Friday, March 4, 2011

A Change in Programming....

Due to a sleepless night, and a restless morning - and now an impromptu trip to Chicago -
the Pie Crust Tutorial will be tomorrow or Sunday.
I'm sorry - I have to stop promising to have things on certain days!  It never seems to work out!

I leave you with this:

I hope that you find the beauty in the mundane, everyday, not-so-glamorous details of your life.

Ultimately - it seems that more than half your life is made up of these moments.
Feel the warm water.
Enjoy the soap suds.
Appreciate the beauty of things accomplished and in order.

Half of your life is a lot to miss.

“…the powerful religion of ordinary life, a spirituality of fresh mopped floors…and clothes blowing on the line.” ~ Adair Lara


  1. Oh law, I think I am first again.

    Even you kitchen sink looks dreamy. How is this possible? You are the might Coop Keeper and you keep a might fine coop, I say.

    Have fun in Chicago, bring us back a video.

  2. Loved your post! The every day mundane things of life is where the joy lies ~ especially when living them out in His presence.

  3. I find a lot more beauty when the mundane is at the stage yours is in the picture - dishes done, moving on!

    Here's something weird: I had to put in new kitchen faucets about a month ago, and they are identical to yours. What must this mean?

  4. Washing dishes while watching the birds out the window is one of my favorite pastimes. :)

  5. What a great reminder! Isn't it a shame how often we forget?

  6. I do say that washing dishes is very theraputic (at least for me).

    ((most days))

    There is nothing better then coming downstairs in the morning with a counter top clear of dirty dishes and the glass and plastic mountain looming high on the other side - drip drying. :)

    At which the point is then to see how quietly I can put it all away without waking up the littles - only to start over with the dirty dishes for another round. Crazy JOYS!!!!!

  7. With doing daycare here it truly is a relaxing moment when din din time is over, two 4 year olds are picked up for pre-k and the kitchen is all clean and things put away while 3 take their afternoon nap. Then I get to read my fav coop keeper. LOL Peggy

  8. we are on the same page. I love your dishes. Your mundane is beautiful.

  9. You post the pie thingy whenever you'd like.,..I'll wait. I try to put zing in my chores or mondaine as you call it. I even sang to my chickens this morning and walking back to the house I realized it was raining and...I was sing'in in the rain! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  10. Thank you for putting a different spin on the ordinary mundane chores we all do on a daily basis. Sometimes you do feel satisfied with a shiny sink board and neat linen closet.

  11. I loved your blog... loved the sense of community... until you said you can't/won't visit others. I feel disconnected from here as of late. I wish you the best.

  12. Okay Jayme I will some catching up to do anyway. Went to Gander Mountain collected my butane burner, butane and a whirly popcorn popper today. Have to order the coffee beans and then I'm in business. Hope it doesn't take long for them to come when I figure out what kind and where to order them. Husband joked that this coffee will only cost about $75.00 a pound. lol
    Peg from Decatur

  13. Oooh, Keepster - I wish I could make an impromptu trip to Chicago. Sounds fun. Well, I suppose I could, but it might take me a bit longer to get there.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this post.
    Brought back memories of getting that advice as a young mother.
    I thought I knew it all.

  15. Aw what the heck...promises are MADE to be that be right? Well, you just go right ahead and enjoy yourself in Chicago and we will wait drooling over our keyboards for your return. Kisses and hugs from your crazy WI friend- Diana

  16. I love the everyday, mundane things in life which is exactly why my hubby & I decided to bite the bullet and become a one income family! I'm proud to say I'm a housewife! It's not easy but it's worth having the house in order; seems less stressful!

    Have fun in Chicago!

  17. Give me the humdrum, everyday, boring stuff over any of the exciting things in life. I find happiness in the little things. Feeding the chickens, raking leaves, taking a walk, and hot soapy water isn't bad either.

  18. Lovely quote! Also, I think I have a crush on your dish drainer.

    Have fun in Chicago. I wanna go with!

  19. Words to LIVE by. Now, wanna come over here and wash the mound of dishes in MY farm sink...oh, the warm water, the fragrant suds!

    Happy weekend to you, Jayme -

  20. I refer to my kitchen sink as my "think tank". Love the post!!!!

  21. Good point, Jayme. Stop and smell the roses. I need to appreciate the 'mundane' more.

  22. HA! Just did a sink full of dishes here too. Seems never ending even with just the two of us. BAH... me no likey dish pan hands!



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