Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Introducing....Nostalgic Press! (pssst...a Giveaway too!)

Stacey and Dana of Nostalgic Press

I couldn't wait another day to tell you about a business venture that my friends Dana and Stacey have begun!
Before I do - I'll give you a little background on how I know these wonderful gals.

I met Dana back in - gosh - it must have been 1998 or so, at a Women's Conference.
Weird like I am - I met her - and said 'I have a feeling we are going to be great friends'.
Sometimes I just know things.
It's hard to describe.
I mean - KNOW things.

Disclaimer - yes..I'm fat - but I'm in no way as fat as that blouse-y get up makes me appear - really!  I wasn't!

Anyhoo - we formed a fast and fun friendship.
We enjoyed each other's company often - and there were always tears - mostly from laughter - some from sharing our hearts - but it was always so, so, so good.
I adore her.

We took road trips to Minnesota to see Sarah Brightman in concert - 

We'd go camping together and keep the whole campground up while we giggled at 2am by the fire.

And cooking?

She's one of the few friends that I have that adores cooking like I do.
We could talk til the end of the earth about things like Gnocchi with Sage Butter, and Flourless Chocolate Cake with Marscapone.

She gets me.

And then she got something else.
A bug up her butt to move to California to go to Culinary School.

I forgot to mention that she's selfish.
She done up and left me in or around the year 2000.

We had our belly buttons pierced together (well - not TOGETHER - but at the same time) right before she left for California as our 'friendship rings'.

I had the pleasure of visiting her in San Pedro, California a couple of times. Once was in September of 2001.
I was actually there when the planes hit the Twin Towers and my was a nightmare getting home.
A very somber visit, and sadly my last visit so far.

I was blessed to meet her friend Stacey while I was there - and all I can say about Stacey is this - you can't say enough about her.  There is no way.  You can't begin to put into words the fabulosity of this girl.
She's Snow White and Emily Dickinson all rolled up into a petite ethereal bite of sugar.

Well...Dana and Stacey have gone and started a wonderful business....

They are both lovers of all things vintage - and they have offered to give away a box of cards here on me olde blog!

Take a look at some of their offerings:

Greeting cards: Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Baby, Thank You, Friendship, Congratulations, Sympathy, New Home, Bon Voyage, Retirement and Military Support

The Coop Keeper's Favorite!  And - a box of these will be given away to one of my lucky readers!

Boxed Notes (Blank)

There's a bunch more on their website!
Trust me - if there is a need for a card - they have filled it!  Every situation you can imagine - except for maybe
'Sorry you have ringworm and hanker for a goat that Glen won't let you have'

I dont' think they have that one yet.

They also have t-shirts, mugs, magnets and all sorts of fun available through Zazzle.
Click on the link in their website for more information on that.
Oh - and did I mention they offer free shipping?

I can vouch for the quality and attention to detail these gals give everything.  Many of these cards are hand embellished as well.
They do custom work!

Please take a look at:
 To enter this blog giveaway - all you have to do is leave a comment!  No - you don't need to stand on your head, spin three times and Facebook it, follow me on Twitter or any of that other foolishness...just comment!  If you feel inclined - please tell Dana and Stacey what your favorite card is...

If you normally comment here as anonymous - please put your name at the end of your comment...thanks.

I'm going to let this run until Sunday, March 20th, before I pick a winner.
You shant be disappointed!


  1. Are you sure they don't have one for ringworm and Glen won't let you have a goat?! Dang! That's the one I needed! Great cards. I always like to look at greeting cards in the store and usually end up cackling over in the corner and having people stare at me.

  2. Any card with a birdy on it is my favorite. Great post, Jayme!!


  3. Love the cards. Might talented friends ya got there.

    I done gone and got myself a fussy baby by holding her so dang much that now I can't seem to update you properly.

    I have one very attractive young male in the house right now perplexed with installing my wireless internet and basic cable for the men folk. This young man's services are saving me $50 a month and making my lunch far more interesting. :)

  4. Oh, these girls look super rad. I do believe I remember you telling me about your fun friends. So nice to meet 'em here! And their wares are just perfect.

