Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Navel is Clean

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I fear my tongue in cheek post was misinterpreted yesterday.
I was happy!
I was smiling!
I just wasn't feeling 'Valentine's Day'. 
It's a very mood driven holiday for me - sometimes I care, sometimes I don't.
Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving and Labor Day - which must be celebrated with reverence and joy every year whether you are feeling it or not.
I wrestled with that post all the live long day yesterday.
I don't like being misunderstood.

I must announce this, and announce it now.
I'm a real live flesh and blood person.
That's really me in that picture.
Yes, I'm fabulous, and I wear an apron and have dewy skin and live in a wonderful old farmhouse with pretty gardens and fluffy chickens.
But I'm real.
And there are days I hurt.
And there are days I'm blah.
And there are days that I'm lazy and down right ugly.
I didn't make my bed Sunday.
And I contradict myself and I make no sense and I make stupid decisions.
And I type run on fragmented sentences that would make my high school English teacher cringe.
I'm not photoshopped or airbrushed.
I'm not a 'blog only the good parts' kinda blogger.
So there we have that.

With all of that said - yes - I've been angsty.
Yes - I've been sad.

Yes, I've been listening to sad songs and conjuring up tears.
I chose not to push it away with seed catalogs and lattes, but to examine it.
Why? Cause I'm human.  And I like talking about my feelings, ad nauseum.
And I like starting sentences with and.
I've chosen to look at a couple of losses that I feel I've experienced in the last few months.
And, that's OK.
For every ounce of 'outgoingness' in me, or silliness, there's just the same amount of 'introspectiveness'.
I think I'm making up words.
Good news is, my belly button's all clean.
I'm done navel gazing.

I'm going to share those two things with you this week.
After you read them - you'll say with your best Yiddish accent - 'oy, for those problems!'

I'm also planning a bread video tutorial - if my hair cooperates.
Every man, woman, girl and boy should know how to make a decent loaf of bread.

I plum forgot about it and haven't answered quite a few of the questions you asked.

I leave you with this today.

In every frustration, there is a seed of opportunity.
Ralph Marston


  1. i think everyone knew you were just having fun...When people make cheeky comments back ...they are, in return, hoping you know they are joking back too

  2. I get ya gal. I like the good, the bad and the ugly ever so much! Bring on the video, if the hairs ain't cooperating, wear a do rag!

  3. Well, I say "preach it, sister!"

    And I also say, "Keep up the being real stuff; it's what makes you a magnet for freaks like me."

    The first time I decided to be real on my blog, I was scared out of my wits. Now, I kinda go back and forth between real and Pollyanna. I guess that's what you meant about being up one day and down the next.

    I love your blog because I feel I belong here. That's a rarity !

    I hope that came out right.

  4. And I am really looking forward to the breadmaking tutorial

    And I'm sticking with shavings in my coop instead of sand because most of your already-chicken-people agree on that.

    And I love that you keep it real.

    And that's it.

  5. I think I love you.
    (not in a stalker-ish sorta way...really...I'm sane...sorta)

    Can't wait for the bread tutorial!

  6. Sooooo.... I spent the day yesterday with my grand daughters. Two year old Gracie came to visit and newborn Brilyn needed a little nap time on Grandma's chest. So.... I totally missed out on reading blogs. So, I missed it. But I went back and read it. It didn't worry me in the least, but oh, how I would love to see a teen aged picture of you with your pink hair! Girl - you must have been way ahead of your time. When I see those pink headed kiddos running around now, I'm gonna know who it was who started the trend!

  7. Of Friend, be of good cheer! I spent an hour on youtube a few days ago trying to find this clip to share with you. It was before I even knew you were angst. Anyhoo.... It was from an episode of Little House on the Prairie where Laura and her friend Jason fly a kite in the storm doing a science experiment. Laura gets struck by the current while holding the kite and Jason jumps up and down and screams "Hooray for Benjamin Frankin, Hooray for electricity." I was feeding the baby at the time and I started laughing out loud thinking about you and your Ben. (Baby was quite puzzled with the whole affair). I tried my best to find the clip, but it seems that everyone has edited that one scene out of their clips. The nerve of some people!

    Have a Happy Tuesday!

  8. Oy, I am excited for the bread tutorial. And look at you with the little pig tails (which in the spirit of full disclosure we call pink tail 'round here because that is what my hubby called 'em as a boy.....so anyhoo....check you out with your dewy skin and your pink tails!

  9. I haven't been around here for awhile
    so I am so glad that I chose this post to re-enter "the coop".
    I love that you keep it real.
    I have to say -again- that it sometimes feels like you are right inside my head. I relate to what you say on so many things. I get misunderstood...a lot. Thanks for putting yourself out there.
    Personally... I like your hair the way it is ~shrug. And your skin I S lovely, too.

  10. GIRL you are just hormonal. I am here to tell you that's how it works. In two weeks, you'll be buying all that 75% off valentines day candy for Glenco and flowers for yourself! If V-day came two weeks ago, I'd be watching sappy movies, feeling sorry for myself because I was sick, but hey, I had a period at 52 years old after not having any for four months and what do you know, I feel better! Trust me Dame Jayme, it goes with the territory. It do I tell ya! It's just crazy!

    Cindy Bee

  11. Please see My previous comment...

    (And to think you coulda been wallering in a bowl of soup at the white table!) Dang.

