Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursdays with Jayme

Hey friends! 
I'm here, I'm here!
I'm at the library, in the coziest chair you can imagine, surrounded by books.
I adore it. 
The smell, the ambience, the potential of learning and getting lost in good stories.
I've managed to live without the Internet at the house for four days now, and I've lived to tell the tale.
I can't begin to tell you how much I've accomplished, and how peaceful I feel.
As I sit here now - at the library, blogging, returning emails - I'm focused and don't feel that I should be 'doing something else', almost guilty feeling, like I did at home.
This is the time I've set aside for this.

This was written Tuesday, Jan. 11th

I've just finished lunch.

No - I'm joking, this is really what I ate....

I'm sitting here in my second favorite chair - hoodie-fied and covered in my cranberry and white afghan that I made for my mom, circa 1983. It’s snowing, and I’m looking out the window at the old scraggly tree near the road. It looks like it’ll topple if one more snowflake were to land on it just right.

Oh, that tree. It worries me.

Branches have fallen a few times, blocking the road. Once, right as I was leaving the driveway, a big branch -  big enough to kill me - fell. Why, it’s enough to make ya mess your drawers. I’ve measured the distance to that tree several times, with my survey in hand. It’s not mine. It’s my neighbors. I think he thinks it’s mine. It’s not. It’s his. I hope it doesn’t come to blows when it finally gives way.

Cream of broccoli soup is in the makings, and the house has that awesome cabbagy smell. Chicken is poaching, baguettes are rising, and when I finish this blog post, I’ll get up and start the key lime pie.

 Except, I have no limes, so it’s going to be Key Lemon Pie, or perhaps if we are going to be sticklers about it, I’m actually making– The Lemons Are Shriveling Up / Use Them Before They Mold Key Lemon Pie’.

 Girls, I’m up in here SCRAPING the cupboards. Not a grain of rice shall escape my scourings. I made my menu plan for the week, based on what I have here already. I shant need much at the store this week.
Not having the Internet at home is also forcing me to use my cookbooks.
I love it.

Yesterday morning when I called AT & T and asked that my DSL line be turned off – I was offered $10 a month off for a year. Temptation. Serious temptation. I hard cored it and thanked her for the offer, but refused it. She asked in an astonished voice ‘ What will you do for Internet service?’ – almost like a panic in her voice asking ‘What will you do for food and shelter??’. “Um, I just won’t have it, and I’ll go to the library once a week.’ Oh I’m a rebel folks, a real pioneer around these parts.

Think Pink.

A couple of times yesterday, I came to the computer to Google something. I almost called my cousin to ask him to check my emails.

I said almost.

I missed Facebooking about ‘The Bachelor’ drama.
*rolling eyes*
I knew Melissa should have been eliminated in the first round, and I knew that Emily would be an early favorite. 
 I've got a good knower about these things.
My heart was warmed to see that Ali and Roberto were still a couple. 
 This gives me great hope in mankind.
And ABC.

This morning – I woke up feeling awfully peaceful. I’m getting so much done. It’s nice not having the distraction in the house at the moment. I miss y’alls terribly.
 Guess what?
 I’ve gotten two, real life paper letters up in the mail this week from a couple of you!
I also had the joy of actually talking to a few of you.
 Brightened my day right up.

 It made me think of my mom – how excited she would be to get a letter from one of her sisters, or a phone call. Law – do you remember the day when long distance was so much per minute? I remember the ‘calls’ she would get from her sisters. You knew to keep yer yap shut and stay out of her way. They were so precious to her, and now that I think about it – sad really – to think now in this day in age of constant communication – how much our parents, and grandparents suffered in a way, just missing each other.

Let me just tell you this – this Pink Chicken Revolution, or whatever it is that you want to call it – my ‘Self Imposed Poverty’ – has become just as much as a spiritual, for lack of a better word, yay, even an emotional journey, every bit as much, and perhaps more than a ‘physical/financial’ one. It’s just as much as about wanting less as it is about having less. Want to save money on groceries – do I really need to say it? Eat less. For reals.

