Friday, February 4, 2011

This Just In....

I know I'm being completely vain - and I'm willing to admit it.
This danged video has been bothering me all day - not THIS one that you are about to see, but the post from earlier today.
My hair.
My blubber.
I'm quite hormonal.
In fact, the pre and the post mentrual are blending together into a seamless hormonal perfect storm.
Look at me and smile.
I'll cry.
Look at me like your mad -
I'll cry.
Look at me -
I'll cry!

Oh I love being 49.  Love it.

Thought I'd post a video of what I 'think' I look and sound like - did you ever have that - 'your reality' is so different than your reality?

I've always fancied myself Rosemary Clooney.
Not the thinnest gal in the movie...a supporting actress instead of the lead - Mrs. Kravitz, not Laura Petrie, Rhoda, not Mary.
And I've been ok with that.

                                     You have no idea how many times I've practiced this song!


Oh, I've got it down.
But all along - I should have been practicing this.... 

Now please don't go leaving nice comments, or mean ones.
Cause I'll cry.


  1. So if were being a smarty pants and in response to you telling us not to leave nice OR mean comments, and I said "No Comment", would that make you cry? Because when I was 49 (11 years ago) I would have seriously drawn blood.

  2. Seriously, Jayme? Seriously? THIS is exactly what we love about you! You are jest keepin' it real, honey. Jest keepin' it real. (and actually I thought you sounded pretty dang good when you sang "Snow")

  3. I am learning to accept the fact that I really don't want to be thin. I really don't. I love butter, doughnuts, icing, and sour cream too much to ever be thin. I would, however, like to be healthy and in better physical condition. So maybe you need to accept yourself where you are at and not compare yourself to Rosemary Clooney or the girl with the 10 inch waist span, Vera Ellen. (Seriously, have you ever noticed how skinny her waist is in that movie?!?) Anyway, my point is that don't compare yourself to others, let God show you what is OK and not OK as far as a healthy lifestyle. And I can identify with the crying thing. Lately, EVERYTHING makes me cry just like you: mad, glad, sad, stupid, whatever, I cry. Glad to know I have a "sobbing" sister! Love ya Jaymes!!!!!!!

  4. Jayme,
    Did you know that Rosemary was pregnant when she filmed White Christmas? And Vera Ellen had to wear padding under her costumes due to anorexia?
    My weight is an issue with me right now too due to menopause! And being hormonal. I cry about E V E R Y T H I N G!! Not even kidding! Anyways, walking helps, cutting down on caffeine helps, and reading the adventures of Jayme helps.
    You're not alone AND you can sing (so jealous!)

  5. I love that movie!! And Rosemary is the one I always wanted to be too. Vera is just so skinny... her legs were thinner than toothpicks... makes me want to pin her down and force chocolate down her throat. Picture it! That's gotta make you laugh! ;)

  6. i so wish i could see these, youtube is blocked. cause i want to cry. or laugh. or cry. and i just turned 30! and i have to say whne is blogger gonna wise up and do a 'like' button for comments? I love what debbyrose said. and natasha, there are a few gals i'd love to shove chocolate down the throats of!

  7. eucharisteo... the word I got out of Ann Voskamp's new book, "One Thousand Gifts." She says, "echaristeo preceedes the miracle."

    Frazzle dazzle days are what make us who we are... they are all parts of us as a whole... cuz we are deep beings! Give thanks in ALL that is good, bad, and hormonal... you are much loved by many... but mostly by Him.

  8. ummm I'm confused.
    I always thought Rosemary was the good looking one.

    Also? Embrace the hormones. I cried today. I am not exactly sure why. I am pregnant. I am angry a lot. Today I was angry about Petsmart.Yes. Petsmart made me mad.
    Luckily I got over it quickly and started laughing hysterically over a Will Ferrell skit that summed up my day.
    What am I saying? I'm not sure. Hopefully you aren't sure either, because then maybe you won't cry.

    I think you are hilarious. What blubbering?

