Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beachballs, Cows and Hotdog Buns....and MORE videos!

Does the title intrique you?
Just a few of the things that I saw on my walk yesterday.

We've gone video crazy over here folks.
Please be patient with me whilst I get through this phase.
Enjoy it while it lasts - or endure it - where ever you may be on the subject.

Even Aaron is getting the bug:

You know it's been a month since our blizzard!?
I thought I'd take you on a little walk around the hood.
I needed to return a cast iron dutch oven to my friend, and help her with some organizing.
My car is being repaired at the moment, and I was going to wait for Glenco to get home so I could drive over, and I realized - why not hoof it?
Four miles round trip - not bad - the weather was half way decent, and I needed the exercise.
It's a win win!

Thought I'd show you a few of the things I found along the way.....

Isn't that sad?
Saw lots of carcasses.

Guess who met me on the road as he was coming home?

Das keepa of The Coop Keeper

My favorite picture of the walk - found on the way home.  Two poppy seed hotdog buns on some remnants of the blizzard.
How does this stuff happen!?

Well there you have it folks....a little tour of my corner of the world.

Still planning on doing the pie crust on Friday.

To answer a few of your coffee questions...the degassing is simply putting them in an airtight container and not using them for a day or two.  Giving the beans a time to 'rest'.

I just had to add this here.
It kept coming up when I was doing my YouTube videos.
Brought back so many fun memories of staying up late on Sunday nights to watch
'Monty Python's Flying Circus'.


  1. Oh dear, I may be stalking you, I think I'm the first comment. Never fear, most days I am afraid of my shadow. I'm harmless.

    I had all sorts of collected thoughts that I was planning to spill all over this comment section, and then I watched that silly walk presentation. Now I can't remember nary a one. I did however, almost wet my pants with laughter when she brought in the coffee. Only because my first thought about it was "I wonder if she roasted those beans herself."

    Do you see what you have done to me? I can't stop laughing.

    Thanks for providing the much needed entertainment in my very dull day.

    Oh, and thanks for taking your video camera on the walk, I loved it.

  2. YOU are an inspiration. I think I'm going for a walk! Loved all of the videos!

  3. Well anyone that's been to my blog knows that I do tons of videos too... so bring 'em on Coop Keeper! Thumbs up on the walking too... I need to get back at it like I was doing last year. Keep on inspiring us!!


  4. r amazing! Thanks for the reminder of the loveliness of NW IN in the winter. Creative adn humurous at the same time.....u r my hero!

  5. Love the video's! My walk last night had new baby calves playing, geese, quite a bit of trash too and kids in shorts playing basketball. Thought it was a bit cool for shorts but they are young!

    Love it, keep up the wonderful blog!

  6. To be honest, my web service is so slow sometimes, I don't usually watch videos as all I get is buffer, buffer, buffer.

    But I did enjoy your photos. The rabbit didn't bother me. Something will carry it away in short order.

    Have a good one! :)

  7. I just hope I don't read about you being found alongside the two poppyseed buns, you are insane walking on a highway. If you were my daughter, I'd tell you that you were grounded. But you're not so I'll just say it was sure breezy out there! I can just picture you all hobo like with the pot slung over your back...

  8. You must always film in the afternoon light! Your skin looks radiantly clear and gorgeous! Perhaps a Dove commercial is in your future?

  9. The hot dog buns was my favorite also, and your skin looks fantastic in the afternoon light. Enjoyed your idea of videoing your walk, you are a fun lady.

  10. Oo... you would post a story about how the buns landed on the side of the road. I'm sure it would be a story filled with humor and intrigue. How do such things happen??

  11. I have a bicycle! I prefer biking to walking. And - I have a new little trailer on the back for the grand babies to ride in. I have Grace who is two and two new grandbabies who are too small still. If you get a chance, check out my blog and look for the tags that say Brilyn (5 weeks) and Olivia (5 days).