And now for some random drivel....(I apologize for the length of today's post - but bear with me - it's been four days since I've driveled!)

I had my first hot flash in my flannel gown last night. It was at 2am. I was still kinda up due to my Stash Tea Experiment and a toothache (more about that later) I wanted to find out exactly how many cups of satisfying tea one could really get out of A teabag.
 Folks – it’s five.
 For me anyhow – each time it needed to steep more – but it was five.

And to think I’ve been disposin’ of the bag after one. A pox upon me.

Five cups of caffeinated tea at 4pm is not a good idea for the Coop Keeper. Nay, ‘tis not. I couldn’t sleep. When I did, I dreamt of a projectile vomiting rabbit. I was scolding Glen for feeding it too much cardboard. I’d love to get that one interpreted.

I sleep over there on the left hand side - this photo is from Christmas - cause that would just be weird to have lights on the bed all year - seriously.

When one is in a full sized antique bed, up against the wall, in a flannel gown that is now twisted about your body every which way to Sunday, and there are enough blankets on the bed to pin you down like a high school wrestler – it’s REALLY not a good time to have a hot flash – or to be the spouse of said hot flasher. I think that’s all I’ll say about that.

On to the tooth. Or teeth. Remember my Italian mood over the weekend? Law. I made Anise Almond Biscotti. They were fabulous – until Glen cracked a molar whilst eating one. Now – it’s NOT my cooking – I’m sure that the tooth was ready to go. Homeboy wants a dental appointment. I told him to walk it off. He told me it hurt to drink his hot coffee. I told him to drink it lukewarm, or on the other side. I told him I’ve had a toothache for a month – suck it up baby!

Photo from last year's root canal -post Xanax - pre gas

We both have dentist appointments on Thursday at 2:30 in the pm. His is first, so that my Xanax can take full effect before I see Dr. Dimples. I’m so not happy about this – I mean – I’m happy about the gas and all, cause it’s FABULOUS – but I’m so not happy about the financial repercussions. We’ve no dental insurance. This was absolutely not in the budget – and even though I have emergency money set back – this doesn’t seem like an emergency. I’m a mess. I actually cried for about 40 seconds after I made the appointment. It’s a setback. I thought for a minute – ‘screw it’, I’ll just do what everyone else does and get used to living with debt.
And then I thought pink.
And then I picked myself up by the bootstraps and found some shrively lemons in the fridge, and decided that if life wanted to give this Pink Chicken lemons, I was gonna make a pie.


  1. i cracked a molar late November on a heath bar. surely that wouldn't have happened if I'd been eating broccoli. $1,000 and my first crown later. I've too, almost cancelled internet a few times. but we don't have cable. so we're even right???

  2. I've been reading your recent posts with interest. I know I'm very wasteful with my luxuries. I remember when I had to conserve every penny. I don't have to do that now, so I get very careless with my spending and my use of utilities. I do keep the heat down, but I'm a very hot-natured person, so that probably doesn't count. I'm not giving up my Internet, but you have inspired me to start being more careful with waste. I know I can cut a lot of it out. Thanks, Jayme, and I hope you'll consider going to the library or someplace for your blog posts. I love reading your stuff. Oh, and I'm loving your illustrations too. Those chickens!!!

  3. So much to comment on, so little time! Glad you're sticking to your pink guns and I'm glad you're feeling to good about it. It would be terrible if this were an awful drudge for you. Sorry about the teeth problems, we're having them here at our place too. Is it age, do you think?
    Peace out.

  4. I'm amazed you can download/upload pictures using the library's computer. Ours will not allow such a thing.

    Sorry about the unexpected dentist bill. Did you get a break by paying cash up front?

