Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Mother's Sacrifice

The video I made the other day has me feeling so sentimental.
I'm missing my mother like ca-razy.
There's so much I need to know.
So much advice I need!
I need!!

Does anyone reading this here old blog remember
The Great Chicago Blizzard of 1967?

Just so happens that it was my fifth birthday.
I still get excited when it snows on my birthday.

Today I'm hunkered and preparing for a storm that is supposed to rival the storm from 1967.
They are calling for 50 mile an hour winds, two plus feet of snow...good times.
I've got my red pot fired up with Paula Deen's Beef Stew.
 I'm channeling Paula now. 
Words out on the street about how much butter I use.
She's nervous.
She should be.

All through my chores today, I can't stop thinking about my mom, and my birthday, and that big snow storm.

For some reason, unbeknownst to me - something I'd love to ask her now - she was out in that blizzard getting my birthday present from 'Bargain Town' - later known as Toy's R Us.

Why did she wait until my birthday to get the gift?
Did she need to wait until payday?
Did she figure she had plenty of time, and she'd just hop on the bus and go get it whilst we were all in school?

There were no Doppler radars in 1967 were there?
She didn't know the snow was going to be so bad.

She was stranded in South Chicago for hours.

I remember the phone ringing a lot that afternoon, no doubt neighbors worried about her, calling, and I would answer and say 'I'm five years old and my mom is at Bargain Town' - and I'd hang the phone up.

I don't remember what my birthday gift was, but here - 44 years later, I am acutely aware of the sacrifice in the getting of that gift.

I'm acutely aware of the sacrifices my mom made on a daily basis.

I'm acutely aware that to love is to sacrifice.

It's to sacrifice trust and hope that you'll be loved back.

It's to sacrifice joy at times to grieve the choices a loved one makes.

It's to sacrifice your time and your money, and what seems to be your very soul.

Michigan Ave bus stop

Today my heart feels like it's right on that bus to South Chicago with my mom.

Full of strangers and fear, not knowing how bad the storm of life is going to be.

Oh for a Doppler radar of the future!

But sit on that bus I do, and I hold onto the handrail of faith, pulling on the call cord of joy, and getting off at the stop of hope.

And I walk through the steep hills of snow toward home, clutching the gift of sacrifice, and hoping that 44 years from now - my gift of sacrifice will be remembered and treasured as much as my mother's is.


  1. I've got goosebumps - this is so beautifully written, and real.

    And oh, for that doppler....

  2. Jayme, That is a beautiful post. So moving.
    Your blog is lovely!

  3. Dang you, Jaymes...got me bawlin' here. I also miss my mom like crazy. And hope and pray that my children and my childrens children will remember me as fondly as you remember your mom and I remember my mom. Dang you, girl.

  4. Very good blog my sister, I love when you write stories about anything. Alas, once again I'm thanking God for our friendship. I love the pics. And while my daughter lives after us, she will always know atleast for 44 more years of the sacrifices you made and how you loved your family and friends. So atleast that's one! lol I think you should write a book, so that your writings will live on and on. One day someone will blog about you. Tight hugs from here, call me if you'd like. Thanks for the recipe. Stay warm. I can't believe you and Glen don't have a fireplace. Good that you don't or for sure I would live there. xoxoxox c ya. me

  5. You are a wise woman. Your sacrifices are noticed, and your example is appreciated.

  6. I love your sweet spirit...you're such a deep thinker. I love that about you too.

    And I'm glad I don't have a doppler radar of my future...b/c I'm pretty sure I'd be trying to manipulate it to go the way I think it should go, instead of the way my Creator KNOWS it should go...ya know?

    Don't cha just love days like today??

    BTW...my red pots fired up too! :)

  7. What a special tribute to your mom this post is, Jayme. I would have loved to have known her.

    And I have to say, Paula Deen should be nervous...and how much butter you use isn't the reason! You are one special lady.


  8. This is one wonderful post. Your words were flowing today. Keep warm and stay in out of the snow. Well unless you are checking on the chickens of coarse.

  9. Just like Photomon82 said: You are a wise woman. Your sacrifices are noticed, and your example is appreciated.

    Boy, lots of us have those red pots!! Only used mine once thus far. Since I'm home alone this week, don't feel like firing it up at the moment. I hope all y'all stay warm and safe up there!!

  10. I remember that snowstorm in Chicago. I was 8 and we lived on the south side of Chicago. The October after that, my parents moved us to Alabama where it doesn't snow near as much. I think I have a book my parents bought that was published after The Blizzard that is full of photos. That was quite a storm. Good luck riding this storm out!

  11. Love a good story about a mom. You were blessed with a great one, it sounds. Now, I see why you are such a sweetie.

  12. That is the most touching post I've read in a long time. How wonderfully written, so moving. I remember my parents not getting me a gift on my 16th birthday and the big blizzard happened that year. Why do they wait? Ha.

    I don't remember going through something quite like this before...it's rather scary. House bound.

    I agree that you sacrifice things that mean something to you. Your mom sounded so special, and she loved you dearly. Wish I were spending tonight with you...we could sure have a hoot in spite of all the doom and gloom out there.

    Love ya gal.

  13. That's a beautiful post Jayme. It makes me miss my mum.

  14. Loved the post...We remember that blizzard, my husband lived in Chicago - north side & I was born & raised in Winthrop Harbor, just 50 miles north of Chicago.
    Long story how we ended up in Ohio but this nasty stuff we're having now sure reminds me of back then! I was a junior in HS in '67.

