Monday, March 14, 2011

Did Ya Think I Forgot About Pink?

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I have to be honest with you -
with everything going on in Japan, I find it hard to blog.
Everything seems a bit trivial in my life -
the images of horror I'm seeing make my home, my gardens, my chickens, Glenco, my friends, my beloved BoyChild and my family all that more precious to me, and it's a sobering heart check of what's truly important in life.


It's beauty full, and it does go on - for some of us -
and the fact that I'm sitting here writing this proves that it goes on for me, and if you are reading this - then it goes on for you -

Let's try, let's try to go on.
Oh, and before I'm off this subject...let's not just 'go on' - let's live!  Let's thrive! - let's love and live and suck the marrow right out of the bones of this life we have!
Good Lord it's short - and there's no time to waste.


Lest you think I've fallen off my 'Pink Chicken' debt reduction wagon - I thought I'd best give you an update.

It's moving - but a lot slower than I'd imagined.

I've been 'frugaler' than frugal -

Ate out for what I believe was the first time this year - (it was my anniversary).

The only purchase I made that was unnecessary was the two ducks.  $10.
Cheaper than a therapist!

I cancelled my debit card early in February - makes it impossible to make a hasty purchase when you've no way to pay for it.

I'm on a strictly cash basis.
I own no credit cards.
I have no debit card.
I don't really ever carry cash with me either - unless I'm on my way to the grocery store.
All purchases are pre-planned.

The rising cost of gas and the incredible coldness of January hit the budget hard.
Despite turning the furnace to 60 at night and only 65 during the day - the heating bill remained the same!
Despite practically using candles for light - the electric bill stayed the same!
I do declare that furnace ran day and night for the months of December/January.
I do. Declare.

Dave Ramsey
(used with permission)

I'm not missing the home phone at all.

I called on February 9th to cancel Directv - and they asked me what I'd be willing to pay a month for it - I told them $20.  And that's what I pay now.  Glen's happy.  I'm not sure he was on board with losing his "Holmes on Homes" and the DVR. 
Gotta keep the hubby happy!

Food bill has been running about $300 a month.
Don't buy any processed foods at all anymore except Glen's potato chips. 
(please see statement above!)

A few trips to the Doctor took some money - new tire needed for the Heep - well, you get the idea.
Guess what?
Life happened!

I've been toying with the idea of getting a job but -
Aaron's toying with the idea of coming back to homeschooling.
(Be still my heart).

I'm not sure I'll reach my July 4th goal - but I'm not giving up on it. 

I might have to pimp the blog.
I have my skin oils all bottled and ready to go. 
I have other ideas, Etsy shop, etc.
I'm planning on dividing all my perennials and having a plant sale.

I'm planning on growing/canning as much of our food as possible this year.

I still don't think I could kill a chicken.
: - (

So I continue to come at my debt from the back door - looking for more ways to save - looking for other things to do with the talents I have, instead of leaving the home.

Just gotta get creative.
Gone are the days of giving up just cause things got a little hard!

I'm curious as to how YOUR debt reduction is going, and if you are still living in a shade of pinkness?
Do share your successes and struggles!

(Again I want to thank you for all of your wonderful comments and concerns on my ADHD blog post! I'm completely free of the meds now - and feeling good - sleeping again.  I'm eating a very clean diet, and it's helping tremendously (but may I interject here it wasn't fun at first) - I'm down 15lbs, and feeling fantastic! - working harder at scheduling my day, etc. - more on all that in a future post.)


  1. 15 lbs! Holy chicken! You are doing great. Wish I had you gumption with all the new things you are doing in your life. You are an inspiration.

  2. You sound so much more cheerful and happy. Perhaps it's that Spring is on the way for all of us. The Japanese are very strong-willed and shall conquer the obstacles put before them.Our prayers for them help also. Wishing you much happiness each day.

  3. Glad the pink chicken is back! I was a teensy bit worried she'd been sacrificed in the name of debt reduction. Whew!

    So... funny you should ask... our tax return came, and we paid off...


    9 bills completely, 4 bills partially, stocked the freezer fully, loaded the pantry to the ever-lovin' brim, ate Mexican OUT (first family meal out since I can remember), gave out a little here and there in kind, bought 2 birthday presents, 4 tanks of gas, an ice cream cone, 4 Frosty's, a Father's Day gift, an Easter Basket, SPP's Spring & Summer Wardrobe (from Consignment)...