    Your Friend,

  5. You have inspired me and I'm workin on it.Called the cable co. yesterday and cut down to the bare bones for t.v. & internet.Any lower and they would have ceased to exist@ my house.Pretty good for us,since we had ALL the bells and whistles!It took me about 20 minutes to get my point across to that guy,who kept offering me this pkg.or that.pkg.He even tried to get me to keep the pkg.I had by offering me a whole 5.00 discount. My reply,"Wow 5.00 whole dollars are you nuts?" He gave up at that point.By the way,I think you should do a giveaway of one of your chicken paintings.Who knows,maybe one day they will be valuable !!!!

  6. Oh, Jaymers, what in the world would we ever do without you? I'm not planning to find out...just so you know...I'll learn to be content with your weekly trip to the library! :-) No complaining or whining here...cause, Girl, I am SO with you when it comes to what you are doing!

    It is amazing what one can do when one puts their minds to it! I labor every summer to can and freeze all of the produce that Carroll works so hard to provide...and then I'd be going to the grocery store buying every other kind of bean (and let me tell you, we have LOTS of DIFFERENT kinds of beans he grows and I can), and you name it and the stuff on the basement shelves would sit there year upon year. HA!
    I finally got smart! This fall I told Carroll...honey, Wal-Mart, and Kroger are going to get as little of our money as possible! And I have been like a woman on a mission ever since! WOOHOO!

    Haven't given up the internet...mainly because we have family (you know the "grand kids" kid) that live far away, and we use the webcam with them.

    But ever since the fall of 2010, I've been cutting away every thing that truly doesn't serve a purpose. Don't feel one bit deprived and God does truly promise (and keeps His promises) that He will provide our needs. way He provides is through Carroll's paycheck, but we've also had opportunities in our almost 39 years of marriage to have times when he didn't have a paycheck to bring in...but God still met EVERY single...and I do mean EVERY. SINGLE. need we had.

    That, my dear friend, is why I have the pink chicken revolution button on my blog!


  7. Loved every word of it! I've been watching for an update like a hawk! I promised to update my progress so here it is:

    This week I cut out two sets of coupons. I weeded out what I would not use and then divided those up into two groups and listed them on ebay. I haven't been to the grovery store at all this week. Partly because we are snowed in, partly because we have penty in the cupboard, and partly because the budget needed a breather. I have been collecting items around the hosue for a yard sale all week too. That money (whenver it arrives) will go straight into savings until we hit that magical Dave Ramsey $1000 mark. Baby steps baby! Woooo Hoooo!

    Love the pie. Wish I lived closer.


  8. Hello! I'm a newbie over here. I only started reading your blog as you shared that you were starting the pink chicken revolution. I have to tell you that I LOVE IT. I so admire you for what you are doing! In fact, you've inspired me today to grab my cookbooks from the back of my cupboard and find a new recipe that I can make with food I already have. What a wonderfully productive feeling! Thanks so much for the smiles you've brought to my face today! :)

  9. I've joined too! You had no idea what you would start by living as a pink chicken did ya? Hooray for you girl! We are all with ya!

    Many Blessings,

  10. Aww pinkie I have missed your drivel. I have 2 broken teeth that the dentist has patched with filling. No insurance for our teeth. The thanks for being self-employed. I just can't let go of the money til I absolutely have to. Until then I chew with those said teeth very cautiously.
    Enjoy your day. Sounds rather lovely!! Send me your address and I'll snail mail you.

  11. I think it's great what you are doing. All of it, right down to the "shrively" lemons. It's even better for me because you make reading about it so fun! You and your way with words.
    We are (trying to) do the same thing right now for all kinds of reasons. I am not ready to let the internet go yet and neither are the kids even though they don't really use it much.
    Thankfully, we have dental insurance so we don't have to worry about that for the moment.
    Thanks for hanging in and writing about your journey through "self- imposed poverty". I look forward to your posts.

