Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ask the Coop Keeper Version 6.0

I can't believe I completely forgot to finish this series.
I had no idea y'all would have so many questions, so perhaps it's best that we broke it up by about five months!

I'm talking about my 'problems' tomorrow - which are really no longer problems, since I've found the solutions, but nonetheless, I'll talk about them.
Cause I like to talk.
And - Thursdays seem like good days to talk about serious things.
Friday I will do the first of many yeasty bread video tutorials...if my hair is a wreck, I'm wearing a hat. 

If your satellite is out, and you find yourself in an empty room with no other means of entertainment, you might want to go back and read the first few posts.

Glenda, Jayme, Vivian and Cindy
circa 197? - this was supposed to be a Dorothy Hamil cut. 

Let's get right to it.
I'm interspersing some really embarrassing photographs from the 70's and 80's of myself.
Cause it's funny.
And I wanted to prove to you that I had hair issues.
And, I really needed help picking out glasses.

Me in the kitchen, embroidering, 1975?  I don't know....but really?  Those glasses?  Oh dear God...

I only wish my High school yearbooks hadn't been lost in the move to this old house.
My freshmen picture was so frightful, I'm surprised I had any friends at all during school.

Aaron tells me I just don't try hard enough.

Giving a speech in 1975 - Grammar school graduation.  I was channeling Benjamin Franklin even then.

OK...we begin with Question #50, which seems like a great place to start this again:

JessiHarri said...
Hi! I nearly peed my pants when you commented on my blog (which I clearly give no attention)! I have to know, don't your chickens poo in your house when you let them inside? Also, I keep wondering why my chickens are afraid of me. I have tried to pick them up and love on them (my arms look like a person who cuts themselves)but they really just like each other. When I come in the coop they freak out. What have I done wrong? Do I need to raise them as chicks to get them to call me mama?
Well, I'm glad you just nearly peed your pants, I'd hate to be responsible for that mess!
Ahhh...the great chicken poo question.  Let me answer it the best I can.  When the chicks are babies, they are up in the house until they are old enough to go out - six weeks or so, and yes, they poo - but they are contained..and I just have to clean up that mess, which isn't fun.  Helen, my favorite hen, was in the house quite alot, cause she was ailing so much.  I diapered her.  Oh, yes.  I did.  Here's the link to prove it.  I did let her walk about without a diaper at times, and well - she pooped, and it freaked me out.  I didn't have a minutes peace when she was freewheeling around the house.  I had papers put all over the floor - but really?  That's just plain disgusting.  I have a small cage that I keep whatever chicken it is that I'd like to have in the house for a bit.  I DO think it makes a difference if you raise them from chicks and handle them a lot.  I handle my birds ALOT.  I kiss them.  Oh yes.  I do.  I'm very calm when I'm around them and I think they sense that too.  No sudden moves.  I talk to them the whole time, and I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I usually have a treat or two to give them.  Like anything - it takes time and patience.

I'm thinking I was 12.  I remember this shirt like it was yesterday.  Did I have ANY parental supervision?  Why did I look this way?  I broke my tooth in half after I fell down a flight of stairs, going to snitch on my sister for calling me a 'fugly'.  I can't say I entirely blame her, after seeing this photo.

Red Gate Farm said...

This is so fun, loved reading all the questions...I'd like to know, what is the farthest (from home) place you've ever been to? And have you ever been to the Pacific Northwest?

I'm in NW Indiana.  Without looking at a map, I guess I'd have to say that Los Angeles/Southern California is the farthest...unless..wait - the Florida Keys?  Juarez, Mexico?  I'm not sure which one is further, but that's the furthest.  If I don't get to Italy one day, I'm not sure that life will be complete.  I have also yearned deeply to get to the Pacific Northwest!  And Vermont, and Canada.
I really do hope to travel more in the upcoming years.  Like anything, you have to plan for it, and I've not proven myself to be a very good planner.

Oh, I remember this night.  New Year's Eve 1980.  I was ready for some devilment.  Why did my hair have such wings? Please take note of the macrame candle in the lower left.

Patty said...

Your gardens are so pretty. Do you have any help with them? How much time do you spend out there keeping in such beautiful shape? Okay that was two but they are on the same subject...on more. Do you were that cute hat to garden in? Hugs, Patty

Thanks Patty!  I do take pride in my gardens, and no, really, I have no help with them.  Glen will get out there and dig a big hole for me if I'm having trouble, or help me lift something, but other than that - it's just me.  I enjoy it.  How much time?  Hmmm.....every waking moment?  Ha!  It seems like it at times.  I guess since it's a labor of love, I don't mind so much.  I have a schedule for my yard work - certain areas on certain days, so it helps me keep up with it.  It could get overwhelming if I didn't break it down into manageable chunks.   And yes, I DO wear a cute hat in the garden!  I worry about the sun on my hair and face too much.

