disappointed that you never reply to my emails. I won't be commenting again.

  40. Dear Anonymous - I'd love to know how you are! I get two hundred emails a week, and I'm so sorry, but I can't respond to them all in a timely manner - I try..but I can't. If you'd care to send me ONE more - I'd love to talk to you.....!

  41. Let it go Jayme, one gets away every once in a while...I know your still stewing over it! On a lighter the picture of the strawberries. Okay, what gets me going...fabric and flowers. I have almost gotten out of the car without putting it in park at the garden center. Seriously, a true story. Now on to more serious stuff, tomorrow night...Emily or Chantelle? I think Emily is so sweet but I think Chantelle might be a better life match for him...hmmm...what do you think? Oh, and I didn't realize Emily is only 24 and Brad's 38...Chantelles' 28. Can't wait to find out. You will know two hours before me, not fair! Hugs, Patty

  42. Are you inferring that ADHD is a bad thing? I'm so jealous of you people. It seems that all that energy accomplishes so much more than my bouts of lethargy. Or is it just the lack of focus that makes us both suffer? :)

  43. "I've also been known to forget to turn the car off."

    Oh good gosh! I am so glad I'm not the only one!!

  44. Love you blog and now am your newest follower!
    Things I love:
    warm spring days with a cool breeze and the smell of flowers in the air.
    Good, fresh food--especially out of my garden!
    farmers markets


  45. There you go again... making me want ducks! I'm starting to think of water sources for my backyard so I can bring in a few. (My husband is going to cry!).

    Pray for me - I'm giving my first gardening talk at a local nursery this Saturday - terrified that I don't really know what I'm talking about and someone will call me on it!

  46. People like you who share themselves in the raw! Just found your blog and love your 'down to earthness'! I am your footsteps....


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