  5. How cool do these look? Wow. I hope I win...but even if I don't,I think I'll have to check out their site.

    Love this post...especially your pic of your pants unzipped. ha. You are so brave!! xoxox

  6. What a treasure! I adore stationary and have to drive into Chicago to find anything worth wasting ink on. I will definitely add these ladies to my favorites' list! Thanks for sharing. Sending both a virtual bouqet to wish them luck on their new venture.... As one of the women is a chef, have they considered adding beautiful recipe cards to the collection(another weakness of mine)!

  7. "Pick me, pick me!" My favorite card? Why "cocktail time," of course! :-)
    Jayme, sometimes I feel as if you and I have met. Maybe you just have one of those faces.
    xo, Cheryl

  8. Well Jayme, I have 3 goats, 2 horses, 1 donkey, 3 barn cats, 33 hens, 3 roosters, 13 baby chicks, and just added 2 lionhead rabbits (one of my impulsive purchases). I also have a dog and cat in my house. Needless to say my husband has forbidden me to go near any store that has live animals for sale without him. I too have ADHA and sometimes (well most of the time) make impulsive purchases. What can I say, I love my little farm. Also love your blog and everything about you. We could have been sisters.


  9. Right up my alley. I like your faves the bestest. I do the oh-my-goodness-we're-gonna-be-best-friends thing, too. What a gift it is to have the discernment necessary to skip the preliminaries and just get into the business of being besties.

  10. You are FUNNY!.... and quite a writer too.... I really enjoyed this post.....did I mention enthusiastic?

    Please enter me in the giveaway too. I adore notecards and these look just yummy....

    Warm huggies,

  11. those photographs are hilarious! You have ringworm? You want a goat? You pierced your belly button?

    Hmmm. So much to ponder :)

  12. I love the cards. I can't believe you pierced your belly button, you're so brave! Did it hurt?

  13. Those are awesome! I love all things retro and these look so fun!
    Lawsy mercy I hope I win, Keepster!

  14. It has been years since I had a close friend as mine passed away. You are so blessed. I wish these girls much success! Thanks for introducing them. I could not get the link to go to their store. Said Oops! Link broken.

  15. Jaymes, take is from someone who herded and took to market goats... you DON'T want one.

    Love you,

  16. Wow, Dana sounds like one awesome lady. Thank you for sharing.

    I love these cards! They are so lovely. I think the ones with the flowers are my favorite.

  17. Its good to have a fried for that long, you are blessed!

    I clicked on the link you posted, its not going to the website for me? But I googled it and found the site. Boy, I like their Thank You cards!

  18. Love the note card. I also really like the polka dot back ground. Is it your or theirs? would love to know what was used for it.... Mary Mazurkiewicz

  19. Had a lady offer me a goat at flea market in Florida once. "Wanna buy a goat?", she said as she thrust it toward me. I wasn't really in the market for one at the time.
    Please enter me in your drawring too!

  20. Awh, right after I comment I am going to check their web site. I love the one with the bird on it as well as the rest!!!

  21. Who doesn't love birdies. Count me in. :)

  22. I need the one that says, "You did what to yourself?" for the next time you pierce a body part!! Good luck to the girlfriends on their new venture!

  23. You are blessed to have such a wonderful friend! I enjoyed perusing the cards and love the baby ones the most. So cute! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway! ~~Rhonda :)

  24. What a fun friendship! I would like another piercing in my ears...anyone want to go with ME? heehee! I love the Serendipity cards...very whimsical and fun! Thanks! ♥

  25. I'm with you the bird ones are my favorite. Very talented gals!! Fixin to check out their site..

  26. Love Love Love Vintage! What adorable products.

  27. cute pictures. Pierced belly button... ouch! Gosh, I want a goat and some alpacas, maybe we could get a deal. I love your friends goods. My faves are the swell citizen tee and the be nice mug. Cute!

  28. I popped over to tell you that I mentioned you on my blog today and then WOW! a give-away. So, sure I'd love to win some cards especially if they have cats or bunnies or birds or elephants on them. Yes, I love animals. Anyway, love your blog. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  29. Maybe they can make a "Mmmmhmmmm.... and I don't even feel good" card! :)

    very cute and oohlala!

  30. I love those cards!! All of them!
    what a blessing you have such a fun and creative friend, even if she did move away!