This had to be early 1980.  I discovered 'Sun In' for my hair, and it was orange like this for years.
Turtle mom said...

1. If you could live ANYWHERE in the US, where would you live? 2. If you won the lottery tomorrow, how would your life change? 3. May I come live with you? I love your blog, your little farm, your chickens...

Such a great question!  #1 - VERY difficult to answer.  I'm very grounded here in NW Indiana with my friends and family, and even though my family makes me crazy half the time, I couldn't up and leave them.  The winters are getting ridiculously long here, or I'm just getting older - but I would really miss the four seasons if I lived too far west, or south.  I love snow, thunderstorms and fall...good God..fall!  Who could live somewhere without a good fall?  I would love somewhere a little hillier - it's awfully flat around here, until I start walking or riding my bike, then it's hilly.  #2 - If I won the lottery? I'd travel alot.  I'd give the majority of it away.  I might even live in the same house.  Not sure...but maybe.  I'd love a dining room though, and another bathroom, and a closet or two, and maybe a tad of insulation.  #3.  Absolutely you can.  Can you lift over 50 lbs?  Do you cotton to early risings?  If the answer to those two questions are yes...then please...come on!

7th Grade.  1978.  I was in LOVE with John Denver.
That's all I'm saying about that.
Am I a natural red head?  I don't even remember.

Anonymous said...

Could you please please do a blog post about your makeup routine? I am asking this after I saw the picture you posted for October 17 You are looking good!! How do you get rid of the under eye bags the rest of us struggle with? Love your blog, please keep it up.

OK, I have to be honest.  I seriously thought this was a joke comment.  I even emailed a couple of my friends asking them if they'd done this.  But, I'll answer it like it was real....ummm...I don't really have one.  I'm not much into the whole makeup thing - mainly, it's time consuming, and although my hair is dyed, I don't like much of the 'fakeness' about a lot of makeup, fake fingernails and body parts I wear mascara and lip gloss, and if I'm really getting gussied up, I'll put on a little eyeshadow and blush.  I do think that I have good skin, and truly I do believe that a lot of it is genetics.  My mom had great skin and never looked her age.  I don't wash my face.  I don't.  Well, not with anything other than water and a washrag.  I don't use exfoliators, etc.  I have this 'idea' in my head that it all strips the natural oils that you were born with.  I don't have oily skin though - I have very fine pores and balanced skin.  Again - genetics.  I don't use any moisturizers that have alcohol in them, and if you look at the ingredients in your moisturizer, I betcha there's alcohol.  That's like drinking salt water if you are thirsty!  I make my own skin moisturizer (of course I do) and I am actually in the process of bottling it and packaging it, in the hopes to start a little side business.  For eye puffiness, nothing a good night's sleep shouldn't cure, but in a pinch I put cold spoons on my eyes.

Whew!  It's done~!  All 50+ questions answered.
Thank you SO much, I really enjoyed this!

1984.  Newly married.
Love changes everything.
I don't look too geeky.
My eyes were full of love.


  1. You're hilarious and always make me laugh! I love ya bunches!

  2. Jayme...what a wonderful wonderful post! I love the way you alternated pictures and questions! My VERY favorite picture is the last one when you were newly married! Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us. Can't wait to see the first yeasty bread tutorials! xoxoxo

  3. Jayme what a great post! I loved seeing all the old pics! You were so cute!I would be so scared to post my hideous pics of growing up. I too wonder where was my mother when I had those God awful hairstyles and lets not even get started on the oufits! Thanks for brightening my day! Traci

  4. Jayme, I love the photos! You were/are so cute.
    Cute, funny, great skin. sigh.

  5. Hi Jayme,

    Big glasses? check
    Dorothy Hamill haircut? check
    Love of John Denver? yee haw!
    Strange polyester outfits? check

    So fun to see pictures from someone who is my age. These are eerily similar to my old photos. Fun post to read while eating lunch at my desk!

  6. Okay, that's my favorite chicken sketch yet! You need a chicken cooper calendar. I'd SO buy it. A chicken for all seasons...

  7. LOL!! Thanks so much for your answers to such
    I was married in 1983. ;)
    Yes, a chicken calendar, you ought to, you know you want to. :)

  8. Oh, don't we all have our stories? And your answers to these questions helps tell them so well!! You could come to my house and help whip these yards into shape, cause they've been neglected something fierce for 4 or 5 years now. I'll share some of my ability to "relax" with you if you'll share some of your "just do it" with me!!!! Have a good day!!

  9. Sun-in, had almost forgotten about that time in my life with orange hair~ you are too funny. I've always had the hair thing going on ~ thank goodness for product and flatirons.
    Getting to know you better is always a treat.

  10. Oh my, looks like we used the same hair dresser.....

    What a hilarious post, as usual! I kept looking at the 7th grade pic thinking "someday this woman will love chickens".

  11. Doggone how I love these posts!

    And I simply can't wait for the bread tutorial!