  15. This took me back to times with my Daddy...now that I have grandchildren I feel it is okto tell my kids...when I grow up I want to be just like my Daddy. I pray that I am as good of a parent as he was and I hope that he is looking down on his great-grands with a smile

  16. Jayme, your words are poignant and quite beautiful! She must have been some mother to have created you.

  17. I have the chills and it's warm and sunny here today. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. Hugs to you.

  18. Do you know how many times I had to refresh and click to get to respond? (We just lost a tree limb out back in a big crash. I have on candle lit...)
    I love you and I love your heart...the bus of hope...how lovely. I take it your mother is gone? Remind me to tell you about my dream about when Grandma called me from Heaven! XO, warm hugs! Cheryl

  19. This brings back memories. I grew up in WI, and we were tuff like your Mom probably was. Storms did not scare us, we knew what to do. Our Mom's did sacrifice for us and I know your Mom thought it was no bother to go out and get your gift, storm or not cause she thought you were priceless and beautiful.

  20. those old pictures bring back a flood of memories. For me I remember as Mom hung clothes out in cold Missouri winters. I can just see those little white wool gloves and it breaks my heart...

  21. Names I call you in my head: Cooper. The Coopster. Coopie. Coop-girl. The Coopler.

    I just had to get that out of my system.

    You made me cry about your mom. I am a little weepy today anyway. I took my foster baby for shots today and I cried. What in the world? I never cried with my boys. Crazy.

    My person (as I like to call her) died in August of 2008. My heart still grieves. She was not my mom. She was my person. The person who was my Mom to me when my mom was absent. Who chose to love me and be in my life. I still think of something I want to tell her everyday. I almost always decide to call her and then I remember and my heart is sad, So very sad. Grief is ugly. I miss her.

    I am not fond of your snow, but after my crazy day today I came home wishing for another snow to hold us in our homes and cancel all of the appointments. Then I remembered the cabin fever and I retracted that thought.

    Stay warm. Cook something yummy. Tell us about it.


  22. Beautiful post my friend. Brings tears to my eyes. I've been emotional today. I don't remember that blizzard but I do remember the one of 1976 here in Kokomo, IN.And I think I'll remember the one we're getting right now! And oddly enough, I've been thinking about the sacrifices my Mom made, and she is still alive so I can thank her for them. I've been ill the last week and haven't left the house since Saturday. I was thinking of all the times my mom cooked and took care of us kids, even when she was sick. My Mom rocks.

    Cindy Bee

  23. probably my favorite post of yours ever (although the Ben Franklin one is a close rival...and I still get a good chuckle from Fake Accent Lady )

  24. Well, that is a beautifully written story there,my friend. I could picture your Mom walking that street to catch the bus and go buy you a present. There are days that make you long for home and Mom more than other days, aren't there? Days when it would be good to feel like WE were a child again and could be "taken care of" for just one more day.

    I know that you are being bombarded with snow...we have it here to but to a lesser extent. My daughter lives in Milwaukee and they are getting hit with fierce winds and heavy snow..blizzard conditions. She, being MY daughter, went out and got stocked up on everything so she could BAKE! lol I am thinking that someday, when I am long gone, she will think of me baking up a storm, during a storm, and her heart will smile a bit.

    Hugs to you, sweet Jayme! Diana

  25. Wonderful post. I hope my children will remember me as fondly as you remembered your mother.

  26. Great post and pictures. I love hearing your memories and about your mother. I just figured out we are the same age. No wonder I identify with you so much.

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  28. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  29. Wow... I happened by your page and read your tribute to your mom. How beautiful!! You write very well :)

    Saying some prayers for you and your family and the others in your surrounding area, that the storm will not take out your electricity and you all will stay warm and dry. May G-d bless you all.


  30. (((Hugs))) to you sweet Jayme. Parenting is like gardening in springtime. There's unexpected squalls, snows and stunning beauty while you help small shoots struggle to emerge and blossom. And prayers beat radar. You and that boy Aaron are in my thoughts and prayers. You are all blessed to have had such a special momma in the family. For sure you will be remembered the same. exact. way.
    Now go enjoy that stew snuggled in a handmade afghan!

  31. I loved reading about your wonderful memories of your mom.

    How are things up your way today? Purdue is cancelled for the second day, that hardly ever happens! But my sweet husband dug us out enough to get me a frozen coke from the gas station.

    Happy Birthday, and enjoy your day!

  32. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the 1967 blizzard. Matt, my younger son lives in Chicago and I had just gotten off the phone from talking to him. He said how everyone was comparing this blizzards to previous ones... so I sent him your blog address.

  33. You have such a caring and thoughtful being. Beautiful post.

  34. My mom was like that. She has been gone for gosh,25 years. But is still with me in my heart everyday. I too wish I would have talked to her more about HER, and not so much about me, myself and I. I know your Mother was a great and wonderful woman, just because I know you! You are a living legacy to her, and I know she was and is proud of you. (P.S. can you believe we allowed children to be home with a few older siblings, and they grew up just fine?) Sha says children's services would have been knocking on my door today.

  35. I am constantly reminded of how all of my actions, as a Mother, are going to affect the lives of my children. You gave a perfect, sweet, example here. Hopefully I will be fondly remembered by my babes for something that I have done or will do for them during their lifetime. For example I know that my son loves to tell the story about when I knocked his tooth out, but hey, that's for another day and really, you can't trust anything kids say. :o) Take care, Becki

  36. Catching up here on blogs....gotta say this is some of your best writing yet. So sentimental and sweet with you fabulous dash of humor {and buttah!}

  37. "the call cord of joy".

    How did I miss this?

    I blame Siley.

    Bolly Bobo.


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