  9. Either version...George is your nephew and who could gripe about him as family??
    You can sing and I am so envious. I am the biggest wannabe singer ever. I promise you they will get sick of me in heaven showing off my new perfect vocals!!
    I cry all the time too. Make myself weary, I mean how touching can a cell phone commercial really be???
    I love ya girl- like Mr Billy Joel sang...just the way you are. Boo who!
    menopause causes fat and sleepless nights, which produce more cortisol which means more fat. Thank you Suzanne Somers for all your advice, if she would only put me on her medical plan!!

  10. I think it's far better to be a real feeling woman than a cardboard cutout, and I've known some of those. You're doing just fine, crying, blabbing, aging and all.

    And I'da pegged you for 35-ish. For real, no bull. SO.

  11. Oh are so my kinda of gal! Hubby says I am all so critical of my own looks....I so get where you are coming from! Also, I'll be 47 next month and I am right there with you on the hormonal front!
    By the way, I love Rosemary Clooney and White Christmas is one of my all time favs! Hubby and I watched it Christmas Day and we took Christmas decorating notes for next year, we will be decorating our house and tree like the Inn!

  12. See Jayme, your fan club has spoken. We all love you and we all struggle with the same stuff...that's what makes you so endearing to us.

    PS--I never knew Rosemary did that commercial. Wow, you learn something every day! Ha.

    Chin up!

  13. Law woman if we ain't on the same page. I tell you last couple of posts have mentioned my peri-menopausal ways. If I'm not mad, I'm crying. My dogs are like...dump me back at the park...take me back to the pound...and I know you think the snow is pretty but I'm TIRED of it. It's snowing right now. AUGH! I'm 52 and haven't had a period since Oct. - thought I was done - until this week :) And I need to lose 50 pounds too and my hair is brittle right now. I've noticed how dry it you ain't alone honey...not that it matters. Because if you feel like me...'cause umm hmmm I don't even feel good...then you don't care if you're alone or not. You just want it over! I am serious. Amen.

    Cindy Bee

  14. Honey, i'm 64, been through menopause and glad it's long over.
    It will get better. Off and on.
    We're with ya.

  15. Okay I thought you were much younger than 49 when I saw the have fabulous skin girl..teeth(all of them) and hair!! I am LOVIN" the new do too!! 49 is young anyways and even when you are 110 you will be young at heart!
    I went through the whole menopause thingy at 35 and still feel weird..but I have not lost my koooky sense of humor..just keep talking to us and your chicken babies and you will be fine!
    I enjoy the heck out of you and your videos..keep 'em coming!
    Love from a Florida transplanted gal snowed in in Oklahoma and loving it!!:)

  16. You're so vain.

    You probably think this comment is about you...


    I'm telling you, it's the Unwell. I should know. I'm the expert.

    Love you!

  17. Someone has to speak for the masses.. of hormonal women...thanks for making ME laugh instead of cry:)
    Each day is a new one...thank you Lord!

  18. I happen to think you are fantastic, just the way you are. With your personality you could have a buzz cut and wear it well!

  19. Life is never fair! I am 74 and due to a bout with breast cancer I am now on hormone blockers and having menopausal type symptoms for the first time in my life! Ugh!!!

    Go ahead and cry. Better to have a lot of emotion than none at all.

  20. I noticed that even Rosemary Clooney didn't stay thin! Jamey, you have a lovely singing voice! I only WISH I could carry a tune. My guys ask me to stop singing with the radio!

  21. It's your blog and you can cry if you want, cry-y if you wa-a-ant to! are beautiful. don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  22. waaaaaaaaaa I will do it for you!!! hahahaha

    Have an awesome weekend and stay warm! Do I need to send you Kleenex??

  23. Sending you this generic comment...because I don't want to make you cry. I wanted you to know I was here, I read and I love ya.

