Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Pie Tutorial Indeed

Good grief all mighty.

I changed clothes three times.

I had my hair arranged.
My lips were glossed perfectly.

I set up the camera - and half way through the video - goofed up so much, I had to start over.

Guess what?
No more half and half.

Went to the store.

Came home.
Rearranged my hair again.
Changed clothes again.

Re-shot the video.
Half way through - made another blunder.

Started over.
Washed the dishes, set everything up again.

The third times a charm, eh?
Was so confident and entertaining...
Started rolling out the pie crust, and the camera batteries died.

I'm giving up for the day!
Cause - crabby women can't make good pies.
It's a well known fact.
And crabby women don't make fun wives either.

If you're really hankering to get your pie on, check out the blog I did here:


  1. Well, it's a dang good-looking pie. I can almost smell it yumminess.

  2. Cut yourself some slack, girl! You sure do persevere! I would have thrown in the towel after the second try ...but then, truthfully, I cringe at the very thought of being in front of a camera, so I probably would never have gotten that far!

    : )

  3. You're well worth the wait. No matter how long it takes. Makin the second loaf of your great bread tonight. Peggy

  4. LOL- Does it EVER fail!?! Try ricing Sweet potatoes for a dish with a Snoopy Sno-Cone maker...yeah...seriously. Will look for the Happy Pie Crust video another day! xxoo Diana

  5. I think a teleprompter would be helpful -- or a cute cue-card man. :)

  6. Hate those days. First I feel virtuous (sp?) that I didn't quit. Then I feel dumb for all the time I wasted trying. Such a fine line figuring out what the right attitude is, huh? Crabby women do nothing well cept poppin' a cork! ;-0
    We've had enough rains to wash the house n barns away and the whole farm is crabby. What now?!
    Hope you're warm n snug and dreamin of pie crusts... I am. Now.

  7. You poor thing! I hope the next one you just enjoy yourself, even if things go wrong. That what I love so much about your blog. You help me laugh at my silliness, and enjoy life and work! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  8. Well I too will try again Jayme......I thought I left a comment but looked and it's not there. Just wanted to say maybe you could give us a list of what will be needed so that when your video pops up we will be ready to get our bake on.......if there is something like peanut oil or some such. Thanks so much for doing this for us. It is renewing my old retired life to be learning new stuff! Peg from Decatur

  9. I found you through dog trot farm and love your blog. I love pie but have a problem with home made crust. can't wait to see your video

  10. I do this all the time, not the clothes changing, or the hair do's but the running out of stuff.. all the time!
    I wanna watch the video , but I ain't makin' no pie, bc I wouldst eat the whole dern thing!

  11. This, my friend, is why I will likely never make a video. Either way, your post was still quite entertaining. :)

  12. Well, you are going to have to go a ways to beat your sour cherry video. Wish you could incorporate this video and the three "blunders" into the beginning of your new pie crust video. Bet it would go viral. You are too cute!!!

    That pie crust looks absolutely scrumptious!

  13. You inspire me. Maybe I will make a pie.

  14. I use store-bought pie. Why, you might ask? Lazy is the answer. But you sure inspire me... I think I might even attempt the bread.

  15. Don't give up! A blunder is human and it makes everyone feel normal too ;-) Great photo!

  16. Have you made the connection yet with your weight and being a good cook? You like your own cooking and don't mind cooking. Do you ever say, "Bake a pie? No way! Too much trouble!"
    No? I'm guessing you never mind doing it.

  17. Okay! This is halarious! I feel like you just discribed almost every project I begin! Love your blog! xo caroline

  18. Hubby brought in a bunch of apples, I wonder if he was looking over my shoulder when I was viewing the other post about making the pie. I guess I will be baking a pie.

    NOW mind you, I could not make a video like you do, Heck, I cant even leave a message on an answering machine, I freeze up. But I will try it and post about it.

    God Bless your day!


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