  12. The #1 thing I noticed in your corner of the world is that your snow is practically GONE! It looks like early spring there - you can see the GROUND! I'm so jealous; we've still got 2-3 feet of snow here. :(

  13. Ugh! I saw your title and thought you had put up a video of how to make hot dog buns! LOL

    I'm out of town today and tomorrow on business and the darn hotel disabled videos so I'll have to wait until I get home to view these. But I enjoyed reading and catching up anyway. Good for you hoofing it!

  14. LOL.. I was wondering just how you were gonna tie all that in.

    Keep up with the walking, I have to get back at it myself.

  15. Nice wrap up. I suppose the hot dogs got up and walked away? Your videos are hysterical...but why would I expect anything less? Hugs-Diana

  16. Well, first of all, I guess no one needs to buy weights, just go to the pantry and get pots and pans! Genius!!! If I am EVER in your part of the world, I'm coming over. I just love your outlook and the way you laugh at life. More people (myself included) should be like that. My mom is from Bluffton, Indiana and I always tell people that everyone in Indiana is nice!!

  17. My you are beautiful! Had a friend die this week..49 and heart attack...wake up call for me...need to get walking! Thanks jan

  18. How lucky are you to have such a beautiful walk? With the exception of the dead bunny. Poor fella. I like that you took the time to stop and smell the hotdog buns.

  19. Okay, that does it. I'm moving in next door, and we're going for daily walks (I will be turning a blind eye to any and all road kill), and we'll yak the whole way and time will fly and we'll be in the best shape of our lives in no time at all.
    Send me a real estate guide, Coopster!

  20. Hi Jayme!
    Love the videos, keep 'em coming! You're probably tired of hearing this but I'm going to keep saying it until it happens - YOU NEED YOUR OWN TV SHOW!!
    Have a great day!

  21. Jayme,
    I just wanted you to know that I just finished taking my bread dough out of the bowl and covering it to wait the 2 hours before it goes into the oven. I have never touched yeast dough in my life and I am 49! It was amazing and the smell was heavenly, even if the dough did remind me of my upper thighs! Thank you so much. I cannot wait until it comes out of the oven. I just have one question which you may get to eventually anyway, but here goes: Is there any way to make cinnamon rolls out of this easy dough? I have always wanted to make those and I think I might just have the courage now - all thanks and much appreciation to you!

  22. Oh my! I am so jealous of your "lack of" snow. We are miles from that although I can now see the sidewalk on my lunch hour walks. Patience, patience. Cheers, Becki

  23. LOL!!! Love your videos!! I wish I could have seen your backview of carrying that pot! There's ah saying about being so poor you don't have a pot to p*ss in and there you are carrying yours! LOL!!! I had to tell you that for some reason. You rock. You most certainly got me movin! Thanks!!!

  24. Been waiting patiently for your latest adventure. And it didn't fail to bring a smile. Glad you didn't try any silly walks though. A friend and I always carried a stick and had our leashed dogs to scare away the snakes which came out of the ditches. Did alot of screaming too when they slithered out. Peggy

  25. You are a crack up....always make me hubby is now into watching your videos, he thinks your great!

  26. Holly macaroni, your snow is almost gone! we are still living in the big white world of the marshmallow and getting another six inches to a foot on tuesday/wednesday :( Love the photos and the video. You are wicked funny girl. A breath of fresh spring air.
    Thanks sooooo much.

  27. Hi Jayme,

    It's been awhile since I've been blogging....just trying to get caught up around here. I did buy some yeast but haven't made the bread yet. I'm going to though. Thanks for the tut. I don't think I'll be roasting any coffee though. Maybe...well...probably not...I do want to learn how to make wine. Do you know how to do that yet? If so, do a tut on that will ya? I want to make it with the honey from my bees.

    Cindy Bee

    PS - Great job walking.

  28. The hot dog buns are a puzzle... I used to wonder about the shoes I would see by the side of the road. Bet you could come up with some great "what if" stories. Hmmm... how about a video...

  29. Is that a little trailer I spy in the first pic? Doesn't look like the Squirrel..I want it!


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