    But wait... there's more!...
    Stuffin' for 3 Easter Baskets, replacement parts for the grill...

    ...and then we called the phone/cable/internet company and told them to take this job and shove it... we got our walkin' papers and walked them right on over to the local company and are now saving the difference of $50 a month.

    I saved $68.78 at the grocery store this week.

    My kids and my husband are now all taking their lunches to school reducing my daily lunch spending from $7 a day to a little over $3 a day. Amen.

    My heart feels like it should do a dance. We've made a dent! Hooray!

  4. Oh I just love that photo of the chicken eating out of your hand. I also am a big fan of Dave Ramsey, but struggling. Living with teenagers and animals it is very, very hard to control ANYTHING including my mouth. We don't do cable, just Netflix. Run the heat about the same as you. No new credit cards, just paying off the old. Trying not to waste elec and water, but right now need heat lamps. I can kill a chicken for meat, but it ruins my day (and the chickens). Trying to get a cushion in the bank so everything is not a crisis - but not there yet. I am a single mom, and most folks think that is harder, but I am just glad I don't have anyone to fight with about money. That's my story.

  5. We reviewed our home owners insurance ..... found we were way over what we needed to replace the cabin and personal property....brought down the house payment....working on the other stuff....


  6. Oh Aaron boy... praying for ya girl!!
    I want him to be happy and you too!
    If he is, I know you will be too.

  7. Fifteen pounds! That's a lot of butter. Glad you're doing so well. Tell us what's going on with Aaron these days.

  8. Fifteen pounds would put me halfway to my goal. Proud of you Girl!

    I couldn't kill a chicken either. Still have a memory of what that was like when I was a wee farm girl in Iowa... the sound of the axe. whack! Nope, not me... can't do it.

  9. Congratulations on losing the 15 pounds (I think I have found them) you seem so much happier. Chickens are for eggs not dinner!!!

  10. Only the mortgage and one car payment. Plus utilities. We heat with a woodstove, so that helps. Thinking about cancelling cable and just doing Netflix, but the hubby loses sports... I think he might have to listen to them on the radio for free. We only shop cash for the most part. No credit cards. Sometimes the debit card. You are an inspiration! Great job on the -15 lbs!!!

  11. I love that you celebrate reducing debt- and are so creative in doing so!
    I've been trading office support tasks for chiropractic care and naturopathy, and a queen size quilt for 4 mos of massage therapy! Also shut down the credit cards (except Sears, for the contractor husband)and am trying to use cash for groceries, instead of debit. Thanks for such a great site!

  12. You are right....our lives should be lived to the fullest and this crisis in Japan has brought it to the forefront. I have a cousin over there and his wife is Japanese.

    Good job on the debt and the weight loss. I do not have a debit card, never have had one, and I don't use my charge cards very much. We've been using them on building our house because we get 1% back and that's a lot when you are building a house!

    Cindy Bee

  13. You are right....our lives should be lived to the fullest and this crisis in Japan has brought it to the forefront. I have a cousin over there and his wife is Japanese.

    Good job on the debt and the weight loss. I do not have a debit card, never have had one, and I don't use my charge cards very much. We've been using them on building our house because we get 1% back and that's a lot when you are building a house!

    Cindy Bee

  14. PS - We pay the charge off every month.

  15. We're planting more gardens this year and I am going to do some canning and drying of herbs, etc. to offset next winters grocery bills and eat healthier.

    I'm definitely not as pink as you are, but we're making little differences that are adding up.

    I am HORRIFIED by Japans tragedy... can't even wrap my mind around the whole thing. I'm sure they still can't.

  16. You go, Pinky.
    For Lent I gave up all superfluous shopping. It is hard, but then I remember Japan and I realize, it's not hard at all.

  17. Good for you! Down 15lbs is really something child! I've really been trying to be pink, unfortunately my washer and dryer just laughed at that and died in the same week. Oh well. If I need to I can live in either! I'm sure I could make room for you and the "Gang". Keep up the good work and please don't kill any of the animals, especially the chickens.