    Please enter me in the drawing!
    Tracy B.

  31. What a fun story and beautiful cards!! Could never just pick just one they are all too good!

  32. Please enter me. I LOVE stationary of any kind!

    Okay, be truthful, did the belly-button thing hurt like the dickens?

  33. I adore retro...any of these cards would thrill me. Thanks for the contest.

  34. Your Canadian FriendMarch 16, 2011 at 2:37 PM

    YOU have ringworm?

  35. The classic film cards are great! Loved the Katharine Hepburn quote.

  36. Pure brilliance I say! What fun cards. I was laughing so hard at the fact of the lack of sympathy for the ring worm and lack of goat thing, that I had to explain it to my hubby. To which he just looked at me sort of funny. AND on another note, the dutch oven bread has become a huge hit at our house, my hubby's new favorite. He works out of town on the weekends and lives with a group of guys who are also very fond of it. I just want to thank you again for keeping me smiling and laughing and giving me GREAT ideas.


  37. I stumbled upon your blog about a month or so ago and I gotta tell ya, you crack me up. The blizzard walk videos are great! Thanks for the smiles! Oh I do love the cards, I have to check out their site and I looove anything with birds!

  38. Well holy know how to get yourself some comments!! :)
    Here's one...YOU HAD PANTIES ON IN THAT BELLY RING PICTURE!! I noticed! :)

    And if I win, don't publish this entire comment...b/c I want to protect your modesty! Ha!

    My favorite is the "Yip-e-Ky-A" card! I don't care what it says on the had me from "Yip"!!!

    Miss you...and I'm leaving town soon. Be ready to rock when I get home!!

    P.S. A fried brought to my attention that Easter is the same weekend as the garage sale is planned!!! What do I do now?? The next weekend is the annual St. John garage sales..and I wanted to have most of it gone by then. Do you think you could slip over in my absence and have it all marked and put out for me? Thankyouverymuch! xxoo

  39. Jayme, I never win anything but I just love the wY you describe things. I feel like I know those wonderful women.

    I love the old fashioned roses and I am glad that someone has started something like that.


  40. Love ALL those sweet cards! Thanks for the chance. You have a pierced belly button? You are wayyy hipper than I...or me...or is it I? :)

  41. hey, maybe those gals can print up your pink chicken cards for ya!! are so lucky to have such kindred spirits.

  42. too cute - love the vintage look, and I just got through telling a friend the other day that they don't make cards like they used to. Thanks for the introduction to Nostalgic Press!

  43. I absolutely love it all! I'll keep them in mind next time I need to order invitations/announcements/cards...

    Also, I'm a new follower- my mom is Chris @ Red Gate Farm... I'm planning on trying the bread you demo-ed :)

  44. all the cards and will for sure check out their site! I left my BF 7yrs ago and moved here to Indiana, I so miss the late night chats and laughing until we cried!

  45. What a wonderful friendship! It sounds very special indeed. I am heading over to take a look, but what you highlighted is very impressive and different from the cards everyone else has. Thanks for the introduction and the chance to win.

  46. Every time I come here I:

    a) learn something new about you.
    b) laugh and/or cry
    c) learn a new something you teach me

    Gotta say it... I can't believe I spent almost a whole week with ya and never knew you'd had a BB piercing!


    Lynda on the Farmlet

  47. how cute!! love these!! :)

  48. I love that you have friends like that! How wonderful and what a joy to you life. I often "KNOW" things can be a blessing...or not...xxoo Diana

  49. I love anything vintage also. I am going to check out you friends site.

  50. Jayme pick me pick me I want those wonderful cards my dear!!! oh yeah and just when I was going to ask you if you wanted to pierce your belly button with me I find out you already have, dang woman that just makes me sad. Nancy Settel

  51. Count me in missy. I can't believe you have a belly button ring!

  52. Love the cards, and the story of your friendship with Dana. Exciting news about the biz... I shall check out the site! -Tammy

  53. I'm with you Coop Keeper on your choice of cards. They are very happy and cheery. And don't we all need a little cheerin' up from time to time!? Love your blog!