  24. ARE YOU NUTS OR WHAT GIRL????? You look beautiful in the video (sorry go ahead and cry and blow you nose but not on your sleeve)and your voice is so beautiful. From early childhood I have always gotten the speaking parts in the school plays cause I have the worst singing voice in the WORLD. I love your videos I swear it is just like we are sitting at the dinning room table having coffee and chatting. love it and stop the darn crying right this minute missy or we shall give you something to cry about. nancy settel

  25. Okay. I went back and watched the last video too cuz I couldn't see it at work...imagine that!

    Anyway, I was fascinated with the silver star above your head in Friday's post...I could not take my eyes off it except to glance at your as your expressions changed. lol Little ADD going on here...and, I was blond from birth..what can I say?

    You are gorgeous...inside and, no hair, anorexic, skinny, normal, chubby, obese I don't care...I love ya, gal...cuz it ain't about what's on the outside, ya know? And, to follow THAT comment up...what is on YOU outside looks pretty good to me. I think you are beautiful...Are ya cryng yet?

    Back to the fam here...they are now doing cartwheels down the entrance' I daon even feeel good. Hugs-Diana

  26. I love you and I love this post..and just for the record..I really enjoyed the one prior to this one as well. But this is not meant to be a nice maybe you should just ignore it :)

  27. You are so good at saying what I'm thinking. I think many others out there are, too. I always loved Lucy, but saw myself as Ethel. That's why I named my camper "Lucyana girl".

  28. Jayme,
    I am exactly 49, too, and I wish I had a blog where I wrote down all that I am going through, but I do not! Then, you could read it and you would feel better, too. In fact, I make myself feel better every day by reading YOUR blog! All of this to say, I identify with all that you are experiencing. My 3rd child went off to college this year (so much pain - I hate the empty nest thing!) and I, too, and trying to figure out what is next! I really hate the whole hormone thing. I am very forgetful and sometimes I really do think that I have early dementia - it is that bad at times. I wish you lived near Florida because I would seriously drive over and we would have ourselves a LONG talk! You just keep talking and remember that Rosemary Clooney is dead and you are not!

  29. Don't cry... I just love you! You are such an inspiration to me!! I am a nurse and work only weekends! 2 16+ hour days and drive 11/2 hours one way to my job... and yes I go home between shifts- because I have 2 kids!! You can NEVER get rid of your internet again!! You and YOU ALONE are what keeps me going on the weekends and smiling!! I have chickens too and love them just like you love yours!! Girl we have soo much in common it is unreal- I just love love love you ( and that boy Aaron- he is soo adorable!) Thanks for the laughs and all your stories- I think I have read your complete blog4 times now!!

  30. I just watched this movie at least twice during a month ago. Love it and the song. Do not know what to tell you Jayme but it is a battle and you will win in the end. I'm 53 now. Past the tears but still getting hot once in a while when I rather be sleeping but that too is passing. All will be well. Have faith. Love ya!

  31. Rosemary has NOthing on you Miss Keeper!!! I'm much rather watch you on video and hear your wonderful stories!!!
    You are producing posts at alarming speeds!!! I have checked every day, but I've missed some...How????

    Going to catch up now!!!!

  32. Lordy goodness girl, you are hormonal! That's really all we are is one big pile of hormones up until the day they are gone, for some of us it goes away overnight. I went to sleep at 52 and woke up a new woman. No longer did I cry about commercials, fly into a rage when the butter dish wasn't "smooth" or come unwrapped when plans didn't go as planned! Hang on dear Jayme, there is a rainbow just over the next mountain and you can have whatever color hair you desire, wear stripes with florals and no one says a thing.

  33. Greetings from Southern California :-)

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You, ~Ron

  34. You are precious. In every way. Precious to look at. Precious to listen to. Precious to be friends with. I'm glad that when it is my time to go through what you are going through, you will be able to hold my hand all the way. I wish I could do that for you. Love you.

  35. i too am 49... i get it really. only my family probably would be happier if i were crying at the drop of the hat. Instead i am hateful.... my guard always seems to be up - waiting to pounce on anyone.
    We are all suffering... i cant wait until this is over. Good luck youre not alone.


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