  18. Wow... 15 lbs down! Go YOU!! My couponing, and most frugal plans are going quite well. However, I hit a brick wall when I attempted to dump DISH for good. Somehow, it seems more important to the males around here than to me.. lol. But, I did get a great reduction in our Dish bill too. Who knew we could do that? It's been a wonderful pink ride so far. And made me much more aware of where the pennies actually go.
    Praying for all of Japan. A little lady very dear to us is originally from Sendai... in the hardest hit region. It's sad to say, but it's a blessing she has Alzheimer's now and truly doesn't comprehend what is going on in her homeland.
    On a better note - Keep up the great work, Jayme. I am so proud of us! =) -Tammy

  19. I am so in tune with what you've shared about life in light of the horrible circumstances of the Japanese. Tragedy really bring life into perspective in a hurry!

    Hooray for the pink chicken! I have kept our grocery spending down to a bare minimum. I'm so grateful for the food in our basement in way of canned goods! I'm averaging about $25-30 dollars a week for groceries ~ that doesn't include paper products, vitamins ~ you get the idea. It's the edible stuff. ;) The one important thing for me was to understand that when I need groceries I shop at a GROCERY store and for other NEEDS I shop at Wal-Mart.

    Congratulations on that 15 pounds, Girlfriend! And glad to hear that you are back to sleeping again.


  20. We recently started the Dave Ramsey plan. Tough going but I am finding it has really changed the way I look at everything.

  21. You are so right with all that is happening in the world somethings do seem trivial.You should live life to the fullest you just never know! Will cross my fingers for you about Aaron! Traci

  22. What's with the incredibly shrinking text? Are you trying to make us blind?

    I was going to ask you about any correlation between ADHD and diet. I recently heard about a study done among elementary school students. I look forward to your personal account.

    I agree. The tragic news from Japan gives my life a different perspective.

    We celebrated Pi Day (3/14) with two pies using YOUR CRUST! The best!

    Thank you, Jayme, for leading the way in so many things!

  23. I love everything about this post. Everything. It was just beautiful and encouraging..and challenging.

  24. love your pink chicken! you could sell little note cards,refrigerator magnets, post cards, etc. etc. extra cash for the soup pot!! I also have a Christmas envelope where I put five dollar bills only..I was amazed just how fast it added up...just thinking ahead! life is indeed very good!

  25. Simplifying our lives requires much work!

    And I bet you could kill a chicken if you were hungry and that's all there was. Just sayin'... :)

  26. Thank you for pointing out how much we have to be thankful for! We also have a big life change. Major change that will make being frugal a must!!! Time will tell if I can be like you! jan---Oh Yeah...Happy and Sorry to hear about Aaron. Happy he may come back to what I think is the "real world" and sorry he must be having some problems!!

  27. Your post was very uplifting and I have to tell you that you have been an inspiration for me to pay off all bills. So far all we owe on is the house and one credit card that is almost paid off. Even though we had paid the house off at one time, we have also put 3 kids though college, and borrowed against it for that. Hopefully they will remember that when we are retired!

  28. That is great! Congrats on all of your hard work. It is so hard keeping on track, but I keep telling myself that I can do it!

  29. you're doing a great job, 15 lbs. WOW! Nothing like being frugal to help with the diet. We didn't have two nickles to rub together when we first married and you know what, we both were thin. We'd make a chicken last several meals. We at rice a roni with leftovers stirred in. We even ate beans for a whole week when I blew the $10 budgeted for food on steaks for company. Not that I want to go back, now is better...I just wish I would see 120 lbs again. Not gonna happen, but the budget is "healthy" around here, we still live on two nickles!

  30. I have been following your blog for a few months now and am very inspired by your zest for life. Your weight loss is fantastic and I hope the pounds continue to drop off. It is hard I know. Have to lose some myself (I LOOOOVE SUGAR and BUTTER). Really enjoying your posts your honesty is truly liberating. Looking forward to the next post.

  31. Hi Jayme,

    I'm an infrequent visitor and enjoy your honest posting.

    Yes, life happens. Before I lost my job in Jan 2009, I gave up DirecTV as one of the unnecessary costs I was carrying.

    I do have one credit card with a moderate balance, due to being out of permanent work for two years. I continue to use my debit card b/c I don't like to carry cash, but I'm very good about controlling my spending.

    It's really difficult, but no money does force you to find creative ways to get some things you want.

    I keep my eyes peeled for throw away things on the road that I can re-use. You'd be surprised all the goodies I've taken home with me :)

    Keep up the good work in all areas. And I could never kill my chickens either!!