  12. And that is why we love this blog Jaime, because you are REAL. Not everyday is full of song and prose, we all have days where life just sucks!!! And there is no getting around it. But it is how we deal with it that makes the difference. I really think that these days that are set aside for us to celebrate this and that are really doing a disservice to all of us. We all should be telling our spouses, children, people who mean so much to us that we love them and appreciate them all the time!!!! We do not need to have Hallmark tell us when to do this. Thank you Jaime for being REAL and making me smile and at times laugh out loud, you are so funny and I for one love your WIT!!!
    Blessings to you and yours

  13. That's why we love you!! You don't pretend to be something else. Believe it or not your the only blog I ever read. I'm more of a decor scanner. I truly love reading your blog. I even talk about it to my husband which in turn of course he rolls his eyes at me like I went over to the dark side.

    We all have our bad day and really bad days.. OH yes and there are many many good day. Thank you for sharing them all with us.


  14. jayme,
    it's debylynne again - you know, your hillbilly "cousin" here in tennessee. i just wanted to say I LOVE YOU!!! dear LORD, thank you for being REAL REAL REAL!!!! i know we all want to encourage each other....ahemm...well, maybe most of the time ;)....but we NEED real - because otherwise we feel ALL ALONE in our own struggles - you are sometimes funny and sometimes sad and sometimes melancholy and sometimes nothing but sunshine...but you are at ALL times a wonderful sister...thank you

  15. I'm all over the bread tutorial!! Bring it on. :)

  16. Can't wait for the bread video...and I also have been angsty this month...February is the month of introspection for me...My birthday month and all....and the hardest month of winter since Spring is so around the corner, yet not here yet!

  17. Bring on the bread tutorial!! Can't wait. And at our age we are not angsty, we are hormonal :).

  18. ANGST! A true emotion. I have spent most of my life being a serious, strong survivor of all that life has served up to me. I am tired of it & I plan on expierencing angst/anger/neediness & letting it show. Yeaaa Coopster you give me the courage to be REAL.

  19. That's why we love you. There's no phoniness on this blog.

  20. Don't think you've scared any of us away yet, have ya? We love ya, rain or shine. xoxo

  21. Oy vey ismir stop the kvetching and eat some truffles from the Chocolate Garden already.

    Your Friend,

  22. I forgot to mention.....hide the gun while you're hormonal!

    Cindy Bee

  23. I love your post they always make me chuckle. I like it when you keep it real ! How boring the world would be if we are all foo-foo know it alls who kept ourselves insanley tidy and made our beds EVERY day :) I like you just the way you are :) Have a great week and I look forward to your bread tutorial :)

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  25. That was fast.
    And, I have nothing more to say, I am distracted by your awesome gun picture.

  26. Its all good. You did not paint a picture of yourself that I have not seen on one of my daughters at different times in their lives. If I could have rebelled when I was youthful I am sure I would have. But it would be a long story on why I could not. I am trying to do a little now in my 50's.

  27. Well, glad to see you have pulled your head above your waistband. I can sympathize with you-cuz I am real too...and not everything in life is wonderful..as a matter of fact sometimes you have seek out, and look for, wonderful!

    I DO think you should revisit those questions again...those were hysterical...or maybe you just MAKE them hysterical? Hugs-Diana

  28. I don't particularly care for holidays much myself, Jayme. In fact, I rarely ever do anything on holidays. Yeah, I put up the danged tree at Xmas. What would I have to take photos of? But that's about the extent of my festivities!

  29. love you as you are... don't change!

  30. Please just promise that the contents of your belly button will not be an ingredient in the bread.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I loved your post from yesterday!!! And when I told Mr. Wonderful that Glenco was getting stuffed cabbage for dinner, his reply was, "what did he do?" See even my man was totally on your side...hehehe.

    I believe the part many forget is that a blog is "your own personal online journal". For me that is what makes it so enjoyable reading other blogs. They have days like I do. And, if I started writing to make my English teacher happy, she would think I'd gone soft. I told her many times, "there are too many darn rules in writing, I write like I talk", and I talk like this because the US Navy bounced us from one coast to another for 10 years.

    At least that is my lazy excuse. Today I will no longer stalk you, and offically become a follower.

    And one last thing. Its hard work being "our" age. Too many weird things going on we simply can't explain most days.


  33. Glad to hear you're only human. We all go thru those times and it's good to know we don't have to only post the "good stuff". I like the hunting pic. I like to shoot, but don't have the patience to hunt. thanx for the honesty!

  34. SHOOT! You're human? Well then, I can't wait to read your bread making tutorials and the previous post. I have missed out while playing with Grand-kids and keeping up with life around here...chickens included .

    I love your blog and just don't comment enough, keep up the good work and be as introspective as you like, it IS your blog.

  35. Real? I wish you had told me earlier. That really screws things up for me. Can't wait for a bread tutorial. I'm off cooking until we move but I for sure want to make some bread after that!

  36. I'm with all the above - we like reading about real. I just started a blog, and I don't think I'm ready to blog the "real" yet, maybe never. But we all have those days, every one of us, and if you can and want and need to write about it, then go for it! We will still be here.

  37. I want (need) ALL of it..that is why we come and then come back...you say what we all feel. and then we laugh...it's all good.


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