  54. Love them all! Beautiful cards! Traci

  55. Heck yes, throw my name into the hat please. I love their designs. Especially the Yippee-i-o-kai-ay card, there are days when I'd like to send a card like that around the office. : )


  56. Jayme I'm lovin the nostalgic-press look! what fun! Hope I win...
    Glad you are feeling well once off the ADHD meds! Keep up the good work..

  57. Those cards are right up my alley. Please enter me in the contest. Love your site. tea4too

  58. They all look so cute! Fantabulous - it would be hard to pick just one!! :) Special thanks that we just need to comment. Some of those with 48 different instructions leave me speechless!

  59. Wow! The cards look amazing. Hope the girls make a great success of their business! When I first read "Nostalgic Press" I thought their business would have to do with printing up life histories. But this is even better. Wonder if they would want to do the histories as a side line... I've really got to get busy and write up our family history.

  60. Jayme,

    I didn't see any pink chicken I guess my favorite would be "It's cocktail time."

    Cindy Bee

  61. I love vintage and I love BLUE! Beautiful artwork!

  62. Beautiful! jan hmmmmm no goat cards

  63. I love the boxed Thank You cards. I try very hard to send a handwritten thank you note to friends and family for gifts of time, love and friendship. I think it's fitting the company's name is Nostalgic Press. We need to remember the past to have a brighter more greatful future.

    Laura -

  64. Very cool cards and products! Wonderful!

  65. the leprechauns must have stolen my comment, don't see it... love the cards, the 60's were good the first time around and they still are pretty cool man!

  66. My favorite is the "you did what to yourself?" I too have an intuition when meeting people and making friends. That is one reason I have been reading your blog for quite a while now. Wish we lived close to each other so we could be quirky together:) BTW-you are beautiful and should never apologize on how you look. Your vibrancy comes out in every picture.

  67. Oh cool. I shan't miss this one... I love nostalgia and vintage all wrapped up in one.

    That Serendipity Collection looks wonderful.


  68. What fun cards! So creative and festive.

    Thanks for the chance!

  69. Wow!!! I ***LOVE*** those, truly! Hope I win!

  70. Nothing like a good give-away to lure me out of my shell. I love the blue and green "you believed you achieved" card because today was the very first day of posting on my very brand spankin'new b-b-b-blog. Maybe I should have chosen the card that say "You did WHAT to yourself?"

  71. These are adorable! I'm headed over to visit!

  72. OH GOODIE!! I love cards, most any kind of card that fits a particular occasion (I've not needed that ringworm/goat one yet, though...). I love writing letters the old fashioned way and sending "thinking of you" cards, oh and Thank you! cards, not enough of that in the world today. Fun stuff!! ~Vonnie, NH

  73. I've just recently discovered my taste is all things vintage :) Love it!

  74. So darn cute! I want them all!

  75. They've stolen my idea! Okay, I just fantasized about doing something like this, someday.....

    Love their cards and I want to support a small business run by fine ladies!

    Thanks, Jayme, for giving us this opportunity!

  76. I love these! LOVE the colors and the birds. I have to say, you almost had me in tears talking about your friendship.

  77. I really like the classic film cards.

    So sorry they don't have your ringworm/goat card yet! I was looking for one that says "sorry you live in a stupid city that won't let you have chickens within the city limit." But they don't have my card yet either!

    Thanks for sharing these cards!

  78. Giggling like that with a friend who "gets" you is the best! Haven't met you -yet- Jayme, but you make me laugh! I, too, love anything with birds. Love those cards best!

  79. I like the card that says "You Did What o Yourself" Too cute! Great give away.

  80. Wow! Pierced navel! I must admit I was a little shocked, but I think it's great. Those vintage cards are awesome. You are always full of surprises girl. Cynthia

  81. How CUTE!! Love the vintage!! My favorite is the "you believed you achieved" card!!

  82. Ok Jayme, this is really awesome and can I just say the way you describe people you love just makes me want you to love me ;) LOL I absolutely love the group of cards that are your favorite--colorful and birds too :)
    Hugs, Amy

  83. I love the retro swell citizen t-shirt. These day, so many people are grumpy, uptight, and unappreciative. That's my fave!

  84. Jaymee, I am a loyal follower from Louisiana. I would love to win the boxed cards. Please pull me!!!


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