  12. Ummm...that rug?? Well, it's DA BOMB! ;)

  13. Why did the pink chicken cross the road? To get away from this white chicken who is not crossing that particular road, no way, no how... I give you HUGE amounts of credit, however, for sticking this out. I am a wasteful sinner, I am. Although a not-keylime wilty lemon pie sounds divine in my book too.

    You go girl!

  14. I am a lurker, but I feel like a kindred spirit. I "get" all that you write about. I long for chickens, my friends think I'm crazy, I love the simple joys of life. I am a single mother, so, alas, cannot be without a job, but just wanted to pass along that I thoroughly enjoy your posts and love reading about your days (and nights).
    Twyla in MN

  15. Oh great Pink Chicken!!!! I so admire you and want to encourage you to keep on keeping on..You inspire us all. I have missed you but know that you are doing what you need to do...that Pink Chicken is gonna be a true winner!!!! Sharon

  16. Oh, Jayme, Jayme, Jayme. There you go... making me crack up again.

    Did I mention that my ring worm is back on my forehead again. Just in a different spot. I think my make up brushes are the culprit. Talk about spending money - this is NOT want I want to go buy - more makeup brushes. Do you know how expensive those things are. And who really likes wearing make up anyway? I'm procrastinating and pretending it's not really necessary. I mean, can I give it one more shot and hope I don't get the ringworm on the end of my nose? At least my hair kind of covers it right now... kinda.

    I must also take a moment to confess that I'm a bit envious of you library mornings. I can just imagine... books, coffee, internet, comfy chair, and QUIET. Need I say more?

  17. Oh, you'd best still be in the book hood, because I can't bear the thought of this comment lost in purgatory for another week.

    I've missed you.

    This PCR may just inspire me to pick up the blasted ear talker.

  18. Oh, my I have missed you! I am now going to wait with baited (bated??) breath for "Thursdays with Jayme." You make me laugh and inspire me! I am curtailing my Homegoods/TJ Maxx/Thrifting habits because of your inspiration. Bye, Pinky....see you next week~

  19. Oh my goodness, I have laughed and laughed over this. You are too funny! I love what you are doing! I wish I could get my husband and son on board...well, not the Internet and t.v. part, hmmm or the turning down the thermostat part either. Just forget it. ;)

  20. Dear Jayme,
    So sorry to hear you and Glenco have had to go to the dentist. It's not a pleasant thing AND they make you pay for the pain....not fair! I know what you mean about the tree. We have several big ones around the house and I never once thought of them as dangerous until we had the ice storm two years ago and some BIG limbs fell. If I had been walking to the mailbox...yikes! You just keep sticking with the plan girl and you are gonna change this old credit card toting, put it on time, I need more of everything World. I'm impressed, I couldn't do it. Well, I could but it might kill me to do without internet at this point. I think about you everyday and we miss you but like you said, we can write a letter (I think I just did) or even call if we get too lonesome. See you next week!
    Love, Joy on Granny Mountain

  21. Jayme-
    Pardon this dental hygienist for a moment. But PLEEEEEAAASSSEEEE go to the dentist! That 'ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' saying is true. Especially with your teeth. So while it may not be the place you want to be, waiting will only make it worse. A broken tooth is not gonna get better by itself. Gosh, if you broke your arm, you'd go get that fixed, right? I KNOW that dental visits are expensive. I am sorry about that, but regualar checkups can save you lots of surprise dental expenses. Ok. Done lecturing.
    p.s. take your ipod and plug happy music into your ears, take your Xanax and think happy thoughts. Good luck!

  22. Can you only get to the library once a week? What day do you go, so I know when to watch for your blog. Love your stories. Good luck with the dentist.

  23. See what an inspiration you are to us all? Ha.
    I hate using my emergency fund money too...kinda sick like. Keep thinking those pink thoughts and it won't be such a bad setback at all.