  32. I am so glad I found your site again, I was up late one night could not sleep and somehow found your blog. I was reading about your self imposed poverty and many other post when poof! there went my computer connection. I have found you and this time I clicked "Follow".

    I admire you and all you have accomplished and kept your humor.

    I too do not feel like posting, all seems trivial with what Japan has going on. Have been in my bible reading and praying for them. But took a break and was reading a blog Meadowbrook Farm and she posted about pudding and a link to your site. This is fate.... There you are Wahoo!

    Enjoy your new baby ducks and your chickens, I so long to have some but we cant so I love to read about them, its the next best thing.

    We too are debt free, all is paid for, thank the lord and the only thing we do splurge on is cable TV.

    Thank you for your blog! God bless your day...


  33. Thank you for the update, Jayme. I'd say you have squeezed all the blood out of that turnip you can...but you are still keeping on and striving towards your goal. I don't think that we are asked to do anymore than live as green as we can and owe no man any debt. You have done a really great job and I am proud of you. I have walked in your shoes so I know what you are going thru. I love ya, old Jayme gal! xxoo Diana

  34. I am impressed with the way you have chosen to live your life. I am also happy for you and the fact you are losing weight! I have been on WW one month tomorrow-I have only lost one lb! I am slow to lose it and I plan on losing 20...slowly! I work 4 days a week and it takes money to make money.
    I do bring my lunch and I drive a very short distance to go to work.
    But I have to wear nice clothes. I have tried to buy most of my wardrobe from thrift stores. Not always easy-since I like to look good! If you can earn money at home-you are a lucky woman! I hope you enjoy the journey you are on and I bet you are always the life of the party! I hope we can all remember to pray for the people of Japan. Much happiness to you.

  35. We do not have a lot of debt besides the mortgage. And we just bought this home three years ago with a really large down from the home we sold,which was paid off, what were we thinking. Hubs has 20 years to work yet, I'm older than him. We are paying one extra payment a year at this time which cuts our mortgage from 25 years to 18. Must pay withing 20. Your doing great with your weight loss. I lost 10 and am up 1 pound. Just sitting there not moving at all in the last 2 weeks. Hoping to move some more off when I can get outside and work in the gardens.

  36. I am so inspired by you- you are right, we need to relish the time we have. It hit me hard that Aaron was struggling and I have prayed for you guys. I got a few butterflies in my tummy reading he was toying with the idea of homeschooling again. So, we'll be praying for God to direct his path and for His purpose to be fulfilled.

  37. Congrats on the weight loss! You're too good for those pounds! Are you familiar with the magazine/online publication NATURAL HOME? (If you are, just ignore the rest of this.) I've just discovered it and I'm in love. The recent issue has a great article about raising chickens in your backyard and lists a bunch of resources for everything from coop kits to an I-Phone app that helps you choose the right chicken. Tons of cost cutting natural alternatives to just about everything. Lots of garden tips and great resources on nearly every page. (Jaym, they tell you how to keep a cow in your backyard.) I can't say enough. Sister publications are Mother Earth News and Grit, also wonderful!

  38. Well, I have yet to turn off my home phone. I'm really thinking hard on it these days. Have been asked if any of my sewing projects are for sale, so I'm contemplating an etsy shop. Found out some of our chickens are egg-eaters, so we're thinkin about butchering a couple but, I can't bear the thought of assisting. I might have to swear off of eating chicken for the rest of my life! (My grandad's family killed turkeys for a living when he was a boy and to this day, he will NOT eat turkey! Thanksgiving, we make him chicken.) My husband is braver than me, he cut up his debit card long ago and I should follow too. Maybe I'll try leaving it at home a few days next week? Funny how simple things seem so scary. Forge ahead frugal farmer!

  39. Hey! Just found you off of Sprout n Wings blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!! So fun and REAL!!
    I do a plant sale every spring and it has become quite helpful with bringing in some extra cash. It's gotten QUITE large with several friends joining in. It is fun and definitely advantageous. Creativity is a good money maker. Just sticking to it is always the hard part for me: but when I do, I sure am glad! :) Thanks for the fun here! :)

  40. Pink Chicken debt reduction.
    You are very creative and will come up with something! How did you get your husband on board with this? I just don't know how to get my husband involved in our finances...


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