    Many Blessings,

  12. Once have me laughing...I really think we are long lost sisters.....I have some of the very same looks through my childhood years! I also bring chickens in my house when need be, but never have diapered one.....I use a dog kennel and puppy yard in my basement.

  13. Just wondering, is that a Masonic plate in the background of the second pic?

    I'm always looking at things in the background..I wonder what that says about me?


    I'm quite fond of the sketch too!

  14. Hey there Mizzers Denver. I remember those faaaarout days. Is that me with you on stage at Taylor? If it's not then it's my twin! I'm lovin those pics. Take care. Cynthia

  15. Hi! I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much you crack me up. I've seen your comments elsewhere and you're always putting a smile on my face. :)

  16. I just love flash back photos.

    Looks to me like you would have fit right in with my sisters and me as we bicycled and roller skated our way round the neighborhood.
    The eyeglasses- really- you were in style! I bet there weren't any better choices than the ones you are wearing. You are just a victim of fashion.
    That is a totally awesome Farrah Fawcett hairdo if I ever saw one.
    And I still love John Denver.

  17. p.s. If you could see my 7th or 8th grade - can't remember which- school picture you would see a very obvious yellow Sun-In spot on the top of my curly brown head. Apparently it never occured to me to evenly distribute the Sun-In for a "natural" look.

  18. Your hair and glasses were very fashionable at the time the photos were taken. You are definitely not alone with photos like that from your past. BTW: Bummer! I have a bad back and I could not lift 50 pounds to save my life. I am definitely NOT an early riser, although I used to be and am desperately trying to get back to that routine. I feel so much more productive when I get up early. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, nor how tired I am, I cannot seem to fall asleep before 1 a.m. I guess I'll just have to continue to dream about living at the Coop Keeper's house. Have you ever thought about opening a Bed and Breakfast?

  19. Did you get married in 1984? I got married in 1984. Did we know this about us? Probably. My memory is on the run these days.
    Loved sun-in. And lemons in my hair.
    Speaking of gardening, I think I've asked you 487 times if you're doing the Garden Walk this year. If I don't get an answer, I might just crumple and die.
    Great post, Keep!

  20. Lovin' every detail and pic you post. I feel compelled to tell you ( I am incapable of keeping secrets) that my 80's pics make me look either like I'm channeling Farah (unsuccessfully) or *mostly* Jimmie Hendrix with my bad poodle perms and too heavy eye liner. And parents had no care for how awful their offspring looked in the 70's. Just sayin. Me n my rosacea wanna steal your genetically perfect skin too. I still adore John Denver and anyone who looks like him!

  21. LOVE those white gloves for the speech! Did our generation wear white gloves?...I don't remember...

  22. I laughed twice, out loud. And ain't nothing geeky about you, fine-pored Mama. Bottle me up some oil, asap. I'm haggard and drawn up in hee-yah.

    Also, I have the BEST story to tell you, but I think it has to be voice-to-voice. It's that good.

  23. you are toooo funny! You remind me of me and my friends from school. We still call ourselves "cool geeks". You were so cute and I bet you were a hoot to have around. By the way, I too loved John Denver in the '70's and still listen to my old records of him.

  24. OMGosh- I had so much fun reading your answers! Now...remember I told you that you were in a dream I had - along with another blogger and my brother-in-law? Nothing kinky...just you were all there...anyway I finally got around to putting pen to paper...or rather fingers to keyboard...and that is my blog post tomorrow. So..if you get a chance pop by...and there will be a link to your blog...and oh yeah...a picture of you too! Who knew...all these pictures here today and one more on my blog tomorrow. Hugs and good night- I have to be up and out the door for work by 5am. xxoo Diana

  25. This made my evening, which is saying a lot, if you knew how my evening has gone.
    Your pictures KILL me.


    I wore glasses throughout elementary school. I remember feeling so cool when I had a pair with a rhinestone butterfly in the corner. Just call me Lady Gaga.

  26. I just found your blog and am really enjoying it! Let's me know I am not alone in my "wannabe farm girl life". I'm a couple of years older, but had the same hair, glasses and dresses, so the pics were so fun!

  27. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad to be back blogging, just so I could get over here and see you. Had the Dorothy Hamill cut and think I want it again! John Denver. I had a choir teacher who loved Rocky Mountain High, and made us sing it over and over. Of course I knew the words because I owned the album. Glasses. Mine where stylin. They went to the top of my forehead I swear. Plastic red! We must be the same age, but your skin is way better!!!

  28. Dear Jayme,
    Thank you SO much for sharing those pictures. I love the white gloves and the picture of you and the baby-- your face is so wonderfully expressive.
    I just love your writing and your sense of humor. You are beautiful inside and out!

  29. I love a sarcastic sense of humor and am laughing at your last two posts!

    I love the deer in the headlights look of you at the kitchen table!

  30. Love love love this post! You are just precious!


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