    You go girl. My phone, cable and internet will be turned off next week...then we will see how I do. I'm really not sure I am as tough as you are. I may need a stiff talking to!! :) In person? Can't wait!


  24. Good for you~! Cutting down is hard to do especially when your mate is not working with you.. My daughter told me to shop at Aldi's first get what you need,then stop at Walmart, and the Fareway and then lastly Hy-Vee where the food is a little high... Hubby said "NO">. so he sat in the car while I went to all these stores. then we went to Hy-vee.. I'm tellin ya I saved a good amount..
    I showed him when we got home..
    I saved some old reciepts from hy-vee.. He said he would let me do all that shoping, He was just going to go to Hy-vee.
    have a tiggeriffic day~~~ta ta for now from Iowa

  25. Hey Jayme, I thought I'd get an e-mail off to you before your Thursday morning library visit, but while you're off having fabulous meals and perusing cookbooks, I'm having frustrated technology days! It's on my blog - I don't want to talk about it anymore. I could talk about my dogs ripping out two balls of yarn and tangling them all up, or chewing up part of my boot, but I have dinner to fix. Hopefully I won't screw that up! We often will use food up out of the pantry before going to the store. Right now I'm using food out of the freezer. And it is a good feeling. And ooohh those night sweats. I'm telling you, I've been waking up the last two weeks around 2:00ish every single night with them. I will say it again and again, Peri-menopause Sucks!


  26. Jayme,
    You are such an inspiration and even though I am not in debt I am joining in the Pink Chicken Revolution. I can always be more frugal. I think "T" shirts need to be made in honor of frugality. Although that sounds like an oxymoron, it would solidify those of us who wanted to start a revolution for living within our means.
    BTW imagine my surprise when I saw your comment on my new blog. You have the distinct honor of the first ever comment. I cannot think of a better person to be the first. Thank you.
    I will say I don't know how I happened upon your blog but I am sure glad I did. You are as real as they come Jayme. I hope someday I have the honor of meeting you in person. I think we would get along splendidly. We have a lot in common, your just living yours, and well as for me, living my dream will come when I retire from teaching and moved out of the city. Until then I live vicariously through your chicken and garden stories. Look forward to more of your weekly library posts.

  27. I admire your grit, and there are lots of things I can and will and do downsize right outta my life, but the internet is not one of them.
    Brings me too much joy, keeps me connected.
    There are lots of other things that will go first.

  28. Do you ever go back and frequent your posts and get a good chuckle???? This is the happiest part of my day!!!! "mess your drawers" just makes me belly laugh!
    Don't you just love letters??? If I had your address I'd send you promise of two, so don't get too excited. My intentions are impimentation not so good. But I would send one!!!!

    I really want the pink chicken book to come out...I love it!! The electric blanket is the best!!

    I'm challenged by the 5 use tea bag. I always do 2, but now the test is on!!!

    The dough on the doughboard is divine. I want to be you....

    Cozy up and see you next week!!!

  29. Dr. Dimples don't use no dynomite does hims? just askin...

    Jayme...You are doing SOOO good on this self-imposed removal from this crazy world. I am so proud of you...and yes, the teeth will cost you a few bucks (probably many bucks) but it IS something that you NEED to is not like it is something frivilous.

    Your food sounds good..and I am glad you are using your cookbooks...I still use my own even though once in a while I will go to Internet Cooking School...the Pioneer Woman hooked me.

    Take good care. I know you will. You are awesome...awesome..wonderfully and fearfully awesome! Hugs- Diana

  30. I can't believe I missed you while you were live and online! This just means I'm going to have to schedule my Thursdays around the Coop Keeper and her library time.

  31. Ha! I had my own little 'tea bag' experiment a few weeks ago. My husband drinks a lot of ice tea. He goes through 2-4 quarts a day all by himself. Well tea bags aren't cheap you know and we bought a box of the GALLON size tea bags last time we were at Sam's. My husband had been using one of the gallon size tea bags to make a two quart pitcher ...then throwing that bag away when he made a second pitcher. But the next time I was home and he was at work, I experimented. I made up two gallons of tea using ONE gallon size tea bag ...and then I ran out of pitchers to put it in. I couldn't see pouring perfectly good ice tea down the sink just to find out if I could get any more out of the one tea bag, so I stopped there. I am happy to know I'm not the only one that tries to squeak extra mileage out of things like tea bags!

    : )

  32. Hi Jayme, I'm glad your here driveling(is that a word?), I would love to hear more about your weaving, it looks like fun. I feel like that black kitty always peering in the window at your life. Stay well.
    Hugs Evelyn Australia

  33. I’ve missed you! I had no idea on the tea bag thing-I’ve been a one bag a cup girl for years. Tomorrow that changes. I know this dental thing stinks. It will be fine-you are so driven, this is a minor setback. Onward Pinkie :)

  34. Except for the dentist it seems everything is flowing along just fine for the pink chicken. I have made my tea bags last through 2 1/2 cups of tea but there I stop unless it is a really strong black and maybe a full 3. After that I think you might as well just poor hot water in your cup. But that is just me I like my tea somewhat strong and black. Enjoy your weekend Miss Pink Chicken meet you back her next week!

  35. YOU are the very specter of pink awesomeness.

    WE are going into debt every day. Bleh.

    I am getting healed from years of self-hatred. I'm being a pink chicken by loving my every fiber, even the cellulite ripples. Every stinking one.

    I will be having oatmeal with peaches this morning.

  36. Delurking for a bit to say I love your blog. I am now looking for ways to cut back. (Hubby just retired so we are adjusting to this new phase.) I am finding it very hard. Would never be able to convince my husband to give up tv or internet (not sure I could convince myself either), so I need to keep looking!

    Just started hot flashes a couple of months ago -- that has at least helped with the heating bills as I keep turning down the thermostat!

    I admire you for the choices you are making, and doing it so humorously. Love your style!

  37. I have lights on my bed year round!! As much as I can appreciate your commitment to frugal living, I do have one issue with it. The "poverty" name you've chosen. You live in a beautiful home, have a nice car, food aplenty and money. Self imposed or not I think it's a bit insulting to the poor people out there that really are living at or below the poverty line in this country. Just sayin'.....

  38. Love the afghan chicken with the electric cord!
    And that Dr. Dimples? I think all dentists should have cute dimples like that - makes them much less fearful.

  39. It just doesn't seem fair that you keep having problems with those teeth. I hope the dentist was good to you. And vice versa.

    Missing you around these parts but happy that you are enjoying your self. Also I feel inspired to turn the palest shade of pink now.

  40. Jayme,
    I am so happy to see that you seem content on your self imposed poverty...I think you are very smart about doing this. I have 3 teenagers-boys, to boot! They still live with us and I am glad they do. BUT...I need to shave some bucks off of my grocery bills.
    I hope you can help me with this...
    and I forgot to say they are picky.
    They love pizza, chicken tenders, pasta, and not much else...well
    some veggies. I don't eat red meat
    and I don't cook it at home so they have to go out for that. Turkey burgers are just as good as beef, I think. I spend at least $150 a week on real food that I cook. I would like to have a $100 grocery bill a week for 5 people.
    Do you think that is a realistic goal? Did I mention I work 4 days a week, too? I get home by 5:15 so
    I need a quick type of meal. I think I have tried everything, but maybe not? HELP! Thanks, JolieAnne

  41. I had GREAT results with soy supplements during perimenopause. I had been having debilitating hot flashes EVERY 20 MINUTES for several months before someone suggested I try soy supplements. They saved my life, I swear! ;-)

    I LOVE the rug and am in awe of your determination to save...

  42. Because I am just flat out wierd, all I can think about right now is that I would be in the dentist chair obsessing over that thing on his forehead.


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